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Plasmonics: Nanoimaging, Nanofabrication, and their Applications II
Editor(s): Satoshi Kawata; Vladimir M. Shalaev; Din Ping Tsai

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Volume Number: 6324
Date Published: 9 October 2006

Table of Contents
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Characteristics of plasmonic waveguides and nonlinear metallic particles
Author(s): Masuo Fukui; Toshihiro Okamoto; Toshiaki Ogawa; Masanobu Haraguchi; David F. P. Pile; Dmitri K. Gramotnev
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Adiabatic propagation and nano-guiding of two-dimensional optical waves in wedged negative dielectric gap waveguides
Author(s): Junichi Takahara; Noriyuki Miyoshi; Yohei Matsui; Fuminori Kusunoki
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Long-range surface plasmon polariton waveguides with TE and TM guiding
Author(s): K. Leosson; A. Boltasseva; T. Nikolajsen; S. I. Bozhevolnyi
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Characteristics of plasmonic waveguides for coupled wedge plasmons
Author(s): Masanobu Haraguchi; David F. P. Pile; Kenzo Yamaguchi; Yosuke Matsuzaki; Naoki Sato; Dmitri K. Gramotnev; Masuo Fukui; Toshihiro Okamoto
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Narrowing of nonlinear enhancements in near-field images
Author(s): Samuel Grésillon; Laurent Williame; Eric le Moal; Emmanuel Fort; A. Claude Boccara
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Plasmonic nearfield scanning optical microscopy
Author(s): Yuan Wang; Werayut Srituravanich; Cheng Sun; Xiang Zhang
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Imaging the cell membrane with surface plasmon resonance phase microscopy
Author(s): R.-Y. He; Y.-D. Su; G.-L. Chang; S.-J. Chen
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Highly sensitive surface plasmon resonance chemical sensor based on Goos-Hanchen effects
Author(s): Xiaobo Yin; Lambertus Hesselink
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Direct detection of C-reactive proteins in human serum using nanoparticle-enhanced surface plasmon resonance biosensing
Author(s): H.-Y. Lin; K. Y. Tsang; W. P. Hu; H.-Y. Hsu; A. Chiou; G.-L. Chang; S.-J. Chen
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Tailoring the shape of colloidal gold particles with nanosecond-pulsed laser light
Author(s): Florian Vogel; Frank Hubenthal; Frank Träger
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Lifetime of nanoplasmonic states
Author(s): Uri Evra; David J. Bergman
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Tip-enhanced near-field Raman scattering and imaging of carbon nanostructures
Author(s): Prabhat Verma; Taka-aki Yano; Yasushi Inouye; Satoshi Kawata
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Nanoscale characterization of localized strain in crystals by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscope in reflection mode
Author(s): Norihiko Hayazawa; Yuika Saito; Masashi Motohashi; Masato Iyoki; Satoshi Kawata
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Silver nanorod arrays as highly sensitive SERS substrates for viral detection
Author(s): Y.-P. Zhao; S. Shanmukh; Y.-J. Liu; S. B. Chaney; L. Jones; R. A. Dluhy; R. A. Tripp
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Scanning nano-Raman spectroscopy of semiconducting structures
Author(s): R. D. Hartschuh; N. Lee; D. Mehtani; A. Kisliuk; M. D. Foster; A. P. Sokolov; J. F. Maguire
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Plasmonic substrates for surface-enhanced spectroscopies
Author(s): F. Le; F. Hao; P. Nordlander
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Uniformly enhanced Raman scattering on arrays of silver nanoparticles separated by 5 nm gaps
Author(s): H.-H. Wang; C.-Y. Liu; Y.-C. Huang; T.-T. Liu; C.-H. Lin; J.-K. Wang; Y.-L. Wang
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Three-dimensional metallic micro/nanostructures fabricated by two-photon-induced reduction of metal ions
Author(s): Takuo Tanaka; Atsushi Ishikawa; Satoshi Kawata
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AFM-based nanofabrication with femtosecond pulse laser radiation
Author(s): Seungchul Kim; Seung-Woo Kim
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Three-dimensional fabrication of metallic micro/nanostructures by two-photon polymerization for metamaterials
Author(s): Florian Formanek; Nobuyuki Takeyasu; Takuo Tanaka; Kenta Chiyoda; Atsushi Ishikawa; Satoshi Kawata
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Multiphoton laser lithography for the fabrication of plasmonic components
Author(s): Sven Passinger; Jürgen Koch; Roman Kiyan; Carsten Reinhardt; Boris N. Chichkov
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Site-selective metal deposition on 3D micro/nanostructures fabricated by two-photon polymerization
Author(s): N. Takeyasu; F. Formanek; K. Chiyoda; T. Tanaka; A. Ishikawa; S. Kawata
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Imaging analysis of nanolithography based on surface-plasmon polariton
Author(s): Wei Xiong; Xiaowei Guo; Jinglei Du; Xi Hou; Chunlei Du; Jun Yao
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Enhanced transmission through a nanoslit bordered by both trenches and bumps nanostructures
Author(s): C. M. Wang; C. C. Chao; J. Y. Chang
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Behavior of surface plasmon resonance at a left-handed material nano slab
Author(s): K. P. Chiu; D. P. Tsai
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Polarization-dependent optical responses of Sb-type near-field optical disk structure
Author(s): Tai Chi Chu; Ming-Yaw Ng; Kuo Pin Chiu; Wei-Chih Liu; Din Ping Tsai
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A gap sensing technique based on surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Pao Tung Wu; Meng Chyi Wu; Chien Ming Wu
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