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Terahertz for Military and Security Applications IV
Editor(s): Dwight L. Woolard; R. Jennifer Hwu; Mark J. Rosker; James O. Jensen

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Volume Number: 6212
Date Published: 5 May 2006

Table of Contents
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Conductive biomolecules and their THz vibrational interactions: key aspects of bioelectronics
Author(s): Dinakar Ramadurai; Takayuki Yamanaka; Yang Li; Viswanath Sankar; Mitra Dutta; Michael A. Stroscio; Tijana Rajh; Zoran Saponjic; Song Xu
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Simulations of retinal-based electronic components for application to THz frequency sensing platforms
Author(s): Ying Luo; Dwight L. Woolard; Boris L. Gelmont; Hui Liu
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Designed self-organization for molecular optoelectronics
Author(s): Michael Norton; David Neff; Ian Towler; Scott Day; Zachary Grambos; Mikala Shremshock; Heather Butts; Christiaan Meadows; Yuko Samiso; Huan Cao; Mashiur Rahman
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Molecular-based processing and transfer of information in the terahertz domain for military and security applications
Author(s): Yuefei Ma; Liuming Yan; Jorge M. Seminario
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Diluted magnetic semiconductor superlattices
Author(s): H. L. Grubin
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Terahertz gain on inter-valence-band transitions in multilayer delta-doped p-GaAs structures
Author(s): M. V. Dolguikh; A. V. Muravjov; R. E. Peale; D. Bliss; C. Lynch; D. W. Weyburne; W. R. Buchwald
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An optically triggered I-RTD hybrid device for continous-wave generation of THz oscillations
Author(s): Dwight Woolard; Weidong Zhang; Elliott Brown; Boris Gelmont; Robert Trew
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THz phonon-polariton spectroscopic imaging
Author(s): M. Yamaguchi; M. Wang; P. Suarez
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Novel type of the elements of integrated diffractive optics
Author(s): I. V. Minin; O. V. Minin; S. Shi; C. Chen; J. Mititu; D. Prather
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Noise in THz detectors and generators
Author(s): Peter H. Handel; Amanda M. Hall; Adam G. Tournier
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Terahertz behavior of optical components and common materials
Author(s): Andrew J. Gatesman; Andriy Danylov; Thomas M. Goyette; Jason C. Dickinson; Robert H. Giles; William Goodhue; Jerry Waldman; William E. Nixon; Weber Hoen
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First principles analysis of the terahertz spectrum of PETN
Author(s): Damian G. Allis; Darya A. Prokhorova; Anna M. Fedor; Timothy M. Korter
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Fire damage on carbon fiber materials characterized by THz waves
Author(s): Nicholas Karpowicz; David Dawes; Mark J. Perry; X.-C. Zhang
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An analysis of the THz frequency signatures in the cellular components of biological agents
Author(s): Alexei Bykhovski; Tatiana Globus; Tatyana Khromova; Boris Gelmont; Dwight Woolard; Maria Bykhovskaia
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Concealed weapon identification using terahertz imaging sensors
Author(s): Eddie L. Jacobs; Steve Moyer; Charmaine C. Franck; Frank C. DeLucia; Corey Casto; Douglas T. Petkie; Steven R. Murrill; Carl E. Halford
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THz resonance spectra of Bacillus Subtilis cells and spores in PE pellets and dilute water solutions
Author(s): Tatiana Globus; Tatyana Khromova; Dwight Woolard; Alan Samuels
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THz wave standoff detection of explosive materials
Author(s): Hua Zhong; Albert Redo; Yunqing Chen; Xi-Cheng Zhang
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Spectra of rotational transitions for diatomic and triatomic molecules in the THz region
Author(s): Hongqian Sun; Yujie J. Ding; Yuliya B. Zotova
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Using air as the nonlinear media for THz wave generation
Author(s): Xu Xie; Jianming Dai; Masashi Yamaguchi; X.-C. Zhang
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Time domain terahertz detection of concealed threats in luggage and personnel
Author(s): David Zimdars; Jeffrey White; G. Stuk; A. Chernovsky; G. Fichter; S. L. Williamson
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THz spectra of 4-NT and 2, 6-DNT
Author(s): Yunqing Chen; Haibo Liu; X.-C. Zhang
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Terahertz imaging of subjects with concealed weapons
Author(s): Jason C. Dickinson; Thomas M. Goyette; Andrew J. Gatesman; Cecil S Joseph; Zachary G Root; Robert H Giles; Jerry Waldman; William E. Nixon
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High-sensitivity, quasi-optically-coupled semimetal-semiconductor detectors at 104 GHz
Author(s): E. R. Brown; H. Kazemi; A. C. Young; J. D. Zimmerman; T. L. J. Wilkinson; J. E. Bjarnason; J. B. Hacker; A. C. Gossard
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Recent developments in people screening using terahertz technology: seeing the world through terahertz eyes
Author(s): Michael C. Kemp; Antony Glauser; Colin Baker
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Mail inspection using THz imaging: a comparison of three different systems
Author(s): K. Baaske; M. Salhi; F. Rutz; T. Hasek; R. Wilk; H. Richter; M. Koch
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Terahertz technology for imaging and spectroscopy
Author(s): T. W. Crowe; D. W. Porterfield; J. L. Hesler; W. L. Bishop; D. S. Kurtz; K. Hui
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Solid state detector arrays for terahertz applications
Author(s): Chris Mann
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Miniature field deployable terahertz source
Author(s): Mark G. Mayes
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An array of antenna-coupled superconducting microbolometers for passive indoors real-time THz imaging
Author(s): A. Luukanen; P. Helistö; J. S. Penttilä; H. Seppä; H. Sipola; C. R. Dietlein; E. N. Grossman
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Terahertz interferometric and synthetic aperture imaging
Author(s): Alexander M. Sinyukov; Aparajita Bandyopadhyay; Amartya Sengupta; Robert B. Barat; Dale E. Gary; Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou; David Zimdars; John F. Federici
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THz quasi-optics applications in security
Author(s): Igor V. Minin; Oleg V. Minin
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Adaptive non-intrusive terahertz identification
Author(s): Andre Sokolnikov
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Characterization of transmission lines at IR
Author(s): T. A. Mandviwala; José Manuel López-Alonso; B. A. Lail; G. D. Boreman
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