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Laser Radar Technology and Applications XI

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Volume Number: 6214
Date Published: 5 May 2006

Table of Contents
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Active infrared systems: possible roles in ballistic missile defense?
Author(s): A. Paleologue
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Efficient alignment of multiple large complex LIDAR models
Author(s): Myron Z. Brown; Christian A. Hresko; Kevin E. Murphy; Thomas B. Criss; Michael W. Roth
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Resolution study of wind parameter estimates by a coherent Doppler lidar system
Author(s): Jeffrey Y. Beyon; Grady J. Koch
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Noise normalization and windowing functions for VALIDAR in wind parameter estimation
Author(s): Jeffrey Y. Beyon; Grady J. Koch; Zhiwen Li
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Target detection in LADAR range images using shadow analysis
Author(s): Govindaraj Kuntimad; Walter Delashmit
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Novel approaches to helicopter obstacle warning
Author(s): Christian Seidel; Christian Samuelis; Matthias Wegner; Thomas Münsterer; Thomas Rumpf; Ingo Schwartz
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A hybrid 3D sensor (NEPTEC TriDAR) for object tracking and inspection
Author(s): X. Zhu; I. C. Smith; F. Babin
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Impact of condensation upon LIDAR observables from aluminized solid propellant rocket contrails
Author(s): Eric G. Rabarijaona; Robert A. Reed
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Fusion of current technologies with real-time 3D MEMS ladar for novel security and defense applications
Author(s): James P. Siepmann
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Phase insensitive frequency modulation LIDAR for long distance CO2 monitoring
Author(s): Andrei Deev; Sheng Wu
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Data collection and simulation of high range resolution laser radar for surface mine detection
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Tomas Chevalier; Håkan Larsson
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Segmentation and classification of airborne laser scanner data for ground and building detection
Author(s): Gustav Tolt; Åsa Persson; Jonas Landgård; Ulf Söderman
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Optical fuzing technology
Author(s): Christian M. von der Lippe; J. Jiang Liu
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Mid-infrared all solid state DIAL for remote sensing of hazardous chemical agents
Author(s): V. Vaicikauskas; Z. Kuprionis; M. Kaucikas; V. Svedas; V. Kabelka
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Status of the NIST 3D imaging system performance evaluation facility
Author(s): Geraldine S. Cheok; Alan M. Lytle; Kamel S. Saidi
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First-principles based LIDAR simulation environment for scenes with participating mediums
Author(s): Daniel D. Blevins; Scott D. Brown; John R. Schott
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Characterization of InGaAsP/InP APD arrays for SWIR imaging applications
Author(s): Joseph Boisvert; Ping Yuan; Paul McDonald; Takahiro Isshiki; Andrey Masalykin; Rengarajan Sudharsanan
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Semi-automated DIRSIG scene modeling from 3D LIDAR and passive imaging sources
Author(s): S. R. Lach; S. D. Brown; J. P. Kerekes
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AGLITE: a multiwavelength lidar for aerosol size distributions, flux, and concentrations
Author(s): Thomas D. Wilkerson; Vladimir V. Zavyalov; Gail E. Bingham; Jason A. Swasey; Jed J. Hancock; Blake G. Crowther; Scott S. Cornelsen; Christian Marchant; James N. Cutts; David C. Huish; Curtis L. Earl; Jan M. Andersen; McLain L. Cox
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The simulation of automatic ladar sensor control during flight operations using USU LadarSIM software
Author(s): Robert T. Pack; David Saunders; Rees Fullmer; Scott Budge
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Generic simulation of multi-element ladar scanner kinematics in USU LadarSIM
Author(s): David Omer; Benjamin Call; Robert Pack; Rees Fullmer
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Simulation and modeling of return waveforms from a ladar beam footprint in USU LadarSIM
Author(s): Scott Budge; Brad Leishman; Robert Pack
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Chirped AM ladar for anti-ship missile tracking and force protection 3D imaging: update
Author(s): Brian C. Redman; Barry Stann; William Lawler; Mark Giza; John Dammann; William Ruff; William Potter; Ronald G. Driggers; Jose Garcia; John Wilson; Keith Krapels
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Photon counting chirped AM ladar: concept, simulation, and initial experimental results
Author(s): Brian Redman; William Ruff; Mark Giza
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Active Range of the Optical Systems Test Facility at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Author(s): Leaf A. Jiang; David R. Schue; David C. Harrison; Alexander G. Hayes; Eric L. Hines; Jonathan M. Richardson; Kenneth J. Schultz
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Improved breakdown model for estimating dark count rate in avalanche photodiodes with InP and InAlAs multiplication layers
Author(s): Andrew S. Huntington; Madison A. Compton; George M. Williams
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High energy single-mode all-solid-state, tunable UV laser transmitter
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Upendra N. Singh; Floyd Hovis; Darrell J. Armstrong
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Applications of high resolution laser radar for 3-D multispectral imaging
Author(s): J. F. Andersen; J. Busck; H. Heiselberg
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High-resolution 3D coherent laser radar imaging
Author(s): Brian Krause; Philip Gatt; Carl Embry; Joseph Buck
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