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Remote Sensing and Modeling of the Atmosphere, Oceans, and Interactions

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Volume Number: 6404
Date Published: 30 November 2006

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Study of MODIS retrieved total precipitable water data and their impact on weather simulations
Author(s): Shu-Hua Chen; Zhan Zhao; Jennifer Haase; Aidong Chen; Francois Vandenberghe
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Impact of scatterometer winds in the Indian coastal region using SWAN model
Author(s): Suchandra A. Bhowmick; Raj Kumar; Sujit Basu; Abhijit Sarkar
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Rainfall monitoring for the Indian monsoon region from merged gauge, METEOSAT, INSAT and NWP models
Author(s): A. K. Mitra; M. Das Gupta; R. Rao; A. K. Bohra
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Assimilation and seasonal forecasts of SST and upper ocean temperatures using satellite and ARGO data base
Author(s): T. N. Krishnamurti; Arindam Chakraborty
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Japanese 25-year reanalysis (JRA-25)
Author(s): Nozomu Ohkawara
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Prediction of the diurnal cycle of clouds using a multimodel superensemble and ISCCP data sets
Author(s): Arindam Chakraborty; T. N. Krishnamurti; C. Gnanaseelan
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Study of the impact of southern ocean swell using wave model
Author(s): Sulagna Ray; Raj Kumar; Abhijit Sarkar
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Precipitation and cloud properties derived from synergetic use of the TRMM sensors
Author(s): Takahisa Kobayashi; Ahoro Adachi
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Development of sea surface temperature retrieval algorithm for INSAT-3D
Author(s): Aloke Mathur; Iswari Srinivasan; B. S. Gohil; Abhijit Sarkar; V. K. Agarwal
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Application of remote sensing methods using fractal approach for study of Baikal Lake region
Author(s): V. E. Arkhincheev; T. N. Cmititdorziev; A. Dmitriev; B. Tsydypov
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A split-step IR-advection/model-convection approach to fill temporal gaps in the microwave remote sensing of precipitation
Author(s): Ziad Haddad
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Diurnal variability of precipitation from TRMM measurements
Author(s): Song Yang; Eric A. Smith; Kwo-Sen Kuo
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Improvements in simulation of atmospheric boundary layer parameters through data assimilation in ARPS mesoscale atmospheric model
Author(s): D. Bala Subrahamanyam; Radhika Ramachandran; P. K. Kunhikrishnan
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Simulation of Nor'westers using Doppler weather radar wind observations in a mesoscale model
Author(s): Someshwar Das; S. Abhilash; Munmun Das Gupta
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Utilization of a rain-gauge-based daily precipitation dataset over Asia for validation of precipitation derived from TRMM/PR and JRA-25
Author(s): Akiyo Yatagai; Pingping Xie
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Quantitative evaluation of PSU-NCAR MM5 forecasts over Indian region during monsoon 1998.
Author(s): Rakesh V; R. Singh; P. K. Pal; P. C. Joshi
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Global lightning activity observed by TRMM and monsoon onset
Author(s): Tsing-Chang (Mike) Chen
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Seasonal change of the atmospheric boundary layer over Huaihe River basin in China
Author(s): Kenji Nakamura; H. Tanaka; T. Hiyama; T. Shinoda; T. Endo; W. Li
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Observations of barrier layer in southeastern Arabian Sea using Argo observations
Author(s): Rashmi Sharma; Neeraj Agarwal; Abhijit Sarkar
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Effect of air-sea exchange parameters on ocean model simulations: comparison with TRITON observations
Author(s): Vijay K. Agarwal; Rashmi Sharma; Neeraj Agarwal
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Relationships amongs the Indian monsoon, the South China Sea monsoon, and the Western North Pacific precipitation
Author(s): Rosbintarti Kartika Lestari; Yuichiro Umekawa; Toshiki Iwasaki
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An algorithm to determine backscattering ratio and single scattering albedo
Author(s): T. Suresh; Elgar Desa; S. G. Prabhu Matondkar; Antonio Mascarenhas; S. R. Nayak; Puneeta Naik
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Impact of SeaWIFS derived diffuse attenuation coefficients (Kd_490) on the dynamics and thermodynamics of OGCM simulations
Author(s): Neeraj Agarwal; Rashmi Sharma; Vijay K. Agarwal
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Optical characteristic and particle composition in China Yellow Sea and East China Sea
Author(s): Yan Bai; Delu Pan; Xianqiang He; Zhihua Mao; Haiqing Huang
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Impact of Argo data assimilation in an ocean general circulation model
Author(s): Neeraj Agarwal; Rashmi Sharma; Sujit Basu; Vijay K. Agarwal
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The wave propagation in/on natural random fractals
Author(s): V. E. Arkhincheev; A. B. Bainova
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Impact of assimilation of INSAT cloud motion vector (CMV) wind for the prediction of a monsoon depression over Indian Ocean using a mesoscale model
Author(s): V. F. Xavier; A. Chandrasekar; Devendra Singh
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A study of the spatial and temporal distribution of aerosols over India and surrounding seas using TOMS and MODIS data products
Author(s): John P. George; L. Harenduprakash; Man Mohan
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Cross-calibration of IRS-P4 OCM satellite sensor
Author(s): T. Suresh; Elgar Desa; Antonio Mascarenhas; S. G. Prabhu Matondkar; Puneeta Naik; S. R. Nayak
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A comparative study of air-sea exchange coefficients and turbulent fluxes over Indian Subcontinent and Korean Peninsula
Author(s): D. Bala Subrahamanyam; Radhika Ramachandran; S. Indira Rani; P. K. Kunhikrishnan; B. Prasad Kumar
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A case study of sea breeze circulation at Thumba Coast through observations and modelling
Author(s): P. K. Kunhikrishnan; Radhika Ramachandran; Denny P. Alappattu; N. V. P. Kiran Kumar; D. Balasubrahamanyam
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Does the SST-LHF relationship reverse for satellite derived products?
Author(s): P. M. Muraleedharan; T. Pankajakshan; P. V. Sathe
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Sensitivity of satellite-derived high-resolution SST field on track and intensity prediction of tropical cyclone MALA: using WRF model
Author(s): Vishal Bongirwar; C. M. Kishtawal; P. C. Joshi
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Estimation of upper ocean heat content from remote sensing observations in the Arabian Sea
Author(s): P. S. V. Jagadeesh; M. M. Ali
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