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Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring, GIS Applications, and Geology VI

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Volume Number: 6366
Date Published: 28 September 2006

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Progress in soil moisture estimation from remote sensing data for agricultural drought monitoring
Author(s): Feng Yan; Zhihao Qin; Maosong Li; Wenjuan Li
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Effects of vegetation indices to the spatial changes of desert environment using EOS/MODIS data: a case study of Sangong inland arid ecosystem
Author(s): Liping Lu; Zhihao Qin; Chengyi Zhao; Wenjuan Li; Maofang Gao
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Assessment of pasture degradation in Turkmenistan using remote sensing
Author(s): Shai Kaplan; Lea Orlovsky; Dan G. Blumberg; Elmar Mamedov
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Supporting the update of maps by object-oriented classification of orthophotos
Author(s): Florian Kressler; Klaus Steinnocher; Andreas Busch; André Streilein; Michael Franzen
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Updating the 1:50.000 topographic maps using ASTER and SRTM DEM: the case of Athens, Greece
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Nektarios Chrysoulakis
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A method for downscaling MODIS land channels to 250-m spatial resolution using adaptive regression and normalization
Author(s): Alexander P. Trishchenko; Yi Luo; Konstantin V. Khlopenkov
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Assessing forest fragmentation and connectivity: a case study in the Carpathians
Author(s): Katarzyna Ostapowicz; Christine Estreguil; Jacek Kozak; Peter Vogt
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Study of buried archaeological sites using vegetation indices
Author(s): P. Merola; A. Allegrini; D. Guglietta; S. Sampieri
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Land use/cover classification through multiresolution segmentation and object oriented neural networks classification
Author(s): Jorge Rocha; José A. Tenedório; Sara Encarnação; Paulo Morgado
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Spectral unmixing with nonnegative matrix factorization
Author(s): Mario Parente; Argyrios Zymnis; Joëlle Skaf; Janice Bishop
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EnMAP Hyperspectral Imager: an advanced optical payload for future applications in Earth observation programs
Author(s): S. Hofer; H. J. Kaufmann; T. Stuffler; B. Penné; G. Schreier; A. Müller; A. Eckardt; H. Bach; U. C. Benz; R. Haydn
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Satellite remote sensing of the oceanic environment in China
Author(s): Weigen Huang; Qimao Wang; Jingsong Yang; Junhua Teng; Xiulin Lou; Huaguo Zhang
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Using remote sensing technique in lithological discrimination and detection of gold-bearing alteration zones at Wadi Defeit area, southeastern desert, Egypt
Author(s): M. F. Sadek; T. M. Ramadan; I. Abu El Leil; S. M. Salem
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A Michelson interferometer for seismic wave measurement: theoretical analysis and system performances
Author(s): Fausto Acernese; Rosario De Rosa; Fabio Garufi; Rocco Romano; Fabrizio Barone
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Environmental changes induced by dump pollution analyzed through historical orthophotos and multispectral images
Author(s): C. Notarnicola
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Using remote sensing and GIS to integrate various environmental factors into a predictive malaria transmission risks model in rural Burkina Faso
Author(s): Roland Ngom; Alexander Siegmund
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Extraction of vegetation cover rate in urban areas based on mixel analyses of Landsat data
Author(s): Shoji Takeuchi; Tomohisa Konishi
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A GIS-based hedonic modeling of urban land value spatio-temporal patterns
Author(s): Yaolin Liu; Tao Duan; Yanfang Liu
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GIS and remote sensing for 3D urban modeling by means of VRML technology
Author(s): Ulrich Michel; Thorsten Bockmühl
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Spatial pattern of indoor settled dust in Tel-Aviv urban area as was monitored by reflectance spectroscopy in the NIR-SWIR region (1.2-2.4 μm)
Author(s): A. Chudnovsky; E. Ben-Dor
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Analysis of the integration in the landscape of routes with low-density traffic
