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Disaster Forewarning Diagnostic Methods and Management

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Volume Number: 6412
Date Published: 5 December 2006

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Disaster monitoring by ALOS and follow-on mission
Author(s): Takashi Moriyama
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Sentinel Asia initiative for disaster management support in the Asia-Pacific region
Author(s): Kazuya Kaku; A. Alexander Held; Hiromichi Fukui; Masaru Arakida
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Use of ALOS/PALSAR imagery for monitoring areas damaged due to recent natural disasters
Author(s): Masashi Matsuoka
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Classification of rice crops based on submergence due to tropical cyclone using remotely sensed data: an Indian case study
Author(s): Abhijat A. Abhyankar; Anand Patwardhan; Arun Inamdar
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Application study on drought monitoring with time-series NOAA/AVHRR data
Author(s): Xiaoxiang Zhu; Bolin Zhao; Yuanjing Zhu; Wenjian Zhang; Yeping Zhang; Ruixia Liu
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Monitoring of flood over Gujarat region using AQUA AMSR-E derived surface soil moisture
Author(s): Y. S. Rao; Sonika Sharma
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Early drought detection, monitoring, and assessment of crop losses from space: global approach
Author(s): Felix Kogan
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Forest fire risk zonation mapping using remote sensing technology
Author(s): Sunil Chandra; M. K. Arora
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Monitoring fire and smoke emissions with the hazard mapping system
Author(s): Mark Ruminski; Shobha Kondragunta
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Emergency product generation for disaster management using RISAT and DMSAR quick look SAR processors
Author(s): Nilesh Desai; Ritesh Sharma; Saravana Kumar; Tapan Misra; Virendra Gujraty; SurinderSingh Rana
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Interpretation of high-resolution satellite images to detect the landform changes and disaster damages: case study of the northern Pakistan earthquake
Author(s): Mamoru Koarai; Hiroshi P. Sato; Hiroshi Une; Izumi Kamiya
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Damage detection for the 2004 Niigata-ken Chuetsu earthquake using satellite SAR
Author(s): Masashi Matsuoka; Kei Horie; Hiroshi Ohkura
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Surface displacement studies using differential SAR interferometry: an overview
Author(s): Sonal Gupta; Sajith V. K.; Manoj K. Arora; Mukut L. Sharma
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Multilevel detection of damaged buildings from high-resolution optical satellite images
Author(s): T. Thuy Vu; Masashi Matsuoka; Fumio Yamazaki
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Remote sensing and GIS-based landslide risk assessment using a linguistic rule-based fuzzy approach
Author(s): Debi Prasanna Kanungo; Manoj Kumar Arora; Shantanu Sarkar; Ravi Prakash Gupta
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Landslide hazard zonation of Tawaghat-Jipti route corridor, Pithoragarh, Uttaranchal State: using GIS and probabilistic technique approach
Author(s): Krishna Chandra Tiwari; Sankar Ganapathi; Anand Mehta; Suresh Sharma; D. Ramakrishnan
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Satellite rainfall estimates for global flood monitoring and prediction
Author(s): Robert J. Kuligowski
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Evaluation of GVI-based indices for drought early warning in India
Author(s): A. T. Jeyaseelan; Felix N. Kogan
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Crop monitoring using remote sensing orientated for government decision making and agricultural management: a case study of China's soybean planting area estimation
Author(s): Bangjie Yang; Yonglan Qian; Zhiyuan Pei; Xianfeng Jiao
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Evaluation of airborne C- and X- band SAR data covering parts of Darbhanga for flood signatures
Author(s): Aishwarya Narain; Shiv Mohan; R. J. Bhanderi
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Condition of red tide appearance in Wakasa Bay based on Terra, Aqua/MODIS images
Author(s): Takashi Aoyama; Hiroshi Oya
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Application of various satellite derived information for drought detection and calculation of water balance
Author(s): Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska; Maria Gruszczynska; Felix Kogan; Wanda Kowalik; Iwona Malek; Stanislaw Lewinski
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Electro-optical and radar systems for disaster management: lessons and perspectives from India
Author(s): V. S. Hegde; S. K. Srivastava; S. Bandyopadhayay; B. Manikiam
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Possibility of descriptions of Fukui heavy rainfall and resulted disasters by using remote sensing
Author(s): Yoshinobu Kato
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A geo-informatics based approach for disaster risk assessment: a perspective analysis
Author(s): Sanjay K. Srivastava; S. Bandyopadhayay; B. Manikiam; V. S. Hegde; V. Jayaraman
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Characteristics of tsunami inundation area in the eastern part of Sri Lanka due to the 2004 Sumatra earthquake observed in high-resolution satellite images
Author(s): Hiroyuki Miura; Saburoh Midorikawa
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Improving stability of NDVI data for NOAA environmental satellite
Author(s): Mohammed Z. Rahman; Leonid Roytman
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Study and application of rainstorm waterlogging mathematical simulation in Nanchang City
Author(s): Jian-min Yin; Xiao-qing Gu; Zhe Cai; Hui-qing Zeng
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Natural disaster reduction in coastal lowland areas
Author(s): S. E. Huang
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Regional ground deformation and its controlling measures in China
Author(s): Zhifang Zhou; Haisheng Zhu; Yong Huang
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Use of remote sensing and GIS in mapping disaster susceptible areas in Delhi
Author(s): Suraj Pandey
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Geomorphic records of paleoglacial activity from the upper reaches of Baspa Valley, H.P.
Author(s): Bhushan S. Deota; Yogi N. Trivedi; I. M. Bahuguna; A. V. Kulkarni; B. P. Rathore
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