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Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXIV: Algorithms, Techniques, and Active Vision
Editor(s): David P. Casasent; Ernest L. Hall; Juha Röning

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Volume Number: 6384
Date Published: 1 October 2006

Table of Contents
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Automated synthesis of distortion-invariant filters: AutoMinace
Author(s): David Casasent; Rohit Patnaik
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Emerging directions in human-robotic space exploration technologies: remote operation of complex systems
Author(s): Paul S. Schenker
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A telepresence robot system realized by embedded object concept
Author(s): Tero Vallius; Juha Röning
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Pedestrian detection in crowded scenes with the histogram of gradients principle
Author(s): O. Sidla; M. Rosner; Y. Lypetskyy
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Remote imagery for unmanned ground vehicles: the future of path planning for ground robotics
Author(s): Philip A. Frederick; Bernard L. Theisen; Derek Ward
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New experimental diffractive-optical data on E.Land's Retinex mechanism in human color vision: Part I
Author(s): N. Lauinger
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Embodying a cognitive model in a mobile robot
Author(s): D. Paul Benjamin; Damian Lyons; Deryle Lonsdale
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Visualization of pallets
Author(s): Roger Bostelman; Tsai Hong; Tommy Chang
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Indoor environment modeling for interactive robot security application
Author(s): Sangwoo Jo; Qonita M. Shahab; Yong-Moo Kwon; Sang Chul Ahn
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Biomimetic sensory abstraction using hierarchical quilted self-organizing maps
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Miller; Peter H. Lommel
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A comparison of two- and three-dimensional imaging
Author(s): Ernest Hall; Donald Rosselot; Mark Aull; Manohar Balapa
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Feature optimization and creation of a real time pattern matching system
Author(s): E. Wildling; O. Sidla; M. Rosner
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Vehicle detection methods for surveillance applications
Author(s): O. Sidla; E. Wildling; Y. Lypetskyy
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High-quality and small-capacity e-learning video featuring lecturer-superimposing PC screen images
Author(s): Yoshihiko Nomura; Michinobu Murakami; Ryota Sakamoto; Tokuhiro Sugiura; Hirokazu Matsui; Norihiko Kato
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A parallel unmixing algorithm for hyperspectral images
Author(s): Stefan A. Robila; Lukasz G. Maciak
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An embedded vision system for an unmanned four-rotor helicopter
Author(s): Kirt Lillywhite; Dah-Jye Lee; Beau Tippetts; Spencer Fowers; Aaron Dennis; Brent Nelson; James Archibald
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A framework for autonomy
Author(s): Richard Hildebrant
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Moving target detection through omni-orientational vision fixed on AGV
Author(s): Shu-Ying Yang; Zuo-Liang Cao; Pei-Lian He
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Intelligent robot control using an adaptive critic with a task control center and dynamic database
Author(s): E. L. Hall; M. Ghaffari; X. Liao; S. M. Alhaj Ali
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Obstacle avoidance using predictive vision based on a dynamic 3D world model
Author(s): D. Paul Benjamin; Damian Lyons; Tom Achtemichuk
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A design approach for small vision-based autonomous vehicles
Author(s): Barrett B. Edwards; Wade S. Fife; James K. Archibald; Dah-Jye Lee; Doran K. Wilde
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High-speed-tracking active cameras for obtaining clear object image
Author(s): Hiroshi Oike; Haiyuan Wu; Chunsheng Hua; Toshikazu Wada
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The 14TH Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition: intelligent teams creating intelligent ground robots
Author(s): Bernard L. Theisen; Dmitri Nguyen
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Autonomous robot navigation using vision- and sensor-based algorithm
Author(s): Susmita Bhandari; Allison Mathis; Kashif Mohiuddin; David Pietrocola; Maria Restrepo; David J. Ahlgren
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A simple, inexpensive, and effective implementation of a vision-guided autonomous robot
Author(s): Beau Tippetts; Kirt Lillywhite; Spencer Fowers; Aaron Dennis; Dah-Jye Lee; James Archibald
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A method for sensor processing, sensor integration, and navigation in mobile autonomous ground vehicles
Author(s): Robert N. Riggins; Bruce V. Mutter; Scott Baker; Jesse Farmer; Joy Huntley; Joe Kessler; Lenny Lewis
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Obstacle recognition using region-based color segmentation techniques for mobile robot navigation
Author(s): Robert T. McKeon; Mohan Krishnan; Mark Paulik
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Lane identification and path planning for autonomous mobile robots
Author(s): Robert T. McKeon; Mark Paulik; Mohan Krishnan
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Analysis on the jumping of a spherical rolling robot
Author(s): Hanxu Sun; Liangqing Wang; Qingxuan Jia
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Virtual performer: single camera 3D measuring system for interaction in virtual space
Author(s): Kunio Sakamoto; Shoto Taneji
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A method of 3D measuring for finger pointing using a single camera
Author(s): Hironobu Nakayama; Kunio Sakamoto
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Functions of images
Author(s): Juha Lehtonen; Alexey Andriyashin; Jussi Parkkinen; Tuomas Leisti; Göte Nyman
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A new algorithm for fruit shape classification based on level set
Author(s): Jiangsheng Gui; Yibin Ying; Xiuquin Rao
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A 2D CMAC neural net algorithm for a positioning system of automated agriculture vehicle
Author(s): Fangming Zhang; Yibin Ying
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Mearsurement and control system for agricultural robot
Author(s): Tong Sun; Fangming Zhang; Yibin Ying
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