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Unattended Ground, Sea, and Air Sensor Technologies and Applications VIII
Editor(s): Edward M. Carapezza

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Volume Number: 6231
Date Published: 4 May 2006

Table of Contents
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Unmanned/unattended naval undersea sensor systems: examples of today’s technologies and challenges for the future
Author(s): David Pistacchio
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Acoustic detection and localization from a tethered aerostat during the NATO TG-53 test
Author(s): C. Reiff; M. Scanlon; J. Noble
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Distributed acoustic sensor data processing for target classification
Author(s): T. Raju Damarla; V. Mirelli
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Current capability of a matured disposable acoustic network
Author(s): D. A. R. Beale; N. J. Geddes; A. Hume; A. J. Gray
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Robust beamforming algorithms for acoustic tracking of ground vehicles
Author(s): Nicholas J. Roseveare; Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi
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New seismic unattended small size module for footstep detection
Author(s): Alex Pakhomov; Tim Goldburt
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Seismic detection algorithm and sensor deployment recommendations for perimeter security
Author(s): James Lacombe; Lindamae Peck; Thomas Anderson; David Fisk
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Unconventional optical imaging using a high-speed neural network based smart sensor
Author(s): William W. Arrasmith
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Extending the range and performance of non-line-of-sight ultraviolet communication links
Author(s): Gary A. Shaw; Andrew M. Siegel; Joshua Model
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Analysis of visible band sensors for personnel detection
Author(s): Brett Mauro; J. Michael Cathcart
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Threat mediation via a real-time stereoscopic catadioptric omnivision system
Author(s): Sookwang Ro; Shean T. McMahon; Gary S. Brown; Raghunath K. Rao; Eddy Tsui
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Ultra-wide band ground wave communication for a distributed sensor network
Author(s): Julie LaComb; Paul Mileski
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Associated neural network independent component analysis structure
Author(s): Keehoon Kim; Andrew Kostrzweski
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Double precision nonlinear cell for fast independent component analysis algorithm
Author(s): V. K. Jain
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Hybrid power for wireless sensors
Author(s): Charles D. E. Lakeman; Patrick F. Fleig; Jenniffer L. DeGreeff; J. Timothy Trainor
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The core transceiver: a software defined radio for UGSS applications
Author(s): George J. Valentino; Mark Geoghegan
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New classification results using temporal and spatial fusion
Author(s): Gervasio Prado
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The design of a broadband ocean acoustic laboratory: detailed examination of vector sensor performance
Author(s): Robert Carpenter; Manuel Silvia; Benjamin A. Cray
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Reconfigurable transceiver architecture for unattended ground sensors (UGS)
Author(s): Tom Bruns
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Enabling unattended data logging and publication by data model change detection and environmental awareness
Author(s): Holger M. Jaenisch
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Coastal microbial fuel cell: scaling laws and systems
Author(s): Promode R. Bandyopadhyay; Frank J. McNeilly; Daniel P. Thivierge; Albert R. Fredette
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Target tracking and localization using infrared video imagery
Author(s): Alex Barsamian; Vincent H. Berk; George V. Cybenko
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Trackability in complex situations and environments
Author(s): Valentino Crespi; Yong Sheng; George Cybenko
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NATO TG-53: acoustic detection of weapon firing joint field experiment
Author(s): Dale N. Robertson; Tien Pham; Michael V. Scanlon; Nassy Srour; Christian G. Reiff; Leng K. Sim; Latasha Solomon; Dorothea F. Thompson
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Seismic array monitoring of mortar fire during the November 2005 ARL-NATO TG-53 field experiment at YPG
Author(s): Thomas S. Anderson; David J. Fisk; John E. Fiori; Stephan N. Decato; Douglas A. Punt; N. Lamie
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Wide aperture arrays for locating impulsive sound sources in air and underwater
Author(s): Brian G. Ferguson
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Sound detection and localization of small arms, mortars, and artillery guns
Author(s): P. Naz; Ch. Marty
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Operating Ferret on a patrol boat
Author(s): Jacques Bédard
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Disposable sensor system: low cost UGS for urban operations
Author(s): Wade Calcutt; Jeff Houser; Mark Winston; Steve Brady; Barry Jones
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Airborne plume tracking with sensor networks
Author(s): Glenn T. Nofsinger; George V. Cybenko
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A high performance imagery system for unattended ground sensor tactical deployments
Author(s): David C. Hartup; Kevin Bobier; Brian A. Marks; William J. Dirr; Richard Salisbury; Alistair Brown; Bruce Cairnduff
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Multimodal unattended ground sensor (MMUGS)
Author(s): Lei Zong; Jeff Houser; T. Raju Damarla
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Human signatures in urban environments using low cost sensors
Author(s): Mark Winston; Lei Zong; Wade Calcutt; Barry Jones; Jeff Houser
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Air launch wireless sensor nodes (ALSN) for battle damage assessment (BDA)
Author(s): Jason M. Back; Steven D. Beck; Mark A. Frank; Eric Hoenes
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Smart unattended sensor networks with scene understanding capabilities
Author(s): Gary Kuvich
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The Jellyfish: smart electro-active polymers for an autonomous distributed sensing node
Author(s): John B. Blottman; Roger T. Richards
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Aircraft detection using unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Amy K. C. S. Vanderbilt; Michael A. Kolodny
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