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Atmospheric Propagation III

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Volume Number: 6215
Date Published: 17 May 2006

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Characterization of the marine atmosphere for free-space optical communication
Author(s): Linda M. Wasiczko; Christopher I. Moore; Harris R. Burris; Michele Suite; Mena Stell; James Murphy; G. Charmaine Gilbreath; William Rabinovich; William Scharpf
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Humidity contribution to the refractive index structure function C2n.
Author(s): Carlos O. Font; Mark P. J. L. Chang; Eun Oh; Charmaine Gilbreath
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Initial measurements of atmospheric parameters in a marine environment
Author(s): Frida Strömquist Vetelino; Cynthia Young; Kenneth Grant; Linda Wasiczko; Harris Burris; Christopher Moore; Rita Mahon; Michele Suite; Kerry Corbett; Bradley Clare; Charmaine Gilbreath; William Rabinovich
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Packet testing in free-space optical communication links over water
Author(s): M. R. Suite; H. R. Burris; C. I. Moore; M. F. Stell; L. Wasiczko; W. Freeman; W. S. Rabinovich; G. C. Gilbreath; W. J. Scharpf
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Modeling the PDF for the irradiance of an uplink beam in the presence of beam wander
Author(s): Ronald Parenti; Richard J. Sasiela; Larry C. Andrews; Ronald L. Phillips
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Low-order atmospheric turbulence effects in Gaussian beam weak scintillation and fade probability
Author(s): Gary J. Baker; Lawton H. Lee
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PDF models of the irradiance fluctuations in Gaussian beam waves
Author(s): Frida Strömqvist Vetelino; Jaume Recolons; Larry Andrews; Cynthia Young; Bradley Clare; Kerry Corbett; Kenneth Grant
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Propagation of flattened Gaussian beams in the atmosphere: a comparison of theory with a computer simulation model
Author(s): Doris C. Cowan; Jaume Recolons; Larry C. Andrews; Cynthia Y. Young
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Modelling of laser beam propagation through the whirlwind
Author(s): Evgeni N. Terentiev; Fedor V. Shugaev; Ludmila S. Shtemenko; Olga I. Dokukina; Oksana A. Ignateva
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Current challenges in atmospheric propagation research
Author(s): J. C. Ricklin; P. G. Tomlinson
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Coordinated multi-wavelength laser system propagation experiments
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Lars Sjöqvist; Folke Berglund; Lars Allard; Tomas Larsson; Kjell Karlsson; Frank Gustafsson; Fredrik Kullander; Per Sakari; Pierre Andersson; Magnus Elmquist
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Turbulence induced scintillation studies at near- and mid-infrared wavelengths
Author(s): Michael T. Batdorf; Jana D. Strasburg; Warren W. Harper; Elizabeth Golovich
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Conformal beam steering apparatus for simultaneous manipulation of optical and radio frequency signals
Author(s): R. Winsor; M. Braunstein
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Mid-infrared laser beam scintillation study
Author(s): Jean-François Lepage; Denis Vincent
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Fast holographic wavefront sensor
Author(s): Peter Dyrud; Geoff Andersen
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Optical phase conjugation for atmospheric turbulence assessment
Author(s): Vladimir Markov; Anatoliy Khizhnyak; Dirk Woll; James Trolinger; Frank Eaton
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Studies of a mesospheric sodium guidestar pumped by continuous-wave sum-frequency mixing of two Nd:YAG laser lines in lithium triborate
Author(s): John Telle; Jack Drummond; Craig Denman; Paul Hillman; Gerald Moore; Steven Novotny; Robert Fugate
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