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Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues V
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Volume Number: 6441
Date Published: 13 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6441
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ionic contrast terahertz near-field imaging of axonal activity and water fluxes
Author(s): Jean-Baptiste Masson; Martin-Pierre Sauviat; Jean-Louis Martin; Guilhem Gallot
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Visible hyperspectral imaging evaluating the cutaneous response to ultraviolet radiation
Author(s): Michail A. Ilias; Erik Häggblad; Chris Anderson; E. Göran Salerud
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Multimode optical imaging of small animals: development and applications
Author(s): J. Y. Hwang; C. Moffatt-Blue; O. Equils; M. Fujita; J. Jeong; N. M. Khazenzon; E. Lindsley; J. Ljubimova; A. G. Nowatzyk; D. L. Farkas; S. Wachsmann-Hogiu
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Radiofrequency time-domain EPR imaging: instrumentation development and recent results in functional physiological imaging
Author(s): Sankaran Subramanian; Nallathamby Devasahayam; M. C. Krishna
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Raman spectroscopy and Raman chemical imaging of apoptotic cells
Author(s): Janice L Panza; John S. Maier M.D.
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Examining cardiomyocyte development with spectral domain phase microscopy
Author(s): Audrey K. Ellerbee; Tony L. Creazzo; Joseph A. Izatt
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Hyperspectral imaging and spectral unmixing of stained tissue sections using a spectrally programmable light engine
Author(s): N. B. MacKinnon; M. Khojasteh; P. M. Lane; C. E. MacAulay; M. Guillaud; U. Stange
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Protein profile study of Pap smear and tissue of cervix by high performance liquid chromatography: laser induced fluorescence
Author(s): N. Sujatha; Lavanya Rai; Pratap Kumar; B. R. Krishnanand; K. K. Mahato; Sajan D. George; V. B. Kartha; Santhosh C
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Confocal time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy imaging
Author(s): Arjen N. Bader; Erik G. Hofman; Paul van Bergen en Henegouwen; Hans C. Gerritsen
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TIRET microscopy: monitoring protein (amyloid precursor protein and beta-secretase) interaction on the surface of living cells
Author(s): Christine von Arnim; Michael Wagner; Petra Weber; Herbert Schneckenburger
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Epidermal growth factor signaling studied using multidimensional single molecule fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Stephen E. D. Webb; Selene K. Roberts; Sarah R. Needham; Daniel J. Rolfe; Chris J. Tynan; Marisa Martin-Fernandez
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Ultra-short pulses to signal neuronal growth cone machinery
Author(s): Manoj Mathew; Ivan Amat-Roldan; Rosa Andres; Iain G. Cormack; David Artigas; Eduardo Soriano; Pablo Loza-Alvarez
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Quantitative tissue cytometry (Tissomics): multimodal slide-based cytometry, confocal imaging, and volume rendering is the key
Author(s): Attila Tarnok; Anja Mittag; Jens-Peer Kuska; Ulf-Dietrich Braumann; Birgit Mosch; Thomas Arendt
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In vivo imaging flow cytometer
Author(s): Clemens Alt; Ho Lee; Costas Pitsillides; Mehron Puoris'haag M.D.; Charles P. Lin
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In-vivo quantification of autofluorescence dynamics during renal ischemia and reperfusion under dual-UV excitation
Author(s): Rajesh N. Raman; Christopher D. Pivetti; Dennis L. Matthews; Christoph Troppmann; Stavros G. Demos
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Sub-cellular quantitative optical diffraction tomography with digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Florian Charrière; Jonas Kühn; Tristan Colomb; Etienne Cuche; Pierre Marquet; Christian Depeursinge
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Application of quantitative morphological cytometry for evaluation of shear stress: potential for HCS systems
Author(s): Bartek Rajwa; Dominik Lenz; Bülent Bayraktar; Silas Leavesley; J. Paul Robinson
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Automated neural network classifiers for identifying micrometastases in peripheral blood via high-throughput microscopy
Author(s): Ramses M. Agustin; Behrad Azimi; Jeffrey H. Price M.D.
