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Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, and Devices III

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Volume Number: 6327
Date Published: 29 August 2006

Table of Contents
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Optical communication subsystems using microphotonic integrated circuits based on nanoengineered materials
Author(s): Louay Eldada
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Successful commercialization of nanophotonic technology
Author(s): Supriya L. Jaiswal; Roger B. M. Clarke; Sam C. W. Hyde
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Negative refraction and nonlinearities in photonic bandgap nanostructures
Author(s): Chee Wei Wong; Rohit Chatterjee; Kai Liu; Charlton J. Chen; Chad A. Husko
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Design, fabrication, and integration of micro/nano-scale photonic crystal devices and plasmonic devices for VLSI photonic integration application
Author(s): El-Hang Lee; B. H. O; H. S. Noh; S. H. Song; S. G. Lee; S. G. Park
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Superprism phenomenon based on holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
Author(s): M. S. Li; S. T. Wu; Andy Ying-Guey Fuh
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Feature size effects in chemically assisted ion beam etching of InP-based photonic crystals
Author(s): A. Berrier; M. Mulot; A. Talneau; R. Ferrini; R. Houdré; S. Anand
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Fabrication of autocloned photonic crystals by using electron-beam gun with ion-assisted deposition
Author(s): Te-Hung Chang; Sheng-Hui Chen; Chien-Cheng Kuo; Cheng-Chung Lee
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All fourteen Bravais lattices can be fabricated by triple exposure of two-beam interference fringes
Author(s): Yuzo Ono; Takshi Ochi
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Microlens fabrication using HEBS glass for compact high-resolution IR imaging system
Author(s): Thomas Dillon; Elton Marchena; Caihua Chen; David Brady; Dennis Prather
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Optical lithography for nanotechnology
Author(s): Donis G. Flagello; Bill Arnold
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A novel nano-probe design in silicon and gallium-based alloys using photonic crystals
Author(s): Thomas Dillon; Rick Martin; Shouyuan Shi; Ahmed Sharkawy; Dennis Prather
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A novel fiber optic Fabry-Perot structure with a micrometric diameter tip
Author(s): Xingwei Wang; Juncheng Xu; Zhuang Wang; Kristie L. Cooper; Anbo Wang
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Tailorable polymer waveguides for miniaturized bio-photonic devices via two-polymer microtransfer molding
Author(s): Jae-Hwang Lee; Zhuo Ye; Kristen Constant; Kai-Ming Ho
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Synthesis and regular array formation of nano-particles assisted by protein
Author(s): Mitsuhiro Okuda; Yusaku Kobayashi; Tetsuro Kondoh; Toru Konishi; Hideyuki Yoshimura
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Multilayer InAs/InGaAs quantum dot structure grown by MOVPE for optoelectronic device applications
Author(s): Qin Wang; Linda Höglund; Susanne Almqvist; Bertrand Noharet; Carl Asplund; Hedda Malm; Erik Petrini; Jan Y. Andersson; Mattias Hammar
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Two-photon absorption in direct bandgap semiconductors quantum dots
Author(s): Lazaro A. Padilha; Jie Fu; G. Nootz; David J. Hagan; Eric W. Van Stryland; D. Buso; A. Martucci; Carlos L. Cesar; Luiz C. Barbosa; Carlos H. B. Cruz
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Heat transfer nanolubricant and nanogrease based on carbon nanotube
Author(s): Haiping Hong; Andy Waynick; Walter Roy
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Reduction of metal linewidths through a combination of low-temperature and ultrasonic development of poly(methylmethacrylate) using electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Zhou Lu; A. N. Cartwright
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Optical design and simulation for nanoscale distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) for high-brightness LED
Author(s): Dong-Xue Wang; Ian T. Ferguson; John A. Buck; David Nicol
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Integrating aligned nanorod array onto optical fibers for SERS probes
Author(s): J.-G. Fan; Y.-J. Liu; Y.-P. Zhao
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Double- and triple-layer antireflection coatings for silicon solar cells based on porous silicon
Author(s): Vladimir M. Aroutiounian; Khachatur S. Martirosyam; Armen S. Hovhannisyan; Patrick G. Soukiassian
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Photonic translation of DNAs between microscopic beads and a substrate for a photonic DNA memory
Author(s): Yusuke Ogura; Taro Beppu; Rui Shogenji; Jun Tanida
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Stimulated interdiffusion and optical recording in amorphous chalcogenide nanomultilayers
Author(s): Sandor Kokenyesi; Istvan Ivan; Attila Csik; Istvan Szabo; Dezso Beke
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Reproduction of anti-reflection structures by nano casting method
Author(s): Yoshihiko Hirai; Kenji Sogo; Masaki Nakajima; Hiroaki Kawata
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Morpho blue reproduced by nanocasting lithography
Author(s): Akira Saito; Masaki Nakajima; Yusuke Miyamura; Kenji Sogo; Yoko Ishikawa; Yoshihiko Hirai
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Multiple vortex with different topological charge generated by means of SLM
Author(s): Victor Kotlyar; Alexey Kovalev; Valeria Garbin; Enrico Ferrari; Dan Cojoc
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Photo-stimulated changes in metal-amorphous chalcogenide layered nanocomposites
Author(s): Sandor Kokenyesi; Viktor Takats; Ivan Vojnarovich; Volodimir Cheresnya; Miroslav Shipljak
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Three-dimensional memory using photoreduction of Eu ions
Author(s): Minh-Tuan Trinh; Ki-Soo Lim; Sunkyun Lee; Jung-Rim Nam; Eunkyoung Kim
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2D InP photonic crystal fabrication process development
Author(s): Bifeng Rong; Emile van der Drift; Rob W. van der Heijden; Huub W. M. Salemink
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Complex studies of properties of nanostructured silicon
Author(s): A. I. Luchenko; M. M. Melnichenko; K. V. Svezhentsova; O. M. Shmyryeva
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PLZT thick films for multimode optical waveguide prepared by aerosol deposition
Author(s): Takashi Yamaguchi; Pang-Boey Lim; Kwang-Ho Shin; Hironaga Uchida; Mitsuteru Inoue
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