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Interferometry XIII: Applications

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Volume Number: 6293
Date Published: 13 August 2006

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Applications of imaging interferometry
Author(s): Jason Reed; Paul Wilkinson; Keith O'Doherty; Joanna Schmit; Sen Han; Josh Troke; Michael Teitell; William Klug; James Gimzewski
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Wavefront sensing by an aperiodic diffractive microlens array
Author(s): Lars Seifert; Thomas Ruppel; Tobias Haist; Wolfgang Osten
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Optimization algorithm of LDA signal processing for nanoparticles
Author(s): Lénárd Vámos; Péter Jani
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Compensation of chromatic aberration in multiwavelength digital holographic investigation of microstructures
Author(s): P. Ferraro; S. Grilli; D. Alfieri; S. De Nicola; A. Finizio; G. Pierattini
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Interferometric testing through transmissive media (TTM)
Author(s): Sen Han
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Advances in dynamic metrology using in-line digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): Vijay Raj Singh; Anand Asundi
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Dynamic optical coherence tomography for paper wetting measurements
Author(s): Tapio Fabritius; Risto Myllylä
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Static and dynamic measurements of active MEMS by Twyman-Green interferometry: case of AlN-based microactuators
Author(s): C. Gorecki; A. Andrei; M. Jozwik; K. Krupa; K. Dogheche; S. Balandras; L. Hirsinger; P. Delobelle
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Dynamic characterization of AFM probes by laser Doppler vibrometry and stroboscopic holographic methodologies
Author(s): J. D. Kuppers; I. M. Gouverneur; M. T. Rodgers; J. Wenger; C. Furlong
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Characterization of acoustic vibrations on micro- and nanostructures with picometer sensitivity
Author(s): Astrid Aksnes; Hanne Martinussen; Helge E. Engan
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A point-diffraction interferometer with vibration-desensitizing capability
Author(s): Hagyong Kihm; Jungjae Park; Taekmin Kwon; Joon Ho You; Seung-Woo Kim
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Non-destructive structural homogeneity of MOEMS arrays: applications of a through-transmissive-media interferometer on a digital mirror device-spatial light modulator
Author(s): L. M. Heine; P. I. Oden
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High-speed high-accuracy fiber optic low-coherence interferometry for in situ grinding and etching process monitoring
Author(s): Wojciech J. Walecki; Alexander Pravdivtsev; Manuel Santos II; Ann Koo
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Investigation of inherent wafer defects using reflection grating technique
Author(s): Anand K. Asundi; Meng Tong Ong; Yoke Chin Goh; Teng Yong Khoo; Shen Fah Loo
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A white-light interferometer for inner cylindrical surfaces
Author(s): A. Albertazzi G. Jr.; M. R. Viotti; A. Dal Pont
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Novel approach of integrity assessment of thin film of different coatings by shearography
Author(s): K. Habib
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Determination of absolute change in optical power of a reference mirror at cryogenic temperature
Author(s): Ian B. Murray; Derek S. Sabatke; Phillip C. Quigley; Timothy Reed; Peter T. Spuhler; James W. Baer; Jacobus M. Oschmann
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Computer aided alignment using Zernike coefficients
Author(s): Ho-Soon Yang; Sung-Hee Kim; Yun-Woo Lee; Jae-Bong Song; Hyug-Gyo Rhee; Hoi-Yoon Lee; Jae-Hyeob Lee; In-Won Lee; Sug-Whan Kim
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Subaperture stitching interferometry for testing mild aspheres
Author(s): Paul Murphy; Jon Fleig; Greg Forbes; Dragisha Miladinovic; Gary DeVries; Stephen O'Donohue
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Figure measurement of a large optical flat with a Fizeau interferometer and stitching technique
Author(s): Chunyu Zhao; Robert A. Sprowl; Michael Bray; James H. Burge
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Interferometric sensors for application in the bladder and the lower urinary tract
Author(s): A. J. McCartney; M. Bialkowski; J. S. Barton; L. Stewart M.D.; C. E. Towers; W. N. MacPherson; R. L. Reuben; D. P. Towers
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Whole-field polarization analysis by digital holography with single reference beam
Author(s): Masayuki Yokota; Yoshitaka Terui; Ichirou Yamaguchi
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Determination of refractive index by digital holography
Author(s): Md. Mosarraf Hossain; Dalip Singh Mehta; Chandra Shakher
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Error minimization in high-accuracy scanning deflectometry
Author(s): Ralf D. Geckeler
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Absolute distance measurements using point-diffracted spherical waves
Author(s): Jiyoung Chu; Seung-Woo Kim
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Studies of photoelastic tomography process for 3D birefringence determination in phase microobjects
Author(s): Malgorzata Kujawinska; Pawel Kniazewski; Tomasz Kozacki
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Simultaneous measurement of deformation and thickness change in polymer films
Author(s): Eneas N. Morel; Jorge R. Torga
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Multipoint diffraction strain sensor: an add-on to moiré interferometer
Author(s): Salman Iqbal; Subodh Mhaisalkar; Anand Asundi
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Full-field optical microextensometer based on waveguide grating interferometry
Author(s): Malgorzata Kujawinska; Leszek Salbut; Jerzy Krezel
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Effect of strong refraction of probing beam accompanying shear holographic interferometry of a bow shock
Author(s): Grigory Toker; Nikolay Korneev
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Current-induced frequency modulation characteristics in semiconductor lasers using a novel and simple method
Author(s): Jianhui Zhu; Min Zhang; Yanbiao Liao; Jin Tang
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Down-hole seismic survey system with fiber-optic accelerometer sensor array for 3-dimensions vertical seismic profile (3D-VSP)
Author(s): Qilin Zou; Liwei Wang; Meng Pang; Dongsheng Tu; Min Zhang; Yanbiao Liao
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Phase mapping of the poling process in the RuO2:LiNbO3 crystal by digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): Weijuan Qu; De'an Liu; Ya'nan Zhi; Zhu Luan; Chunhua Wang; Wei Lu; Liren Liu
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A high sensitivity heterodyne interferometer as optical readout for the LISA inertial sensor
Author(s): Thilo Schuldt; Hans-Jürgen Kraus; Dennis Weise; Claus Braxmaier; Achim Peters; Ulrich Johann
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Development of the interferometrical scanning probe microscope
Author(s): N. Dorozhovets; T. Hausotte; N. Hofmann; E. Manske; G. Jäger
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Fiber-optic hydrophone with increased sensitivity
Author(s): Ke Guo; Min Zhang; Yanbiao Liao; Shurong Lai; Zehan Wang; Jin Tang
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Intellectual property in holographic interferometry
Author(s): Nadya Reingand; David Hunt
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