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ICONO 2005: Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy, High Precision Measurements, and Laser Biomedicine and Chemistry
Editor(s): Sergey N. Bagayev; Andrey Chikishev; Alexander Dmitriev; Martial Ducloy; Tony Heinz; Vladilen Letokhov; Alexander Shkurinov; Hiroaki Takahashi

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Volume Number: 6257
Date Published: 2 March 2006

Table of Contents
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Absorption and fluorescence in atomic submicron cell: high laser intensity case
Author(s): David Sarkisyan; Tigran Varzhapetyan; Aram Papoyan; Daniel Bloch; Martial Ducloy
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Nonlinear spectroscopy of atom gases in elliptically polarized fields
Author(s): D. V Brazhnikov; A. V. Taichenachev; A. M. Tumaikin; V. I. Yudin
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Precision spectroscopy of Li I and II
Author(s): W. A. van Wijngaarden; G. Noble
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Theory of frequency-modulation spectroscopy of coherent dark resonances
Author(s): Julia Vladimirova; Boris Grishanin; Victor Zadkov; Valerio Biancalana; Giuseppe Bevilacqua; Evelina Breschi; Yordanka Dancheva; Luigi Moi
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Spectroscopy of transient conductivity in diamond induced by ultra-short laser pulses in the spectral range from IR to VUV
Author(s): S. M. Klimentov; J. Gaudin; S. Guizard; P. A. Pivovarov; S. V. Garnov; S. Esnouf; G. Petite; B. Carre; P. Martin
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Laser-induced formation and spectroscopy of Cs*Hen exciplexes in solid 4He
Author(s): P. Moroshkin; D. Nettels; A. Hofer; S. Ulzega; A. Weis
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Time-resolved photo-phonon spectroscopy
Author(s): V. N. Lisin; A. M. Shegeda
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Towards a gas cell frequency standard with a 10-14 stability
Author(s): G. Kazakov; I. Mazets; Yu. Rozhdestvensky; I. Fomenko; B. Matisov
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Phase-sensitive and fast detection of the atomic resonances by using an acousto-optical modulator
Author(s): V. N. Barychev; Yu. S. Domnin; G. A. Elkin; L. N. Kopylov; A. V. Novoselov; V. G. Pal'chikov
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Stray magnetic field influence on coherent population trapping resonances
Author(s): V. Polischuk; L. Petrov; D. Slavov; V. Domelunksen; G. Todorov
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Collisional and thermal ionization of sodium Rydberg atoms in single and crossed atomic beams
Author(s): I. I. Ryabtsev; I. I. Beterov; D. B. Tretyakov; N. N. Bezuglov; K. Miculis; A. Ekers; A. N. Klucharev
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Off-axis Z-scan technique for investigation of nonlinear refraction: aperture size effect
Author(s): Aleksandr I. Ryasnyanskiy
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M1/E2 amplitude ratio in the magnetic field-induced two-color mixing on alkali atoms
Author(s): Polina V. Mironova; Vitali D. Ovsiannikov; Viacheslav V. Tchernouchkine
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DC electric field effect on the magnetic field induced frequency mixing in alkali atoms
Author(s): Polina V. Mironova; Vitali D. Ovsiannikov; Viacheslav V. Tchernouchkine
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Analysis of third-order nonlinear susceptibilities of quadratic nonlinear-optical crystals
Author(s): Ilya A. Kulagin; Rashid A. Ganeev; Renat I. Tugushev; Alexander I. Ryasnyansky; Timurbek Usmanov
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Active two-terminal devices as sources at THz frequencies: concepts, performance, and trends
Author(s): Heribert Eisele
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Group synchronism and dispersive effects in a waveguide terahertz free-electron laser
Author(s): Naum S. Ginzburg; Ekaterina R. Kocharovskaya; Alexander S. Sergeev
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Terahertz sources based on the intracavity wave mixing of self-generated fields in semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Vladimir Ya. Aleshkin; Aleksey A. Belyanin; Aleksandr A. Dubinov; Vitaly V. Kocharovsky; Vladimir V. Kocharovsky; Marlan O. Scully
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Optical mixing in GaAs/InGaAs/InGaP butt-joint diode lasers: new scheme for the sum- and difference-frequency generation
Author(s): Sergey M. Nekorkin; Boris N. Zvonkov; Anton A. Biryukov; Aleksey A. Belyanin; Vladimir Ya. Aleshkin; Sergey V. Morozov; Vitaly V. Kocharovsky; Vladimir V. Kocharovsky; Marlan O. Scully
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THz-range non-linear susceptibilities of semiconductors
Author(s): M. Yu. Glotova; E. V. Moisseenko; A. V. Shepelev
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Guiding light in segmented waveguides: experimental demonstration in the terahertz domain
Author(s): Jean-Louis Coutaz; Hynec Nemec; Frédéric Garet; Olivier Parriaux; Emmanuel Bonnet; Maxim Nazarov; Georges-André Racine
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Optical rectification at metal surfaces investigated in the terahertz frequency range
Author(s): Jean-Louis Coutaz; Filip Kadlec; Petr Kuzel
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Terahertz emission from semiconductor surfaces illuminated by femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): A. Krotkus; R. Adomavi&hacekc;ius; V. L. Malevich
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Terahertz generation in waveguide partially loaded with nonlinear crystal
Author(s): A. S. Nikoghosyan; E. M. Laziev; R. M. Martirosyan; A. A. Hakhoumian; J. M. Chamberlain; R. A. Dudley; N. N. Zinov'ev
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Applications of terahertz spectral imaging-diagnostics in dentistry
Author(s): N. N. Zinov'ev; A. S. Nikoghosyan; J. M. Chamberlain
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Diffuse optical tomogram restoration with spatially variant point spread function
Author(s): Alexander B. Konovalov
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Opto-acoustic imaging system for early breast cancer diagnostics: experimental and numerical studies
Author(s): Tanya D. Khokhlova; Alexei M. Zharinov; Viktor V. Kozhushko; Ivan M. Pelivanov; Alexander A. Karabutov
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Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy using a supercontinuum generated from a photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Hideaki Kano; Hiro-o Hamaguchi
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Fullerene-oxygen action on biological tissues: numerical modeling
Author(s): I. M. Belousova; N. G. Mironova; M. S. Yur'ev
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Optical biopsy of non-melanin pigmented cutaneous benign and malignant lesions
Author(s): E. Borisova; P. Troyanova; L. Avramov
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Molecular mechanism of laser radiation action on blood oxygen transport
Author(s): G. A. Zalesskaya; E. G. Sambor; N. I. Nechipurenko
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Study of interference laser field action on erythrocyte membranes by fluorescent probes with intramolecular proton transfer
Author(s): Julia V. Kruchenok; Andrei N. Sobchuk; Grigory I. Kurilo; Nicolai A. Nemkovich; Anatoly N. Rubinov
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Study of molecular mechanisms of UV-induced aggregation of crystallins and possibility of maintaining eye lens transparency
Author(s): L. V. Soustov; E. V. Chelnokov; N. M. Bityurin; A. L. Kiselev; V. V. Nemov; Yu. V. Sergeev; M. A. Ostrovsky
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Time-resolved Monte Carlo simulation of photon migration in tissue phantom in relation to glucose sensing
Author(s): A. Popov; A. Priezzhev; R. Myllylä
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Laser light scattering as a probe of phase separation in conjugated polymer films of donor-acceptor blends
Author(s): S. G. Elizarov; A. E. Ozimova; A. N. Khodarev; D. Yu. Paraschuk; S. A. Arnautov; E. M. Nechvolodova
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