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Wireless Sensing and Processing

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Volume Number: 6248
Date Published: 12 May 2006

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Design and implementation of a MIMO MAC protocol for ad hoc networking
Author(s): Jason Redi; Bill Watson; Ram Ramanathan; Prithwish Basu; Fabrice Tchakountio; Michael Girone; Martha Steenstrup
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Implementation and field demonstration of PacketBLAST system for tactical communications
Author(s): Alex Pidwerbetsky; Marc Beacken; Dennis Romain; Michael Girone
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Peer-to-peer MIMO radio channel measurements in a rural area
Author(s): Jonathan Ling; Dmitry Chizhik; Dragan Samardzija; Reinaldo A. Valenzuela
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Mobile MIMO testbeds and demonstration
Author(s): Ajay Gummalla; Harry Lee; Richard Buz; Vivek Gulati; Jeff Shaw; Thomas Reynolds
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Link scheduling media access protocol for mobile MIMO ad hoc networks
Author(s): Ajay Gummalla; Gayathri Nallamothu
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Signal and array processing techniques for RFID readers
Author(s): Jing Wang; Moeness Amin; Yimin Zhang
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Theory and experiments on Peano and Hilbert curve RFID tags
Author(s): John McVay; Ahmad Hoorfar; Nader Engheta
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Localization and tracking of passive RFID tags
Author(s): Yimin Zhang; Moeness G. Amin
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Multirate RZ communications for dispersive wireless optical channels
Author(s): Belal Hamzeh; Mohsen Kavehrad
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Wireless LAN signal strength in a 3-story cinderblock building
Author(s): Brian B. Luu; Richard D. Gopaul
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Energy-efficient false data detection in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Suat Ozdemir
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Mesh networked unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Kent Colling; Wade Calcutt; Mark Winston; Barry Jones
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Jamming attack detection and countermeasures in wireless sensor network using ant system
Author(s): Rajani Muraleedharan; Lisa Ann Osadciw
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An in-band self-organized MAC protocol for sensor networks
Author(s): Subir Biswas; Fan Yu
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Cluster-based localization in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Muralidhar Medidi; Roger A. Slaaen; Yuanyuan Zhou; Christopher J Mallery; Sirisha Medidi
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Effects of code rate and channel estimation on OFDM and OFDM-CDMA waveforms
Author(s): John Nieto
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Performance of asynchronous multi-user MIMO OFDM systems
Author(s): Hyejung Jung; Michael D. Zoltowski
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Mobile infostation network technology
Author(s): Gowri Rajappan; Joydeep Acharya; Hongbo Liu; Narayan Mandayam; Ivan Seskar; Roy Yates
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Distributed MIMO-OFDM in imperfectly synchronized cooperative network
Author(s): Yimin Zhang; Genyuan Wang; Moeness G. Amin
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Custom instruction set NIOS-based OFDM processor for FPGAs
Author(s): Uwe Meyer-Bäse; Divya Sunkara; Encarnacion Castillo; Antonio Garcia
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New technique to combat multipath fading in wireless networks
Author(s): G. W. Webb; I. V. Minin; O. V. Minin
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Seamless and drastic internet optimization for wireless ad-hoc and satellite links
Author(s): Matheos Kazantzidis
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Intelligent routing protocol for ad hoc wireless network
Author(s): Chaorong Peng; Chang Wen Chen
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An extended smart utilization medium access control (ESU-MAC) protocol for ad hoc wireless systems
Author(s): Jyoti Vashishtha; Aakash Sinha
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Communications protocol for RF-based indoor wireless localization systems
Author(s): Tamas Kasza; Mehdi M. Shahsavari; Veton Kepuska; Maria Pinzone
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Evaluation of packet latency in single and multi-hop WiFi wireless networks
Author(s): Kiran Anna; Mostafa Bassiouni
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Estimating degree of mixing in statistically multiplexed data
Author(s): Rajesh Narasimha; Raghuveer M. Rao; Sohail Dianat
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GPS DLL discriminator tracking performance in a dominant multipath environment
Author(s): Liyu Liu; Moeness Amin
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Indoor wireless source localization based on area constraints
Author(s): Mohamed Shoeb; Fauzia Ahmad; Moeness Amin
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IDMR beamforming in the presence of direction-independent array mainfold mismatch
Author(s): Ernesto Santos; Michael Zoltowski
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Study of wireless communication between MEMS sensing nodes
Author(s): José Rivera; Mohamed Saafi; Kaveh Heidary
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Near earth propagation of distributed sensors: problems and solutions
Author(s): R. Wert; A. Goroch; E. Worthington; K. Chan; D. Tremper; L. Schuette
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