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Imaging Spectrometry XI
Editor(s): Sylvia S. Shen; Paul E. Lewis

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Volume Number: 6302
Date Published: 1 September 2006

Table of Contents
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Mobile remote sensing FT-IR for plume detection
Author(s): Winthrop Wadsworth; David J. Williams
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8x8 element mosaic imaging FT-IR for passive standoff detection
Author(s): Winthrop Wadsworth
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A Fourier transform spectrometer generic scan mechanism controller (GSMC): improves instrument utility and flexibility for a variety of applications
Author(s): Luc Rochette; Paul E. Lewis; Tim Bratcher; Mark J. Thomas; Guy St-Pierre
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Raman spectroscopy with a Fizeau interferometer
Author(s): J. Mudge; T. Kubo
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Simplified spectropolarimetry using reactive mesogen polarization gratings
Author(s): Michael J. Escuti; Chulwoo Oh; Carlos Sánchez; Cees Bastiaansen; Dirk J. Broer
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Design of imaging spectrograph for improving spectral and spatial resolutions
Author(s): Kai-Ping Chuang; Hau-Wei Wang; Fu-Shiang Yang
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A novel multichannel nonintensified ultra-high-speed camera using multiwavelength illumination
Author(s): Ala Hijazi; Vis Madhavan
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Statistical models for physically derived target sub-spaces
Author(s): Emmett J. Ientilucci; Peter Bajorski
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Parametric prediction of the POD and PFA for reflective hyperspectral imaging systems: dependencies on target, scene and sensor design characteristics, and detection algorithms
Author(s): Edward M. Bassett; Terrence S. Lomheim; Jeffrey A. Lang; Thomas L. Hayhurst
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The incorporation of atmospheric variability in hyperspectral synthetic scene simulation
Author(s): Brian M. Dobbs; Niek J. Sanders; John R. Schott
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The estimation of noise covariance matrix in hyperspectral remotely sensed images
Author(s): Chien-Wen Chen; Hsuan Ren
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Automatic algorithms for endmember extraction
Author(s): Chao-Cheng Wu; Chein-I Chang
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Spectral derivative feature coding for hyperspectral signature analysis
Author(s): Chein-I Chang; Sumit Chakravarty
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Application of nonnegative principal component analysis in hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Peter Bajorski
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Effects of dimensionality reduction on the statististical distribution of hyperspectral backgrounds
Author(s): M. Rossacci; D. Manolakis; J. Cipar; R. Lockwood; T. Cooley; J. Jacobson
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Band prioritization for hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Su Wang; Chein-I Chang
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Kalman filter-based approaches to hyperspectral signature similarity and discrimination
Author(s): Su Wang; Chein-I Chang; Janet L. Jensen; J. O. Jensen
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Maximizing the resolution of a CTIS instrument
Author(s): Nathan Hagen; Eustace L. Dereniak; David T. Sass
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Development of four-dimensional imaging spectrometers (4D-IS)
Author(s): Nahum Gat; Gordon Scriven; John Garman; Ming De Li; Jingyi Zhang
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Miniaturization of a VNIR hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Christopher P. Warren; Michael Friend; Arleen Velasco; John Hinrichs; Charles Carleton; Michael Duncan; Jonathan Neumann
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Characterization of an acousto-optic tunable filter imaging system
Author(s): David Voelz; Bharath Kodali
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Sub-pixel registration assessment of multispectral imagery
Author(s): Mark A. Goforth
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Atmospheric correction of airborne POLDER polarimetric imagery using vectorized 6S
Author(s): Christoph Borel; Clyde Spencer
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Exploiting nonlinear structure in hyperspectral coastal data
Author(s): David Gillis; Jeffrey Bowles; Ellen Bennert; Daniel Korwan; Gia Lamela; Marcos Montes; William J. Rhea
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Robustness tests for object identification algorithms in hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): R. Mayer; J. Antoniades; M. Baumback; D. Chester; J. Edwards; A. Goldstein; D. Haas; S. Henderson
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Matched filters for multispectral point target detection
Author(s): S. Buganim; S. R. Rotman
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Signal processing algorithms for staring single pixel hyperspectral sensors
Author(s): Dimitris Manolakis; Michael Rossacci; Erin O'Donnell; Francis M. D'Amico
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Performance analysis for RX algorithm in hyperspectral remote sensing images
Author(s): Hsien-Ting Chen; Hsuan Ren
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Sensitivity analysis of a new SWIR-channel measuring tropospheric CH4 and CO from space
Author(s): Rienk T. Jongma; Annemieke M. S. Gloudemans; Ruud W. M. Hoogeveen; Ilse Aben; Johan de Vries; Isabel Escudero-Sanz; Gijsbertus van den Oord; Pieternel F. Levelt
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Remote pulsed laser Raman spectroscopy system for detecting water, ice, and hydrous minerals
Author(s): Christopher S. Garcia; M. Nurul Abedin; Shiv K. Sharma; Anupam K. Misra; Syed Ismail; Upendra N. Singh; Tamer F. Refaat; Hani E. Elsayed-Ali; Steve P. Sandford
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