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Advances in Thin-Film Coatings for Optical Applications III
Editor(s): Michael J. Ellison

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Volume Number: 6286
Date Published: 28 August 2006

Table of Contents
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Deposition of multilayer optical coatings using closed field magnetron sputtering
Author(s): D. R. Gibson; I. Brinkley; G. W. Hall; E. M. Waddell; J. M. Walls
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Characterisation of optical thin films obtained by plasma ion assisted deposition
Author(s): Frank Placido; Des Gibson; Ewan Waddell; Edward Crossan
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Analysis of (TiO2)X(Ta2O5)1-X composite films prepared by radio frequency ion beam sputtering deposition
Author(s): Chien-Jen Tang; Yung-Chi Wu; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Wavefront control of UV narrow bandpass filters prepared by plasma ion-assisted deposition
Author(s): Jue Wang; Robert L. Maier; Horst Schreiber
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High-power DPL thin films prepared by ion beam sputtering
Author(s): Hongxiang Liu; Shengming Xiong; Yundong Zhang
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Advanced optical coating technology used in the development of concentrator arrays for solar space power applications
Author(s): Michael L. Fulton; Mark J. O'Neill
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Optimized multilayer dielectric mirror coatings for gravitational wave interferometers
Author(s): Juri Agresti; Giuseppe Castaldi; Riccardo DeSalvo; Vincenzo Galdi; Vincenzo Pierro; Innocenzo M. Pinto
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A new design of thin-film grating optical low-pass filter and its fabrication
Author(s): Cheng-Chung Lee; Sheng-Hui Chen
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Thin coatable birefringent film
Author(s): Pavel I. Lazarev; Andrew A. Manko; Sergey V. Remizov; Sergey P. Palto; Alexander P. Lazarev
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Investigation of cadmium alternatives in thin-film coatings
Author(s): S. J. Wakeham; G. J. Hawkins
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Growth of zinc oxide thin films for optoelectronic application by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): K. J. Saji; R. Manoj; R. S. Ajimsha; M. K. Jayaraj
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Fabrication of dense wavelength division multiplexing filters with large useful area
Author(s): Cheng-Chung Lee; Sheng-Hui Chen; Jin-Cherng Hsu; Chien-Cheng Kuo
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Tunable thin film filters for intelligent WDM networks
Author(s): Michael Cahill; Glenn Bartolini; Mark Lourie; Lawrence Domash
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Transmission ellipsometry of transparent-film transparent-substrate systems: polynomial inversion for the substrate optical constant
Author(s): M. Elshazly-Zaghloul; Y. A. Zaghloul; A. R. M. Zaghloul
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In-situ reflectivity measurement for antireflection coating on laser diode facet
Author(s): Chetan J. Panchal; Vipul A. Kheraj; Pravin K. Patel; Krunal P. Pandya; Tarun Kumar Sharma
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Optical response and light scattering measurements from a planar guided wave
Author(s): Raúl García-Llamas; Aldo S. Ramírez-Duverger; Jorge Gaspar-Armenta; Raúl Aceves-Torres
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Optical properties of Er3+ + Yb3+ doped gallium nitride layers
Author(s): Vaclav Prajzler; Eduardo Alves; Christoph Buchal; Ivan Huttel; Jarmila Spirkova; Jiri Oswald; Jiri Zavadil; Vratislav Perina; Vitezslav Jerabek
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Theoretical description and experiment to prove the bistability of the semiconductor laser diode
Author(s): Vítězslav Jeřábek; Ivan Hüttel
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X-measuring ellipsometer (XME): a novel ellipsometric technique to fully characterize film-substrate systems
Author(s): A. R. M. Zaghloul; Y. A. Zaghloul
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