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Tuning the Optic Response of Photonic Bandgap Structures III

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Volume Number: 6322
Date Published: 30 August 2006

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Tunable porous photonic bandgap structures for chemical and biological sensing
Author(s): Sung Jin Kim; Vamsy P. Chodavarapu; Firdous Kamal; Vincent K. S. Hsiao; Alexander N. Cartwright; Mark T. Swihart; Paras N. Prasad; Timothy J. Bunning
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Fabrication of electrochromically tunable photonic crystals
Author(s): P. V. Ashrit; Su-Lan Kuai
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A compact hybrid silicon/electro-optic polymer resonant cavity modulator design
Author(s): K. K. McLauchlan; S. T. Dunham
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Complete three dimensional gap photonic crystals in the near infrared and visible wavelengths for sensing applications
Author(s): G. Subramania; Y. J. Lee; J. C. Verley; J. G. Fleming; I. El-Kady; T. S. Luk; P. G. Clem; I. Brener
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InP-based planar photonic crystals infiltrated with solid polymers and liquid crystals
Author(s): Rob van der Heijden D.D.S.; Charlotte Kjellander; Carl-Fredrik Carlström; Juri Snijders; Harm Kicken; Cees Bastiaansen; Dick Broer; Fouad Karouta; Richard Nötzel; Emile van der Drift; Huub Salemink
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Tunable defect states in 1D photonic bandgap nanostructures
Author(s): Kyrylo Tabunshchyk; Matthew M. Hawkeye; Michael J. Brett; Andriy Kovalenko
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Influence of morphology on the lasing behavior of pyrromethene 597 in a holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal reflection grating
Author(s): Rachel Jakubiak; Dean P. Brown; Lalgudi V. Natarajan; Vincent Tondiglia; Pamela Lloyd; Richard L. Sutherland; Timothy J. Bunning; Richard A. Vaia
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A two dimensional silicon-based photonic crystal microcavity biosensor
Author(s): Mindy Lee; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Design and implementation of novel photonic crystal tunable devices
Author(s): Eric J. Kelmelis; Shouyuan Shi; Ahmed Sharkawy; Caihua Chen; Binglin Miao; Dennis W. Prather
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Improving accuracy by sub-pixel smoothing in FDTD
Author(s): A. Farjadpour; D. Roundy; A. Rodriguez; M. Ibanescu; P. Bermel; J. D. Joannopoulos; S. G. Johnson; G. W. Burr
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Photonic crystal fiber-based broadly tunable femtosecond laser sources and applications
Author(s): Yujun Deng; Fei Lu; Wayne H. Knox
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Integrated optical sensor using a dispersion guided photonic crystal structure
Author(s): Richard Martin; Ahmed Sharkawy; John Humphrey; Eric J. Kelmelis; Dennis W. Prather
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Electrical conduction through a 2D InP-based photonic crystal
Author(s): A. Berrier; M. Mulot; G. Malm; M. Östling; S. Anand
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