Author(s): M. Gil; J. Armesto; I. Cañas; A. Tobar
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Image classification with LiDAR and GIS-data: moving from land cover to land use
Author(s): Florian Kressler; Klaus Steinnocher
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Visual perception-based different scale remote sensing images fusion with multiwavelet transform
Author(s): Yan Na; Manfred Ehlers; Wanhai Yang
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On image fusion and segmentation
Author(s): Manfred Ehlers
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A preliminary simulation to study the potential of integration of LIDAR and imagery
Author(s): Wuming Zhang; Qiaozhi Li
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Archaeological prospection based on satellite QuickBird imagery
Author(s): Rosa Lasaponara; Nicola Masini
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Analysis of urban surface biophysical parameters from remote sensing imagery
Author(s): M. A. Zoran
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Multisensor image fusion for Romanian Black Sea coastal zone analysis
Author(s): L. F. V. Zoran; C. Golovanov; M. A. Zoran
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Integrate remote sensing and GIS: a primary study of adding remotely sensed image processing functions to ArcGIS8.3 using Matlab COM builder and AO
Author(s): Shaobo Zhong; Yong Xue; Jianqin Wang; Yincui Hu; Ying Luo; Guoyin Cai; Shuhua Qi
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Fusion of Quickbird satellite images for vegetation monitoring in previously mined reclaimed areas
Author(s): E. Ieronimidi; Stelios P. Mertikas; D. Hristopoulos
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Hybrid control and acquisition system for remote sensing systems for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Fabio Garufi; Fausto Acernese; Alfonso Boiano; Rosario De Rosa; Rocco Romano; Fabrizio Barone
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Estimation of land surface emissivity for Landsat TM6 and its application to Lingxian Region in north China
Author(s): Zhihao Qin; Wenjuan Li; Maofang Gao; Hong'ou Zhang
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Comparative research on the landscape patterns of the arid mountain ecosystem in northwestern China
Author(s): Cuiwen Tang; Duning Xiao; Zhongming Zhang; Guojing Yang
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The topological relation model for indeterminate geographical objects based on fuzzy close degree
Author(s): Yaolin Liu; Jianhua He; Yanfang Liu; Yan Yu
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Research of general land use planning based on SD-MOP integrated model in Huangpi District of Wuhan City
Author(s): Jian Gong; Yaolin Liu; Zhi Zhang; Yanfang Liu; Nianshang Chen
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Valuation of rangeland ecosystem degradation with remote sensing technology in China
Author(s): Ruijie Wang; Zhihao Qin; Lipeng Jiang; Ke Ye
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Mapping LAI using BRDF model in arid and semi-arid Northwestern China
Author(s): Hongchun Peng; Haiying Li; Xin Li; Wanchang Zhang; Yanhua Chen
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POS supported sparse bundle adjustment and its application in power line inspection
Author(s): Qiaozhi Li; Wuming Zhang; Ning Wang; Guangjian Yan; Guoqing Zhou
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A evapotranspiration (ET) model based GIS using LANDSAT data and MODIS data with improved resolution
Author(s): Yunqiao Shu; Yuping Lei; Li Zheng; Hongjun Li
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Research on land degradation in arid and semi-arid zone: a case of Hebei Province
Author(s): Chunyan Lv; Zhenrong Yu; Yunzhe Cao
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Application of large-scale geological hazard survey with remote sensing technology
Author(s): Yuhua He; Gang Liu; Zhende Zhang
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Coastal behavior monitoring with remote sensing in Imam Port, ‎Iran
Author(s): Hadi Karbin
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Monitoring grassland ecosystem degradation using EOS/MODIS data in North China
Author(s): Lipeng Jiang; Zhihao Qin; Liping Lu; Wen Xie; Wenjuan Li
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Development of the global cloud free data set of MODIS
Author(s): Y. Oguro; S. Takeuchi; Y. Suga
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Applied research of wavelet transform fusion in land-use monitoring survey of urban fringe
Author(s): Yuhua He; Gang Liu
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