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Genetically Engineered and Optical Probes for Biomedical Applications IV
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Volume Number: 6449
Date Published: 2 February 2007

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Molecular imaging of photodynamic therapy efficacy
Author(s): Sung K. Chang; Nicolas Solban; Imran Rizvi; Divya Errabelli; Tayyaba Hasan
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Free-radical probes for functional in-vivo EPR imaging
Author(s): S. Subramanian; M. C. Krishna
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Rational design of a receptor-targeted photodynamic molecular beacon for the multilevel control of singlet oxygen production and PDT activity in cancer cells
Author(s): Juan Chen; Klara Stefflova; Mike Warren; Jiachuan Bu; Brian C. Wilson; Gang Zheng
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Near-infrared dyes and upconverting phosphors as biomolecule labels and probes
Author(s): Gabor Patonay; Lucjan Strekowski; Diem-Ngoc Nguyen; Kim Jun Seok
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Encapsulation of indocyanine green within nano-assembled capsules changes its optical properties
Author(s): Mohammad A. Yaseen; Jie Yu; Michael S. Wong; Bahman Anvari
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Concentration dependent absorption and scattering characteristics of gold nanoparticles embedded in liquid phantoms
Author(s): Seyoung Moon; Eunji Sim; Donghyun Kim
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Metal/dendrimer nanocomposites for enhanced optical breakdown: acoustic characterization and initial targeted cell uptake study
Author(s): Christine Tse; Wojciech Lesniak; Lajos P. Balogh; Jing Yong Ye; Matthew O'Donnell
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Luminescent up-converting nanocrystals for in vivo imaging
Author(s): Isabelle Texier; Emilie Heinrich; Michel Berger; O. Tillement; C. Louis; Philippe Peltié
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Real-time probing of radical events with sulfide molecules
Author(s): Yann A. Gauduel; Yannick Glinec; Victor Malka
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In vitro influence of hypoxia on bioluminescence imaging in brain tumor cells
Author(s): Eduardo H. Moriyama; Mark Jarvi; Mark Niedre; Joseph D. Mocanu; Yumi Moriyama; Buhong Li; Lothar Lilge; Brian C. Wilson
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Oligonucleotide functionalized Fabry-Perot interferometric probe for DNA sequence detection
Author(s): Xingwei Wang; Juncheng Xu; Zhuang Wang; Kristie L. Cooper; Anbo Wang; Chengdong Cao
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In vivo resolution of two near-infrared fluorophores by time-domain diffuse optical imaging
Author(s): Walter Akers; Samuel Achilefu
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Inhibition of fluorescent dyes for the design of efficient activatable probes dedicated to noninvasive small animal imaging
Author(s): Isabelle Texier; Emilie Heinrich
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Optical characterization of gold and Er3+:Y2O3 nanoparticles for biosensor applications
Author(s): Kelly L. Nash; Raylon M. Yow; Doug M. Dee; Guang-Yin Swanland; John B. Gruber; Dhiraj K. Sardar; Maogen Zhang; Waldemar Gorski
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A quantitative analysis of the intracellular transport of quantum dot-peptide in live cells using total internal reflection and confocal microscopy
Author(s): Kyujung Kim; Donghyun Kim; Eun-jin Cho; Yong-min Huh
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Steady-state spectroscopy of new biological probes
Author(s): Osama K. Abou-Zied
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Accurate modeling of the S0-S1 photo-absorption in biological chromophores
Author(s): Alexander V. Nemukhin; Anastasia V. Bochenkova; Ksenia B. Bravaya; Alexander A. Granovsky
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Modeling trans-cis chromophore isomerization for the asFP595 kindling protein
Author(s): Bella L. Grigorenko; Alexander V. Nemukhin
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Conformational freedom of the chromophore in fluorescent proteins
Author(s): Kata A. Franczyk; Nathan P. Lemay; Scott L. Maddalo; Curran Mbofana; Marc Zimmer; Gabriel L. Chandler
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Fluorescence-based characterization of genetically encoded peptides that fold in live cells: progress toward a generic hairpin scaffold
Author(s): Zihao Cheng; Robert E. Campbell
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EF-hand Ca2+-binding bioluminescent proteins: effects of mutations and alternative divalent cations
Author(s): Laura Rowe; Mark Ensor; Sylvia Daunert
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Whole-body subcellular multicolor imaging
Author(s): Meng Yang; Ping Jiang; Robert M. Hoffman
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Preclinical fluorescent mouse models of pancreatic cancer
Author(s): Michael Bouvet; Robert M. Hoffman
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Development of a novel fluorescent imaging probe for tumor hypoxia by use of a fusion protein with oxygen-dependent degradation domain of HIF-1alpha
Author(s): Shotaro Tanaka; Shinae Kizaka-Kondoh; Hiroshi Harada; Masahiro Hiraoka
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Noninvasive and real-time monitoring of molecular targeting therapy for lymph node and peritoneal metastasis in nude mice bearing xenografts of human colorectal cancer cells tagged with GFP and DsRed
Author(s): Hayao Nakanishi; Masayasu Hara; Yuzuru Ikehara; Masae Tatematsu
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Fluorescence lifetime contrast in small animal imaging
Author(s): V. Krishnan Ramanujan; Abhik Bandyopadhyay; Luzhe Sun; Brian A. Herman
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Whole-body multicolor spectrally resolved fluorescence imaging for development of target-specific optical contrast agents using genetically engineered probes
Author(s): Hisataka Kobayashi M.D.; Yukihiro Hama M.D.; Yoshinori Koyama M.D.; Tristan Barrett; Yasuteru Urano; Peter L. Choyke M.D.
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Fluorescence diffuse tomography for detection of RFP-expressed tumors in small animals
Author(s): Ilya V. Turchin; Alexander P. Savitsky; Vladislav A. Kamensky; Vladimir I. Plehanov; Irina G. Meerovich; Lyaisan R. Arslanbaeva; Viktoria V. Jerdeva; Anna G. Orlova; Mikhail S. Kleshnin; Marina V. Shirmanova; Ilya I. Fiks
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Chromophore formation in GFP: computational modeling of the immature form of wild-type GFP
Author(s): Nathan P. Lemay; Marc Zimmer
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Role of pH in the appearance of the fluorescent state of chromo protein asCP595 and its mutant KFP
Author(s): Alexander L. Rusanov; Nadya Zubova; Alexander P. Savitsky
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In vivo detecting matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activity by a genetically engineered fluorescent probe
Author(s): Jie Yang; Zhihong Zhang; Ting Su; Qingming Luo
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