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Complex Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics IV
Editor(s): Valery V. Tuchin
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Volume Number: 6436
Date Published: 7 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6436
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Studies of dynamic processes in biomedicine by high-speed spectral optical coherence tomography
Author(s): M. Wojtkowski; A. Kowalczyk
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Penetration depth of low-coherence enhanced backscattering photons in the sub-diffusion regime
Author(s): Hariharan Subramanian; Prabhakar Pradhan; Young L. Kim; Vadim Backman
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Analyzing cell structure and dynamics with confocal light scattering and absorption spectroscopic microscopy
Author(s): Le Qiu; Edward Vitkin; Hui Fang; Munir M. Zaman; Charlotte Andersson; Saira Salahuddin; Mark D. Modell; Steven D. Freedman; Eugene B. Hanlon; Irving Itzkan; Lev T. Perelman
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The characterization of a phase contrast x-ray imaging prototype
Author(s): Molly Donovan; Da Zhang; Wei R. Chen; Hong Liu
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Evaluation the development of focal cerebral ischemia in rats by optical imaging based on the spreading depression signals
Author(s): Shangbin Chen; Zhe Feng; Shaoqun Zeng; Qingming Luo; Pengcheng Li
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Effect of erythrocyte aggregation on optical transmission of blood
Author(s): L. D. Shvartsman; I. Fine
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In vivo dynamic light scattering measurements of red blood cell aggregation
Author(s): Ilya Fine; Alexander Kaminsky
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Advances in intravital microscopy for monitoring cell flow dynamics in vivo
Author(s): Vyacheslav Kalchenko; Alon Harmelin; Ilya Fine; Vladimir Zharov; Ekaterina Galanzha; Valery Tuchin
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Mitochondrial dysfunction modulates nonlinear dynamics in liver cell metabolism
Author(s): V. Krishnan Ramanujan; Brian A. Herman
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Laser induced thermal explosion mode for selective nano-photothermolysis of cancer cells
Author(s): Renat R. Letfullin; Vladimir P. Zharov; Charles Joenathan; Thomas F. George
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Analyzing chaos in the pressure generated by laser absorption by microparticles
Author(s): Eshel Faraggi; Bernard S. Gerstman
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Mining and learning latent dynamics in biological manifolds
Author(s): Enrico Capobianco
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Variations of piece-wise liner 1D one-parameter chaotic map
Author(s): Valery M. Anikin; Alexander S. Remizov; Sergey S. Arkadaksky
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Influence of refractive index and molecular weight of alcohol agents on skin optical clearing effect
Author(s): Zhongzhen Mao; Ying Zheng; Yating Hu; Wei Lu; Qingming Luo; Dan Zhu
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Richardson-Lucy deconvolution for two-photon fluorescence images via non-linear diffusion equation pre-filtering
Author(s): Hongmin Zhang; Zhitao Zhang; Qingming Luo; Shaoqun Zeng
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Chicken embryo outflow tract flow measurement using 840-nm and 1300-nm ultra-high speed spectral optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Zhenhe Ma; Ruikang K. Wang
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Tactile information processing in the trigeminal complex of the rat
Author(s): Alexey N. Pavlov; Anatoly N. Tupitsyn; Valery A. Makarov; Fivos Panetsos; Angel Moreno; Victor Garcia-Gonzalez; Abel Sanchez-Jimenez
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Near-infrared absorbance measurements of hemoglobin solutions incubated with glucose
Author(s): Olga S. Zhernovaya; Valery V. Tuchin; Igor Meglinski; Laurie Ritchie
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Dynamics of morphofunctional erythrocyte properties during intravenous glucose injection in patients with coronary heart disease
Author(s): Lidia I. Malinova; Georgy V. Simonenko; Tatyana P. Denisova; Valery V. Tuchin
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Cell-cell interaction in blood flow in patients with coronary heart disease (in vitro study)
Author(s): Lidia I. Malinova; Georgy V. Simonenko; Tatyana P. Denisova; Valery V. Tuchin
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Noise-induced firing patterns in generalized neuron model with subthreshold oscillations
Author(s): L. Ryazanova; Y. Trenikhina; R. Zhirin; D. Postnov
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Application of spectral method for monitoring of hemoglobin glycation
Author(s): Ekaterina N. Lazareva; Valery V. Tuchin
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Tapered single mode fiber tip for high lateral resolution imaging in optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Y. Verma; K. Divakar Rao; S. K. Mohanty; P. K Gupta
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Monte Carlo study of skin optical clearing to enhance light penetration in the tissue
Author(s): Alexey N. Bashkatov; Valery V. Tuchin; Elina A. Genina; Mikhail M. Stolnitz; Dmitry M. Zhestkov; Gregory B. Altshuler; Ilya V. Yaroslavsky
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Optical properties reconstruction of layered tissue and experimental demonstration
Author(s): Tangbing Guan; Huijuan Zhao; Zhaoxia Wang; Daoyin Yu
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