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Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing XIV
Editor(s): Marija Strojnik

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Volume Number: 6297
Date Published: 5 September 2006

Table of Contents
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Development of hyperspectral image projectors
Author(s): J. P. Rice; S. W. Brown; J. E. Neira
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Performance comparisons of InGaAs, extended InGaAs, and short-wave HgCdTe detectors between 1 µm and 2.5 µm
Author(s): Howard W. Yoon; Matt C. Dopkiss; George P. Eppeldauer
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Design and development of a cryogenic Michelson interferometer
Author(s): Philippe Lagueux; Martin Chamberland; Frédérick Marcotte; André J. Villemaire
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Ultrahigh frequency quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Peter D. Grant; H. C. Liu; M. Buchanan; R. Dudek
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Bias selective operation of Sb-based two-color photodetectors
Author(s): M. N. Abedin; T. F. Refaat; I. B. Bhat; Y. Xiao; D. G. Johnson
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A full-spectrum 3D noise-based infrared imaging sensor model
Author(s): Robert Richwine; Ashok Sood; Yash Puri; Harry Heckathorn; Larry Wilson; Jules Goldspiel
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Continuous focal plane array for detection of terahertz radiation
Author(s): Aleksei Artamkin; Andrei Nikorici; Ludmila Ryabova; Valery Shklover; Dmitry Khokhlov
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High performance mid-wavelength quantum dot infrared photodetectrors for focal plane arrays
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Ho-Chul Lim; Stanley Tsao; Maho Taguchi; Wei Zhang; Alain Andre Quivy
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ACE-FTS instrument: extending mission lifetime
Author(s): François Châteauneuf; Marc-André Soucy; Henry Buijs
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Efficient and versatile internal reference sources for remote sensing space telescopes
Author(s): Eric C. Kintner; Wallace K. Wong; Eric S. Jacobs; Paul J. Cucchiaro; R. John Koshel
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Sounding the upper mesosphere using broadband solar occultation: the SOFIE experiment
Author(s): Larry L. Gordley; Mark E. Hervig; James M. Russell; Chad Fish; Gregory J Paxton; John C. Burton; Martin J. McHugh
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SOFIE instrument overview
Author(s): Andrew Shumway; Chad Fish; Jim Peterson; Peter Mace; James Cook; Joel Nelsen; Dale Hooper; Quinn Young; Steve Wassom; Scott Hansen; John Kemp; Larry Gordley; Mark Hervig
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SOFIE pointing control system
Author(s): Steven R. Wassom; Chad Fish; Mitch Whiteley; Dave Russak D.V.M.; Joel Nelsen; Brian Thompson; Glen Hansen; Jason Wooden; Larry Gordley; John Burton; Mark Hervig; Paul Cucchiaro; Dan Hammerle
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SOFIE instrument ground calibration
Author(s): Scott Hansen; Chad Fish; Devin Romrell; Larry Gordley; Mark Hervig
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The instrumentation and the BBM test results of thermal and near-infrared sensor for carbon observation (TANSO) on GOSAT
Author(s): Akihiko Kuze; Tomoyuki Urabe; Hiroshi Suto; Yutaka Kaneko; Takashi Hamazaki
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Reliability enhancement activities for the TANSO interferometer
Author(s): François Châteauneuf; Marc-André Soucy; Gaétan Perron; Luc Lévesque; Jun Tanii
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Validating instrument models through the calibration process
Author(s): G. E. Bingham; J. J. Tansock
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SOFIE instrument model and performance comparison
Author(s): Scott Hansen; Andrew Shumway; Chad Fish; Jim Peterson; Peter Mace; James Cook; Joel Nelsen; Dale Hooper; Quinn Young; Steve Wassom; John Kemp; Larry Gordley; Mark Hervig
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Far infrared spectroscopy of the troposphere (FIRST): flight performance and data processing
Author(s): S. Wellard; G. Bingham; H. Latvakoski; M. Mlynczak; D. Johnson; K. Jucks
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Wide-field infrared survey explorer science payload update
Author(s): Mark F. Larsen; Scott Schick; Brett Lloyd; Harri Latvakoski; Joel Drake
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A geosynchronous imaging Fourier transform spectrometer (GIFTS) for hyperspectral atmospheric remote sensing: instrument overview and preliminary performance results
Author(s): J. D. Elwell; G. W. Cantwell; D. K. Scott; R. W. Esplin; G. B. Hansen; S. M. Jensen; M. D. Jensen; S. B. Brown; L. J. Zollinger; V. A. Thurgood; M. P. Esplin; R. J. Huppi; G. E. Bingham; H. E. Revercomb; F. A. Best; D. C. Tobin; J. K. Taylor; R. O. Knuteson; W. L. Smith; R. A. Reisse; R. Hooker
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Modeled vs. actual performance of the geosynchronous imaging Fourier transform spectrometer (GIFTS)
Author(s): Gregory W. Cantwell; John D. Elwell; Roy W. Esplin; Mark P. Esplin; Deron K. Scott; Lorin J. Zollinger; Gail E. Bingham; Henry E. Revercomb; William L. Smith; Robert A. Reisse
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Sounding of the atmosphere using broadband emission radiometry (SABER): sensor design, performance, and lessons learned
Author(s): Steven B. Brown; Mark Jensen; Scott Jensen; Glen Hansen; Lorin Zollinger; Roy Esplin; James B. Miller
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An update of sounding of the atmosphere using broadband emission radiometry (SABER) calibration
Author(s): Joseph J. Tansock; James M. Russell III; Martin G. Mlynczak; Larry L. Gordley; Chris Brown; Greg Paxton; Patrick McMichaels
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Smart sensors
Author(s): Carlo Corsi
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MERTIS: a highly integrated IR imaging spectrometer
Author(s): I. Walter; H. Hirsch; H. Jahn; J. Knollenberg; H. Venus
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Conception and state of the radiometric analysis breadboard (RAB) for the Mercury Radiometer and Thermal Infrared Spectrometer (MERTIS)
Author(s): T. Saeuberlich; E. Lorenz; W. Skrbek
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Buried archaeological structures detection using MIVIS hyperspectral airborne data
Author(s): P. Merola; A. Allegrini; D. Guglietta; S. Sampieri
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Variable- and fixed-point blackbody sources developed at VNIIOFI for precision measurements in radiometry and thermometry within 100K-3500K temperature range
Author(s): V. I. Sapritsky; B. B. Khlevnoy; S. A. Ogarev; V. E. Privalsky; M. L. Samoylov; M. K. Sakharov; A. A. Bourdakin; A. S. Panfilov
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A 32x32 CTIA readout design for deep cryogenic applications
Author(s): Jam Farhoomand; Lunming Yuen; Alan Hoffman; Nancy Lum; Larry Lum; Erick Young
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Determination of temperature distributions with micrometer spatial resolution
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik
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Calibration of incremental temperature fluctuations at high temperatures
Author(s): Marija Strojnik; Gonzalo Paez
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