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Linear and Nonlinear Optics of Organic Materials VI
Editor(s): Robert A. Norwood

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Volume Number: 6331
Date Published: 20 September 2006

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Optimizing specific third-order polarizabilities and approaching the fundamental limit in donor substituted cyanoethynylethene (CEE) molecules
Author(s): Joshua C. May; Philip R. LaPorta; Bweh Esembeson; Ivan Biaggio; Tsuyoshi Michinobu; Filip Bures; François Diederich
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Observation of spatial phase shift in dark soliton crossing
Author(s): Robert Fischer; Dragomir N. Neshev; Wieslaw Krolikowski; Yuri S. Kivshar; David Iturbe-Castillo; Sabino Chavez-Cerda; Mario R. Meneghetti; Dilson P. Caetano; Jandir M. Hickmann
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Quantum calculations of the dispersion of the fundamental limits of nonlinear susceptibilities
Author(s): Mark G. Kuzyk
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Control and switching of first hyperpolarizability by pH
Author(s): Inge Asselberghs; Gunther Hennrich; Benjamin J. Coe; Koen Clays
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of linear and hyperbranched conjugated polymers
Author(s): Anjun Qin; Zhen Li; Jacky Wing Yip Lam; Ben Zhong Tang
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Design and fabrication of polymer-based photonic crystals
Author(s): Eric J. Kelmelis; Peng Yao; Shouyuan Shi; Ahmed Sharkawy; Dennis W. Prather
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Photonic bandgap engineering for spectral narrowing of emission in self-assembled colloidal photonic crystals
Author(s): Koen Clays; Renaud A. L. Vallée; Kasper Baert
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Modulation and dispersion control in photonic crystals
Author(s): M. Schmidt; A. Petrov; J. Wülbern; M. Eich; U. Huebner; R. Boucher
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New organic infiltrants for 2-D and 3-D photonic crystals
Author(s): Robert A. Norwood; Hiroshi Sumimura; Savaş Tay; Konstantin Yamnitsky; Alexander Kropachev; Jayan Thomas; Nasser Peyghambarian; J. H. Moon; Shu Yang; Terje Skotheim
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Photorefractive polymer in reflection geometry with large efficiency
Author(s): Muhsin Eralp; Jayan Thomas; Savaş Tay; Guoqiang Li; Robert Norwood; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Nonlinear absorption in organometallic materials
Author(s): Kye-Young Kim; Kirk S. Schanze
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Studies of new nondestructive read-out media for two-photon 3D high-density storage
Author(s): A. S. Dvornikov; E. Walker; P. M. Rentzepis
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A new class of materials suitable for two-photon 3D optical data storage
Author(s): Masaharu Akiba; Alexander Dvornikov; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Organic benzene-based octopoles for nonlinear optics
Author(s): Gunther Hennrich
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Pulse poling of high performance nonlinear chromophores in polymers
Author(s): James Westphal; Antao Chen; Nathaniel Burt; Lih Lin; Larry Dalton; Jingdong Luo; Alex K.-Y. Jen
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Studies of reorientational mobility of chromophores in poled nonlinear optical polymers by secondary poling
Author(s): King Y. Wong; Chi-wing To
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Single-molecule confocal microscopy studies of electric-field induced orientation in chromophore-polymer composite materials
Author(s): D. R. B. Sluss; P. M. Wallace; K. D. Truong; B. H. Robinson; L. R. Dalton; P. J. Reid
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Supramolecular guest-host systems: combining high dye doping level with low aggregation tendency
Author(s): Arri Priimagi; Stefano Cattaneo; Robin H. A. Ras; Sami Valkama; Olli Ikkala; Martti Kauranen
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Polyimides with attached chromophores for improved performance in electro-optical devices
Author(s): Andrew J. Guenthner; Michael E. Wright; Stephen Fallis; Geoffrey A. Lindsay; Brian J. Petteys; Gregory R. Yandek; De-Yu Zang; Mohan Sanghadasa; Paul R. Ashley
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Characterization of DNA-based material for optical devices
Author(s): Darnell E. Diggs; James G. Grote; Frank K. Hopkins; Josh Hagen
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Perfluoropolymer optical waveguides with low propagation loss and high reliability
Author(s): Y. Kuwana; S. Takenobu; K. Takayama; Y. Morizawa
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Photopatternable fluorinated poly(arylene ether ketone) for optical waveguide devices
Author(s): Jia Jiang; Claire L. Callender; Julian P. Noad; Yinghua Qi; Jianfu Ding; Michael Day
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Infrared ellipsometric measurement of biological films at air/ZnS interfaces
Author(s): Clayton S.-C. Yang; Avishai Ben-David; Alan C. Samuels
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Polymeric waveguide biosensors with Bragg gratings
Author(s): Min-Cheol Oh; Kyung-Jo Kim; Jae-Hyun Lee; Kwang-Nak Koh
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An all-optical polymer fiber cantilever
Author(s): Mark G. Kuzyk; Shaoping Bian; Dirk Robinson
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Packaged high-speed electro-optic polymer modulators
Author(s): Raluca Dinu; Danliang Jin; Diyun Huang; Mary K. Koenig; Anna M. Barklund; Yun Fang; Timothy C. Parker
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Real-time monitoring of all-optical poling by two-beam second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Arri Priimagi; Stefano Cattaneo; Martti Kauranen
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Development of new host polymers for electro-optic modulators
Author(s): Lixin Zheng; Dan Jin; Dani Ialakiev; Eric Johnson; Diyun Huang; Don Tolstedt; Steve Condon; Anna Barklund; Amanda Cort; Baoquan Chen; Tim Parker; Raluca Dinu
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Development of polymeric electro-optic materials for practical device fabrication
Author(s): Diyun Huang; Danliang Jin; Lixin Zheng; Don Tolstedt; Stephen Condon; Baoquan Chen; Dani Ianakiev; Eric Johnson; Amanda Cort; Anna Barklund; Timothy Parker; Raluca Dinu
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Efficient Faraday rotation in conjugated polymers
Author(s): P. Gangopadhyay; S. Foerier; G. Koeckelberghs; M. Vangheluwe; A. Persoons; T. Verbiest
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Retardation of the orientation relaxation of azo-dye doped amorphous polymers upon photoinduced isomerization
Author(s): S. W. Chan; A. Quatela; M. Casalboni; J.-M. Nunzi
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Computer simulation of photoinduced helical structure formation on azobenzene-containing materials
Author(s): Daisuke Barada; Hiroshi Sumimura; Takashi Fukuda; Jun Young Kim; Masahide Itoh; Toyohiko Yatagai
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Using the relationship between geometry and hyperpolarizability as a tool for developing new paradigms for molecular engineering
Author(s): Mark G. Kuzyk; David S. Watkins
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties in new cyanine dye Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers
Author(s): Chuang Wang; Feng Gao; Hao Zeng; Shihong Ma; Wei Liu; Liying Liu; Wencheng Wang; He Tian
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Optical absorption and second harmonic generation in SiO2:DR1 sol-gel films as function of poling time
Author(s): Alfredo Franco; Guadalupe Valverde-Aguilar; Jorge García-Macedo
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Integrated optical devices using bacteriorhodopsin as active nonlinear optical material
Author(s): András Dér; László Fábián; Sándor Valkai; Elmar Wolff; Jeremy Ramsden; Pál Ormos
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Synthesis and photochemical study of substituted heterohelicenes and related compounds
Author(s): Ying Hu; Brigitte Wex; Marc W. Perkovic; Douglas C. Neckers
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