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Quantum Information and Computation IV
Editor(s): Eric J. Donkor; Andrew R. Pirich; Howard E. Brandt

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Volume Number: 6244
Date Published: 12 May 2006

Table of Contents
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Some properties of a dc SQUID qubit
Author(s): R. M. Lewis; Hanhee Paik; S. K. Dutta; T. A. Palomaki; K. Mitra; B. K. Cooper; A. Przybysz; J. R. Anderson; C. J. Lobb; F. C. Wellstood
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Rapid purification of a solid state charge qubit
Author(s): Jason F. Ralph; Elias J. Griffith; Charles D. Hill; Terence D. Clark
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Low-order qubit representation for two coupled Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC)
Author(s): George Vahala; Jeffrey Yepez; Linda Vahala
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Stability diagram and exchange interaction in coupled quantum dots in magnetic fields
Author(s): L.-X. Zhang; D. V. Melnikov; J.-P. Leburton
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Universal dynamical protection of quantum information from decoherence
Author(s): G. Gordon; G. Kurizki
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Robustness of multiqubit entanglement
Author(s): Leonid Fedichkin; Arkady Fedorov; Vladimir Privman
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Hyper-entangled two-photon states for quantum communication applications
Author(s): M. Barbieri; F. De Martini; P. Mataloni
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Quantum entangled states on a pair of nanotubes
Author(s): Godfrey Gumbs; Yonatan Abranyos
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Collapse and revival of entanglement of two interacting qubits
Author(s): Vladimir S. Malinovsky; Ignacio R. Sola
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Incoherent control and entanglement for two-dimensional coupled systems
Author(s): Raffaele Romano; Domenico D'Alessandro
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Verification of the ARL quantum key distribution testbed
Author(s): Gary H. Stolovy
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Entangling probes of QKD
Author(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Quantum cryptography at 830nm in standard telecommunications fiber
Author(s): Bryan Jacobs; Scott Hendrickson; Michael Dennis; James Franson
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Has quantum cryptography been proven secure?
Author(s): Tassos Nakassis; J. C. Bienfang; P. Johnson; A. Mink; D. Rogers; X. Tang; C. J. Williams
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Quantum cryptography on multi-user network architectures
Author(s): Patrick D. Kumavor; Alan C. Beal; Susanne Yelin; Eric Donkor; Bing C. Wang
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Matrix optimizations for quantum communications
Author(s): John M. Myers; Hao Ming Shen; Tai Tsun Wu
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Efficiency of entangled photon pair generation in bulk crystals and waveguides: a comparison
Author(s): Anthony Leverrier; Anton Zavriyev; Alexei Trifonov
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High-speed quantum key distribution system supports one-time pad encryption of real-time video
Author(s): Alan Mink; Xiao Tang; LiJun Ma; Tassos Nakassis; Barry Hershman; Joshua C. Bienfang; David Su; Ron Boisvert; Charles W. Clark; Carl J. Williams
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Post-quantum key exchange protocols
Author(s): Xiangdong Li; Lin Leung; Andis Chi-Tung Kwan; Xiaowen Zhang; Dammika Kahanda; Michael Anshel
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Practical implementation of continuous-variable quantum key distribution
Author(s): Takuya Hirano; Atsushi Shimoguchi; Kazuya Shirasaki; Shingo Tokunaga; Atsushi Furuki; Yohei Kawamoto; Ryo Namiki
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Quantum key distribution system operating at sifted-key rate over 4 Mbit/s
Author(s): Xiao Tang; Lijun Ma; Alan Mink; Anastase Nakassis; Hai Xu; Barry Hershman; Joshua Bienfang; David Su; Ronald F. Boisvert; Charles Clark; Carl Williams
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Noise and disturbance in quantum measurements and operations
Author(s): Masanao Ozawa
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NP problems, post-selection and weak measurements
Author(s): Jeff Tollaksen; Debabrata Ghoshal
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Scheduling physical operations in a quantum information processor
Author(s): Tzvetan S. Metodi; Darshan D. Thaker; Andrew W. Cross; Frederic T. Chong; Isaac L. Chuang
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Application of equivalence classes to the efficient construction of cluster states
Author(s): Gerald Gilbert; Michael Hamrick; Yaakov S. Weinstein
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Quantum network addressing method and expandable quantum router
Author(s): Zheng-fu Han; Xiao-fan Mo; Tao Zhang; Wei Chen; Guang-can Guo
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Spin networks and anyonic topological computing
Author(s): Louis H. Kauffman; Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr.
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Topological quantum computing and the Jones polynomial
Author(s): Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr.; Louis H. Kauffman
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The quantum computer condition: requirements for viable computation
Author(s): Gerald Gilbert; Michael Hamrick; F. Javier Thayer; Yaakov S. Weinstein
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Information accessible by measurement in mirror-symmetric ensembles of qubit states
Author(s): Michael R. Frey
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Improved algorithmic cooling for scalable NMR quantum computers
Author(s): Alexei Kaltchenko
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Quantum query complexity in computational geometry revisited
Author(s): A. Bahadur; C. Dürr; T. Lafaye; R. Kulkarni
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Using computer algebra for Yang-Baxterization applied to quantum computing
Author(s): Mario Vélez; Juan Ospina
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Generalization of some hidden subgroup algorithms for input sets of arbitrary size
Author(s): Damla Poslu; A. C. Cem Say
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Geometric phase gate with a quantized driving field
Author(s): Shabnam Siddiqui; Julio Gea-Banacloche
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Finite temperature quantum logic
Author(s): Debabrata Ghoshal; Richard Gomez; Marco Lanzagorta; Jeffrey Uhlmann
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Toward the manipulation of a single spin in an AlGaAs/GaAs single-electron transistor
Author(s): Sami Amasha; Kenneth MacLean; Dominik Zumbühl; Iuliana Radu; Marc A. Kastner; Micah P. Hanson; Arthur C. Gossard
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