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22nd European Mask and Lithography Conference
Editor(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer

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Volume Number: 6281
Date Published: 22 June 2006

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Mask costs: a new look
Author(s): Brian J. Grenon; Scott Hector
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The status of LEEPL: Can it be an alternative solution?
Author(s): Takao Utsumi
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Mask industry assessment trend analysis
Author(s): Gilbert Shelden; Scott Hector; Pat Marmillion; Michael Lercel
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Multi-project reticle design and wafer dicing under uncertain demand
Author(s): Andrew B. Kahng; Ion Măndoiu; Xu Xu; Alexander Z. Zelikovsky
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The first full-field EUV masks ready for printing
Author(s): Uwe Mickan; Rogier Groeneveld; Marcel Demarteau; Jan Hendrik Peters; Uwe Dersch; Günter Hess; Holger Seitz
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Iso-sciatic point: novel approach to distinguish shadowing 3-D mask effects from scanner aberrations in extreme ultraviolet lithography
Author(s): Leonardus H. A. Leunissen; Roel Gronheid; Weimin Gao
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Characterizing the response of an EUV reticle during electrostatic chucking
Author(s): Roxann L. Engelstad; Edward G. Lovell; Andrew R. Mikkelson; Madhura Nataraju; Vasu Ramaswamy; Jaewoong Sohn; Gerald A. Dicks; Amr Y. Abdo; Richard O. Tejeda
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Printability study with polarization based AIMS fab 193i to investigate mask polarization effects
Author(s): Axel Zibold; Ulrich Stroessner; Eric Poortinga; Rainer Schmid; Thomas Scherübl; Norbert Rosenkranz; Wolfgang Harnisch
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Polarization effects: EAPSM vs. TT EAPSM
Author(s): Nicoló Morgana; Will Conley; Michael Cangemi; Marc Cangemi; Bryan S. Kasprowicz
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Rigorous mask modeling beyond the Hopkins approach
Author(s): J. Schermer; P. Evanschitzky; A. Erdmann
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Consequences of plasmonic effects in photomasks
Author(s): F. M. Schellenberg; K. Adam; J. Matteo; L. Hesselink
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Calibration of test masks used for lithography lens systems
Author(s): M. Arnz; W. Häβler-Grohne; B. Bodermann; H. Bosse
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Systematic investigation of CD metrology tool response to sidewall profile variation on a COG test mask
Author(s): F. Gans; R. Liebe; Th. Heins; J. Richter; W. Häβler-Grohne; C. G. Frase; B. Bodermann; S. Czerkas; K. Dirscherl; H. Bosse
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A new life for a 10-year old MueTec2010 CD measurement system: the ultimate precision upgrade with additional film thickness measurement capability
Author(s): Gian Luca Cassol; Giovanni Bianucci; Shiaki Murai; Günther Falk; Gerd Scheuring; Stefan Döbereiner; Hans-Jürgen Brück
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Spot sensor enabled reticle uniformity measurements for 65nm CDU analysis with scatterometry
Author(s): Maurice Janssen; Koen van Ingen Schenau; Hans van der Laan
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Data prep: the bottleneck of future applications?
Author(s): Juergen Gramss; Hans Eichhorn; Melchior Lempke; Renate Jaritz; Volker Neick; Dirk Beyer; Bertram Buerger; Ulrich Baetz; Klaus Kunze; Nikola Belic
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Mask data volume: historical perspective and future requirements
Author(s): Chris Spence; Scott Goad; Peter Buck; Richard Gladhill; Russell Cinque; Jürgen Preuninger; Üwe Griesinger; Martin Blöcker
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ORC and LfD as first steps towards DfM
Author(s): Reinhard März; Kai Peter; Wilhelm Maurer
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A new generation of progressive mask defects on the pattern side of advanced photomasks
Author(s): Brian J. Grenon; Kaustuve Bhattacharyya; Benjamin Eynon
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Advanced processes for photomask damage-free cleaning and photoresist removal
Author(s): James S. Papanu; Roman Gouk; Han-Wen Chen; Pieter Boelen; Phillip Peters; Michael Belisle; Steven Verhaverbeke; Alexander Ko; Kent Child; Elias Martinez
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The performance of positive and negative CAR mask exposed by Leica 20 KeV writing system
Author(s): Chen-Rui Tseng; Eng-Ann Gan; David Lee; Chun-Hung Wu; Shiuh-Bin Chen
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Recent application results from the novel e-beam-based mask repair system MeRiT MG
Author(s): Christian Ehrlich; Klaus Edinger; Thorsten Hofmann; Wolfgang Degel
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Nanoimprint lithography techniques: an introduction
Author(s): H.-C. Scheer
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Plasma deposited and evaporated thin resists for template fabrication
Author(s): Eric Lavallée; Jacques Beauvais; Bertrand Takam Mangoua; Dominique Drouin
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How refractive microoptics enable lossless hyper-NA illumination systems for immersion lithography
Author(s): H. Ganser; M. Darscht; Y. Miklyaev; D. Hauschild; L. Aschke
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A correlation for predicting film-pulling velocity in immersion lithography
Author(s): Scott Schuetter; Timothy Shedd; Keith Doxtator; Gregory Nellis; Chris Van Peski
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The magic of 4X mask reduction
Author(s): Michael Lercel
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Through-pitch and through-focus characterization of AAPSM for ArF immersion lithography
Author(s): Toshio Konishi; Yosuke Kojima; Yoshimitsu Okuda; Vicky Philipsen; Leonardus H. A. Leunissen; Lieve Van Look
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Manufacturability and printability of AAPSM with transparent etch stop layer
Author(s): Michael Cangemi; Vicky Philipsen; Rudi De Ruyter; Leonardus Leunissen; Nicolo Morgana; Pierre Sixt; Marc Cangemi; Rand Cottle; Bryan Kasprowicz
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Analysis method to determine and characterize the mask mean-to-target and uniformity specification
Author(s): Sung-Woo Lee; Leonardus H. A. Leunissen; Jeroen Van de Kerkhove; Vicky Philipsen; Rik Jonckheere; Suk-Joo Lee; Sang-Gyun Woo; Han-Ku Cho; Joo-Tae Moon
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Mask absorber material dependence of 2D OPC in ArF high NA lithography
Author(s): Wen-Hao Cheng; Jeff Farnsworth
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A technique to determine a capability to detect adjacent defects during the die-to-database inspection of reticle patterns
Author(s): Syarhei Avakaw; Aliaksandr Korneliuk; Alena Tsitko
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Assist feature placement analysis using focus sensitivity models
Author(s): Lawrence S. Melvin III; Jeffrey P. Mayhew; Benjamin D. Painter; Levi D. Barnes
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Design for manufacturing validation tool: fast and reliable conversion of SEM images to GDS images
Author(s): D. Ronning; D. Ducharme; R. Selzer; B. Boerger; M. Yu; B. Xing; M. Trybendis; B. Grenon
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CD and profile metrology of embedded phase shift masks using scatterometry
Author(s): Kyung man Lee; Sanjay Yedur; Dave Hetzer; Malahat Tavassoli; Kiho Baik
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