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Advanced Photon Counting Techniques
Editor(s): Wolfgang Becker

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Volume Number: 6372
Date Published: 19 October 2006

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Multidimensional time-correlated single photon counting
Author(s): Wolfgang Becker; Axel Bergmann
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Differentiation of ocular fundus fluorophores by fluorescence lifetime imaging using multiple excitation and emission wavelengths
Author(s): M. Hammer; D. Schweitzer; S. Schenke; W. Becker; A. Bergmann
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Time-resolved photon counting allows for new temporal and spatial insights into the nanoworld
Author(s): Alexander Gaiduk; Ralf Kühnemuth; Suren Felekyan; Matthew Antonik; Wolfgang Becker; Volodymyr Kudryavtsev; Marcelle König; Fillip Oesterhelt; Carl Sandhagen; Claus A. M. Seidel
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Multiwavelength fluorescence lifetime imaging by TCSPC
Author(s): Axel Bergmann; Wolfgang Becker
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Time-resolved fluorescence measurements for diffuse optical tomography using ultrafast time-correlated single photon counting
Author(s): Yves Bérubé-Lauzière; Vincent Robichaud
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Application of novel low-intensity nonscanning fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy for monitoring excited state dynamics in individual chloroplasts and living cells of photosynthetic organisms
Author(s): Hann-Jörg Eckert; Zdeněk Petrášek; Klaus Kemnitz
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Time-correlated single photon counting: an advancing technique in a plate reader for assay development and high throughput screening
Author(s): Dirk U. Näther; Roger Fenske; Reynald Hurteaux; Sandra Majno; S. Desmond Smith
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Timing stability of TCSPC experiments
Author(s): W. Becker; A. Bergmann
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Highly sensitive single photon detection system for multilane DNA sequencer
Author(s): Dmitri Gavrilov; Boris Gorbovitski; Georgiy Gudkov; Andrey Stepukhovich; Marina Tcherevishnik; Georgiy Tyshko; Andriy Tsupryk; Vera Gorfinkel
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32-channel single photon counting module for ultrasensitive detection of DNA sequences
Author(s): Georgiy Gudkov; Vinit Dhulla; Anatoly Borodin; Dmitri Gavrilov; Andrey Stepukhovich; Andrey Tsupryk; Boris Gorbovitski; Vera Gorfinkel
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Monitoring cellular mechanosensing using time-correlated single photon counting
Author(s): Tristan Tabouillot; Ramachandra Gullapalli; Peter J. Butler
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Fluorescence lifetime microscopy with a time- and space-resolved single-photon counting detector
Author(s): X. Michalet; O.H. W. Siegmund; J. V. Vallerga; P. Jelinsky; F. Pinaud; J. E. Millaud; S. Weiss
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New light sources for time-correlated single photon counting in commercially available spectrometers
Author(s): Roger Fenske; Dirk U. Näther; Mark Goossens; S. Desmond Smith
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A view on progress of silicon single-photon avalanche diodes and quenching circuits
Author(s): Sergio Cova; Massimo Ghioni; Franco Zappa; Ivan Rech; Angelo Gulinatti
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High-accuracy calibration of photon-counting detectors
Author(s): Sergey V. Polyakov; Michael Ware; Alan Migdall
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Geiger-mode InGaAsP/InP APDs optimized for single photon counting at 1.06 μm
Author(s): Keith Forsyth; Noah Clay
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Millimeter precision laser ranging using solid state photon counting
Author(s): Ivan Prochazka; Karel Hamal
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Ultra-compact CMOS single photon detector
Author(s): A. Rochas; A. Pauchard; L. Monat; A. Matteo; P. Trinkler; R. Thew; R. Ribordy
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Low dark count rate 4H-SiC Geiger mode avalanche photodiodes operated under gated quenching at 325nm
Author(s): Ariane L. Beck; Xiangyi Guo; Han-Din Liu; Aruna Ghatak-roy; Joe C. Campbell
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In orbit performance of Si avalanche photodiode single photon counting modules in the Geoscience Laser Altimeter System on ICESat
Author(s): Xiaoli Sun; Peggy L. Jester; Stephen P. Palm; James B. Abshire; James D. Spinhirne; Michael A. Krainak
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Gated operation of InGaAs SPADs with active quenching and fast timing circuits
Author(s): Alberto Tosi; Andrea Gallivanoni; Franco Zappa; Sergio Cova
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Planar silicon SPADs with 200-μm diameter and 35-ps photon timing resolution
Author(s): Massimo Ghioni; Angelo Gulinatti; Piera Maccagnani; Ivan Rech; Sergio Cova
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A single photon avalanche diode array fabricated in 0.35-µm CMOS and based on an event-driven readout for TCSPC experiments
Author(s): Cristiano Niclass; Maximilian Sergio; Edoardo Charbon
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High-efficiency single-photon detectors
Author(s): Radhika Rangarajan; Joseph B. Altepeter; Evan R. Jeffrey; Micah J. A. Stoutimore; Nicholas A. Peters; Onur Hosten; Paul G. Kwiat
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Time-correlated single-photon counting with superconducting single-photon detectors
Author(s): Martin J. Stevens; Robert H. Hadfield; Robert E. Schwall; Sae Woo Nam; Richard P. Mirin
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Superconducting niobium nanowire single photon detectors
Author(s): A. J. Annunziata; A. Frydman; M. O. Reese; L. Frunzio; M. Rooks; D. E. Prober
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An ultrafast Geiger-mode single-photon avalanche diode in 0.18-μm CMOS technology
Author(s): Hod Finkelstein; Mark J. Hsu; Sadik Esener
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Do we count indivisible photons or discrete quantum events experienced by detectors?
Author(s): Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri; Negussie Tirfessa
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Single photon detector comparison in a quantum key distribution test
Author(s): Jonathan L. Habif; David S. Pearson; Robert H. Hadfield; Robert E. Schwall; Sae Woo Nam; Aaron J. Miller
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Application of a new time-correlated single photon counting instrument in a fiber-based quantum cryptography system
Author(s): Iris P. S. Choi; Harendra N. J. Fernando; Paul D. Townsend; Michael Wahl
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High-speed photon counting techniques for broadband quantum key distribution
Author(s): D. Rogers; J. C. Bienfang; A. Mink; B. J. Hershman; A. Nakassis; L. Ma; X. Tang; D. H. Su; Charles W. Clark; Carl J. Williams
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1.25-Gbit/s photon-counting optical communications using a two-element superconducting nanowire single photon detector
Author(s): Eric A. Dauler; Bryan S. Robinson; Andrew J. Kerman; Vikas Anant; Richard J. Barron; Karl K. Berggren; David O. Caplan; John J. Carney; Scott A. Hamilton; Kristine M. Rosfjord; Mark L. Stevens; Joel K. W. Yang
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Controllable photon source
Author(s): Dániel Oszetzky; Attila Nagy; Aladár Czitrovszky
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