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Smart Medical and Biomedical Sensor Technology IV

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Volume Number: 6380
Date Published: 20 October 2006

Table of Contents
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Advances in zinc sensors for studying zinc release events from pancreatic cells
Author(s): Zeev Rosenzweig; Nitsa Rosenzweig; Georgeta Crivat
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Patterned arrays for the efficient detection of whole cells
Author(s): Troy A. Alexander
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SERS probes for the detection and imaging of biochemical species on the nanoscale
Author(s): Mikella E. Hankus; Brian M. Cullum
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Intrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometer with a micrometric tip for biomedical applications
Author(s): Xingwei Wang; Juncheng Xu; Zhuang Wang; Kristie L. Cooper; Anbo Wang
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Polarization imaging sensor for cell and tissue imaging and diagnostics
Author(s): Hongzhi Zhao; Qiushui Chen; Uwe Klimach; Yingyin Kevin Zou; Jianhua Xuan
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In silico cell electrophysiology for measuring transcellular calcium currents
Author(s): A. ul Haque; M. Rokkam; A. R. De Carlo; S. T. Wereley; H. W. Wells; W. T. McLamb; S. J. Roux; P. P. Irazoqui; D. M. Porterfield
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Surface plasmon resonance sensors for detection of survival of motor neuron protein
Author(s): Margaret Mitropanopoulos; Becki Campanaro; Michael Malone; Jean-Francois Masson; Ronald A. Nieman; Christian L. Lorson; Karl S. Booksh
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Raman molecular imaging of tissue and cell samples using tunable multiconjugate filter
Author(s): John Maier M.D.; Janice Panza; Amy Drauch; Shona Stewart
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Evaluation of aptamers as molecular recognition elements for pathogens using capillary electrophoretic analysis
Author(s): Sun McMasters; Dimitra N. Stratis-Cullum
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Characterization of novel gold SERS substrates with multilayer enhancements
Author(s): Honggang Li; Caitlin E. Baum; Brian M. Cullum
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The investigation of liquid analysis method based on fiber micro-drop sensor
Author(s): Weimin Sun; Xiaomei Li; Zhilin Zhang; Xiaoli Wang; Cong Zhang
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Liquid core optical ring resonator label-free biosensor array for lab-on-a-chip development
Author(s): Ian M. White; Hongying Zhu; Jonathan D. Suter; Hesam Oveys; Xudong Fan
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Development of a MEMS-fabricated SU-8 device for 2D separations
Author(s): K. P. Bloschock; T. W. Schneider; Abul Hussam; E. R. Van Keuren
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Scaling mass sensitivity of the BioCD at 0.25 pg/mm
Author(s): David D. Nolte; Ming Zhao
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Critical factors for nanoscale injection molding
Author(s): Sung-hwan Yoon; Junseok Lee; Keun Park; Joey L. Mead; Shinji Matsui; Carol M. F. Barry
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UV LED excited time-gated luminescence flow cytometry: concepts and experimental evaluation
Author(s): Dayong Jin; Russell Connally; Jim Piper
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Improvement of a fluorescence immunoassay with a compact diode-pumped solid state laser at 315 nm
Author(s): Matthias Niederkrüger; Christian Salb; Michael Beck; Niko Hildebrandt; Hans-Gerd Löhmannsröben; Gerd Marowsky
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Simultaneous acquisition of the real and imaginary components in Fourier domain optical coherence tomography using harmonic detection
Author(s): Andrei B. Vakhtin; Daniel J. Kane; Kristen A. Peterson
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Near-infrared application for tissue identification
Author(s): Edita Botonjic; C. Steven Fawcett
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Deep illumination angular domain imaging within highly scattering media enhanced by image processing
Author(s): Fartash Vasefi; Paulman K. Y. Chan; Bozena Kaminska; Glenn H. Chapman
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Noninvasive approaches to measuring respiratory patterns using a PtTFPP-based phase-lifetime self-referencing oxygen optrode
Author(s): D. Marshall Porterfield; Jenna L. Rickus; Raoul Kopelman
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Feasibility of monitoring patient motion with opposed stereo infrared cameras during supine medical imaging
Author(s): Richard D. Beach; Joseph E. McNamara; George Terlecki; Michael A. King
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Noninvasive sensors in critical care medicine: near-infrared spectroscopy for the detection of altered microvascular blood flow in severe sepsis and septic shock
Author(s): J. Matthias Walz M.D.; Babs Soller; Olusola Soyemi; Ye Yang; Michelle Landry; Stephen O. Heard M.D.
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Astronaut health monitoring
Author(s): Frank Inscore; Chetan Shende; Alan Gift; Paul Maksymiuk; Stuart Farquharson
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Hollow fiber optic probe for in vivo Raman measurement
Author(s): Takashi Katagiri; Yusuke Hattori; Yuichi Komachi; Yuji Matsuura; Hideo Tashiro; Hidetoshi Sato
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Detection of inflammatory cytokines using a fiber optic microsphere immunoassay array
Author(s): Timothy M. Blicharz; David R. Walt
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Molecularly imprinted polymerization-based surface plasmon resonance sensing for glucose detection in human urine
Author(s): Soame Banerji; Wei Peng; Yoon-Chang Kim; Karl S. Booksh
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