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Comparison of multidimensional flow cytometric data by a novel data mining technique
Author(s): James F. Leary; Jacob Smith; Peter Szaniszlo; Lisa M. Reece
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Automated classification and recognition of bacterial particles in flow by multi-angle scatter measurement and a support-vector machine classifier
Author(s): Bartek Rajwa; Murugesan Venkatapathi; Kathy Ragheb; Padmapriya P. Banada; E. Daniel Hirleman; Todd Lary; J. Paul Robinson
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CytometryML: a data standard which has been designed to interface with other standards
Author(s): Robert C. Leif
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A system and methodology for high-content visual screening of individual intact living cells in suspension
Author(s): Olivier Renaud; Rainer Heintzmann; Asier Sáez-Cirión; Thomas Schnelle; Torsten Mueller; Spencer Shorte
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Real-time quantitative fluorescence measurement of microscale cell culture analog systems
Author(s): Taek-il Oh; Donghyun Kim; Daniel Tatosian; Jong Hwan Sung; Michael Shuler
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Biological applications of an LCoS-based programmable array microscope (PAM)
Author(s): Guy M. Hagen; Wouter Caarls; Martin Thomas; Andrew Hill; Keith A. Lidke; Bernd Rieger; Cornelia Fritsch; Bert van Geest; Thomas M. Jovin M.D.; Donna J. Arndt-Jovin
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Development of an optical biochip for the analysis of cell environment sensitivity
Author(s): David Morris; Andrew Goater; Anoop Menachery; Julian Burt; Nadeem Rizvi; Daniel Matthews; Huw Summers; Iestyn Pope; Boris Vojnovic; Kerenza Njoh; Sally Chappell; Rachel Errington; Paul Smith
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Live cell tracking on an optical biochip platform
Author(s): Kerenza Njoh; Paul J. Smith; Sally C. Chappell; Huw D. Summers; Daniel Matthews; David Morris; Andrew Goater; Julian Burt; Iestyn Pope; Boris Vojnovic; Simon Ameer-Beg; Rachel J. Errington
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Semiconductor light-emitting devices with in-built bioreaction chambers
Author(s): H. D. Summers; D. R. Matthews; R. J. Errington; K. L. Njoh; P. J. Smith; A. D. Goater; J. P. H. Burt; N. H. Rizvi; A. Menachery; D. J. Morris
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Precise microinjection into living cells by summation of fluorescence intensity
Author(s): Kiyoshi Taninaka; A. Yabuki; A. Ito; T. Harada
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Single-SLM 3D interactive micromanipulation based on the generalized phase contrast (GPC) approach
Author(s): Peter John Rodrigo; Ivan R. Perch-Nielsen; Carlo Amadeo Alonzo; Jesper Glückstad
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Rotational behavior of erythrocytes in optical trap: revisited by confocal fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Khyati Mohanty; Samarendra Mohanty; Shamci Monajembashi; Karl Otto Greulich
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Development and applications of an optical tweezer-based microrheometer: case studies of biomaterials and living cells
Author(s): Jing Wang; Huseyin Yalcin; Angela Lengel; Corey Hewitt; H. Daniel Ou-Yang
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A high-resolution optofluidic microscope with optical tweezer actuation
Author(s): Xin Heng; Edward Hsiao; Demetri Psaltis; Changhuei Yang
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Optical tweezers force calibration using a fast shuttering camera
Author(s): J. P. Sharpe; Claudia Iniguez-Palomares; Rafael Jimenez-Flores
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On chip optical tweezers for large scale trapping of microparticles
Author(s): Yuyang Sun; Xiaocong Yuan; Lin Seng Ong; Jing Bu
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Single fiber optical tweezers for manipulation of microscopic objects
Author(s): Samarendra Mohanty; Khyati Mohanty
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HiFLO: a high-throughput system for spatial analysis of FISH loci in interphase nuclei
Author(s): Prabhakar R. Gudla; J. Collins; K. J. Meaburn; T. Misteli; S. J. Lockett
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Wide-field two-photon microscopy: features and advantages for biomedical applications
Author(s): S. Wachsmann-Hogiu; J. Y. Hwang; E. Lindsley; D. L. Farkas
