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Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging IV

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Volume Number: 6305
Date Published: 28 August 2006

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Individual incoherent eavesdropping on a two-way quantum communication protocol
Author(s): Giovanni Di Giuseppe; Marco Lucamarini; Alessandro Ceré; Paolo Tombesi
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Single-photon time-encoded ebits: remote preparation and homodyne tomography characterization
Author(s): M. D'Angelo; A. Zavatta; V. Parigi; M. Bellini
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Absolute self-calibration of single-photon detectors with cw and pulsed spontaneous parametric down-conversion
Author(s): Ling-An Wu D.V.M.; Xi-Hao Chen; Yan-Hua Zhai; Da Zhang; Jun-Tao Chang
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Demonstration of an active quantum key distribution network
Author(s): Xiao Tang; Lijun Ma; Alan Mink; Anastase Nakassis; Hai Xu; Barry Hershman; Joshua Bienfang; David Su; Ronald F. Boisvert; Charles Clark; Carl Williams
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Toward a quasi-deterministic single-photon source
Author(s): N. A. Peters; K. J. Arnold; A. P. VanDevender; E. R. Jeffrey; R. Rangarajan; O. Hosten; J. T. Barreiro; J. B. Altepeter; P. G. Kwiat
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Quantum stream cipher Part IV: Effects of the deliberate signal randomization and the deliberate error randomization
Author(s): Kentaro Kato; Osamu Hirota
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Toward quantum-ensured privacy and voting
Author(s): Mark Hillery
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Experimental polarization state tomography using photon counting polarimeters
Author(s): Alexander Ling; Kee Pang Soh; Antía Lamas-Linares; Christian Kurtsiefer
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Generating entangled states of two ququarts using linear optical elements
Author(s): So-Young Baek; Yoon-Ho Kim
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Qubus computation
Author(s): W. J. Munro; Kae Nemoto; T. P. Spiller; P. van Loock; Samuel L. Braunstein; G. J. Milburn
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Quantum information primitives using linear optics
Author(s): Marco Fiorentino; David A. Fattal; Charles M. Santori; Sean M. Spillane; William J. Munro; Raymond G. Beausoleil
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Characterization of errors in quantum processes using finite sets of test measurements
Author(s): Holger F. Hofmann
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Optical coherence theory for phase-sensitive light
Author(s): Baris I. Erkmen; Jeffrey H. Shapiro
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Double electromagnetically induced transparency and its application in quantum information
Author(s): Zeng-Bin Wang; Karl-Peter Marzlin; Barry C. Sanders
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Quantum no-key protocol with inherent identification
Author(s): Li Yang; Lei Hu
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Design rules for quantum imaging devices: experimental progress using CMOS single-photon detectors
Author(s): Edoardo Charbon; Neil J. Gunther; Dmitri L. Boiko; Giordano B. Beretta
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Quantum ghost imaging experiments
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon
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Quantum interference approach to two-photon correlation phenomena of chaotic light
Author(s): Giuliano Scarcelli; Vincenzo Berardi; Yanhua Shih
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A model for nonlinear quantum evolution based on time displaced entanglement
Author(s): T. C. Ralph
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Achieving higher photon counting rates using multiplexed detectors
Author(s): Stefania Castelletto; Ivo Pietro Degiovanni; Alan Migdall; Sergey Polyakov; Valentina Schettini
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Tailoring of the frequency correlations and the bandwidth of paired photons in noncollinear parametric downconversion
Author(s): A. Valencia; A. Cerè; X. Shi; N. Gonzalez; G. Molina-Terriza; J. P. Torres
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Review of recent progresses at INRIM on studies on quantum communication
Author(s): G. Brida; M. Genovese; M. Gramegna; L. A. Krivitsky; F. Piacentini
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Concentrating partial entanglement of two photons via entanglement swapping
Author(s): Myung-Joong Hwang; Yoon-Ho Kim
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Is entanglement dispensable in quantum lithography?
Author(s): Milena D'Angelo; Giuliano Scarcelli; Yanhua Shih
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Generation of nonclassical states from thermal radiation
Author(s): Valentina Parigi; Alessandro Zavatta; Marco Bellini
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Optical coherence tomography with phase-sensitive light
Author(s): Baris I. Erkmen; Jeffrey H. Shapiro
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Engineering the frequency correlations of paired photons with tilted pulses in parametric downconversion
Author(s): M. Hendrych; N. González; J. P. Torres
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Polarization recovery and auto-compensation in quantum key distribution network
Author(s): Lijun Ma; Hai Xu; Xiao Tang
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Characterization of atomic coherence decay for the storage of light
Author(s): E. Figueroa; F. Vewinger; J. Appel; G. Günter; A. I. Lvovsky
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Preliminary results on numerical characterization of atmospheric effects on an Earth-space quantum channel
Author(s): N. Antonietti; M. Mondin; G. Brida; M. Genovese
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