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Current Developments in Lens Design and Optical Engineering VII
Editor(s): Pantazis Z. Mouroulis; Warren J. Smith; R. Barry Johnson

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Volume Number: 6288
Date Published: 31 August 2006

Table of Contents
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Fundamental and specific steps in Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor design
Author(s): Costin Curatu; George Curatu; Jannick Rolland
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Cemented doublet field compressor/corrector: a new optical component of general utility
Author(s): David F. Schaack
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Optical design of a warm shield for the 8- to 12 micron wavelength region
Author(s): Apostolos Deslis
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A hardware-based simulation platform for optical design and engineering
Author(s): Fernando E. Ortiz; James P. Durbano; Ahmed S. Sharkawy; Shouyuan Shi; Petersen F. Curt
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Looking for order in the optical design landscape
Author(s): Florian Bociort; Maarten van Turnhout
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Design of miniaturized optoelectronic systems using resonant microscanning mirrors for projection of full-color images
Author(s): M. Scholles; A. Braüer; K. Frommhagen; Ch. Gerwig; B. Höfer; H. Lakner; H. Schenk; M. Schwarzenberg
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Low-profile optic design for mobile camera using dual freeform reflective lenses
Author(s): Ho-Seop Jeong; Ho-Sik Yoo; Sang-Hyuk Lee; Hae-Ran Oh
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End-to-end compensation of digital-optical imaging systems
Author(s): M. Dirk Robinson; David G. Stork
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High dynamic range imaging in space: overview and wavefront control
Author(s): Amir Give'on; Stuart B. Shaklan; Joseph J. Green
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The high-contrast performance of an optical vortex coronagraph
Author(s): David M. Palacios; G. A. Swartzlander Jr.
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Optical design for the adaptive secondary setup and instrument stimulator (ASSIST)
Author(s): Pascal Hallibert; Robin Arsenault; Bernard Delabre; Simone Esposito; Norbert Hubin; Andreas Quirrenbach; Armando Riccardi; Stefan Stroebele; Remko Stuik; Ramon Vink
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Proposing the inclination factor which satisfies the reciprocity theorem in scalar imaging theory and confirming the validity by numerical calculations
Author(s): Masato Shibuya; Akira Nishikata; Akira Takada; Suezou Nakadate
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Actual field curvature and isoquals
Author(s): David Vaughnn; Robert Mark
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Practical measure of headlamp beam alignment in vehicle assembly
Author(s): Joe J. Lones; Kurt N. Peterson
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Plane development of lateral surfaces for inspection systems
Author(s): F. Francini; D. Fontani; D. Jafrancesco; L. Mercatelli; P. Sansoni
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Self-weight distortion of lens elements
Author(s): Frank DeWitt IV; Georg Nadorff; Markar Naradikian
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An easy way to relate optical element motion to system pointing stability
Author(s): J. H. Burge
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Techniques for deriving optimal bondlines for athermal bonded mounts
Author(s): James J. Herbert
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Super-polished aluminum mirrors through the application of chemical mechanical polishing techniques
Author(s): Kevin Moeggenborg; Tamara Vincer; Stanley Lesiak; Roman Salij
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Influence of striae on the homogeneity of the linear thermal expansion coefficient of ZERODUR
Author(s): Ralf Jedamzik; Peter Hartmann
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A novel resistance iterative algorithm for CCOS
Author(s): Ligong Zheng; Xuejun Zhang
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Fabrication technologies for chirped refractive microlens arrays
Author(s): F. C. Wippermann; D. Radtke; U. Zeitner; J. W. Duparré; A. Tünnermann; M. Amberg; S. Sinzinger; C. Reinhardt; A. Ovsianikov; B. N. Chichkov
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Commissioning of the first Precessions 1.2m CNC polishing machines for large optics
Author(s): D. D. Walker; A. T. H. Beaucamp; V. Doubrovski; C. Dunn; R. Evans; R. Freeman; G. McCavana; R. Morton; D. Riley; J. Simms; G. Yu; X. Wei
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Coherences between influence function size, polishing quality, and process time in magnetorheological finishing
Author(s): Markus Schinhaerl; Andreas Geiss; Rolf Rascher; Peter Sperber; Richard Stamp; Lyndon Smith; Gordon Smith; Elmar Pitschke
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Sedimentations on high-precision surfaces of advanced materials by magnetorheological finishing
Author(s): Andreas Geiss; Markus Schinhaerl; Elmar Pitschke; Rolf Rascher; Peter Sperber; Juraj Slabeycius
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Analysis and design of an adaptive lens
Author(s): A. Santiago-Alvarado; S. Vázquez-Montiel; J. González-García; V. M. García-Luna; A. Fernández-Moreno; E. Vera-Díaz
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Exact ray tracing for an adaptive liquid lens with elastic surfaces
Author(s): J. González-García; A. Santiago-Alvarado; S. Vázquez-Montiel; A. Cordero-Dávila; G. Castro-González; E. Vera-Díaz; E. A. López-López
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Hybrid reflecting objectives for deep-tissue functional two-photon imaging
Author(s): Dejan Vučinić; Thomas M. Bartol Jr.; Terrence J. Sejnowski
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Automatic birefringence characterization of single-mode erbium-doped fibers within the amplification band
Author(s): A. Gutiérrez-Beltrán; D. Tentori
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Removal of speckle using a computer generated random phase hologram plate in green wavelength (532 nm)
Author(s): Sung Chul Shin; Young Woon Kim
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An optimized design of a scanning confocal probe
Author(s): Z. R. Qiu; J. Qin; H. W. Zhang; G. X. Zhang; Stephen C. Lu
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Stabilization of the line of sight of a cryogenic optical system
Author(s): Qifeng Ren; Mangzuo Shen; Shuliang Tan; Sheng Liao
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Design of a thermal imaging diagnostic using 90-degree off-axis parabolic mirrors
Author(s): Robert M. Malone; Steven A. Becker; Daniel H. Dolan; Richard G. Hacking; Randy J. Hickman; Morris I. Kaufman; Gerald D. Stevens; William D. Turley
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Novel technique for measurement of centration errors of complex completely mounted multi-element objective lenses
Author(s): J. Heinisch; E. Dumitrescu; S. Krey
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