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A biomimetic algorithm for the improved detection of microarray features
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau Jr.; Dan V. Nicolau; Philip K. Maini
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Living organism imaging with the adaptive scanning optical microscope (ASOM)
Author(s): Benjamin Potsaid; Fern P. Finger; John Ting-Yung Wen
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Axially resolved cell imaging by intensity modulated total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (IM-TIRFM)
Author(s): Herbert Schneckenburger; Harald Baumann; Michael Wagner; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss
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On-chip differential interference contrast (DIC) phase imager and beam profiler based on Young’s interference
Author(s): Xiquan Cui; Matthew Lew; Xin Heng; Changhuei Yang
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Time-gated confocal Raman microscopy: system design and its applications
Author(s): V. V. Yakovlev
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Contrast enhancement in biomedical optical imaging using ultrabright color LEDs
Author(s): Kevin Burton; Raphael Zelikowsky; Danny Shandling; Erik Lindsley; Daniel L. Farkas
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Development of automatic image analysis algorithms for protein localization studies in budding yeast
Author(s): Katarina Logg; Mats Kvarnström; Alfredo Diez; Kristofer Bodvard; Mikael Käll
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Development of a hyperspectral fluorescence lifetime imaging microscope and its application to tissue imaging
Author(s): Dylan M. Owen; Hugh B. Manning; Pieter de Beule; Clifford Talbot; Jose Requejo-Isidro; Chris Dunsby; James McGinty; Richard K. P. Benninger; Dan S. Elson; Ian Munro; Neil P. Galletly; M. Jon Lever; Gordon W. Stamp; Praveen Anand; Mark A. A. Neil; Paul M. W. French
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Quantitative orientation-independent differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy
Author(s): Michael Shribak; James LaFountain; David Biggs; Shinya Inoué
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Gamma-H2AX foci counting: image processing and control software for high-content screening
Author(s): P. R. Barber; R. J. Locke; G. P. Pierce; K. Rothkamm; B. Vojnovic
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Intelligent spectral signature bio-imaging in vivo for surgical applications
Author(s): Jihoon Jeong; Philip K. Frykman; Mark Gaon; Alice P. Chung; Erik H. Lindsley; Jae Y. Hwang; Daniel L. Farkas
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Aberrated optical tweezers for manipulation of microscopic objects
Author(s): Samarendra K. Mohanty; Pradeep K. Gupta
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Development of near-infrared fluorescent probes for nitric oxide and zinc ion
Author(s): Hirotatsu Kojima; Kazuki Kiyose; Eita Sasaki; Hiroaki Nishimatsu; Yasunobu Hirata; Tetsuo Nagano
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Spatial difference in pH in Lucilia cuprina (Diptera: Calliphoridae) pericardial cells
Author(s): Osu Lilje; Erna S. Lilje
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Leishmania amazonensis chemotaxis under glucose gradient studied by the strength and directionality of forces measured with optical tweezers
Author(s): Liliana de Ysasa Pozzo; Adriana Fontes; André A. de Thomaz; Luiz Carlos Barbosa; Diana Copi Ayres; Selma Giorgio; Carlos Lenz Cesar
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Iron oxide nanoparticles as drug delivery agents in MIA PaCa-2 pancreatic cells
Author(s): Christopher Perry; Alexandrine Randriamahefa; Carl Lokko; Whitney Evans; Julian Watkins; Holly Carrell; Natalie King; Darayas Patel
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Experimental study of various effects on backward SHG in biotissue
Author(s): Nenrong Liu; Yishen Qiu; Xianzeng Zhang
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Changes of delayed luminescence and CLSM imaging of chlorophyll autofluorescence during petal development in Gerbera hybrida
Author(s): Wen Li Chen D.D.S.; YuHua Bi; Qiang Li; Quan Zhou; Da Xing
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Optical detection of sepsis markers using liquid crystal based biosensors
Author(s): Maureen K. McCamley; Andrew W. Artenstein; Steven M. Opal; Gregory P. Crawford
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