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Technologies for Synthetic Environments: Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing XI

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Volume Number: 6208
Date Published: 16 May 2006

Table of Contents
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The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Optical Systems Test Facility
Author(s): David C. Harrison; Alexander G Hayes; Leaf A. Jiang; Eric L. Hines; Jonathan M. Richardson
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Air Force electronic warfare evaluation simulator (AFEWES) infrared test and evaluation capabilities
Author(s): Hank D. Jackson II; Nathanael L. Grauvogel; Tommy L. Blair; Bruce A. Ensor
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A composite pointing error analysis of a five-axis flight/target motion simulator with an infrared scene projector
Author(s): Robert W. Mitchell
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The infrared and semi-active laser simulation capabilities at the AMSTAR tri-mode system simulation HWIL facility
Author(s): Daniel A. Saylor; Joseph Morris; William Lowry
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Modern design of far-field target motion simulators
Author(s): Robin Hauser; Michael Swamp; Howard Havlicsek
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Object oriented design (OOD) in real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) simulations
Author(s): Joe Morris; Henri Richard; Alan Lowman; Rob Youngren
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Application of scene projection technologies in the AEDC cryo-vacuum space simulation chambers
Author(s): H. S. Lowry; D. H. Crider; M. F. Breeden; W. H. Goethert; W. T. Bertrand; S. L. Steely
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The seeker experimental system at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Author(s): Alexander G. Hayes; George Downs; Anthony Gabrielson; David C. Harrison; Eric L. Hines; Leaf A. Jiang; Jonathan M. Richardson; Jonathan Swenson
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KVACC cryogenic complex scene test capability for 1- and 2-color sensors
Author(s): Eric W. Glattke; Rhoe A. Thompson; Steven A. Marlow; Paul R. Mackin
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Calibration and characterization of a low-background chamber in support of hardware-in-the-loop testing and modeling of infrared seekers
Author(s): Richard D. Tschiegg; Steven J. Conard; Patrick L. Thompson; Adriaan Carter
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Steering and positioning targets for HWIL IR testing at cryogenic conditions
Author(s): D. W. Perkes; G. L. Jensen; D. L. Higham; H. S. Lowry; W. R. Simpson
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Radiometric calibration and mission simulation testing of sensor systems in the AEDC 7V and 10V chambers
Author(s): R. A. Nicholson; K. D. Mead; H. S. Lowry
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Real-time target motion animation for missile warning system testing
Author(s): Timothy Perkins; Robert Sundberg; John Cordell; Zaw Tun; Mark Owen
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Automatic generation of high-fidelity urban scenes for sensor simulation
Author(s): Mark R. Stevens; Camille Monnier; Sudha Kapali; Magnús Snorrason; Duane Setterdahl; Eric Lindquist
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Comparison of MMW ground vehicle signatures
Author(s): Annie V. Saylor; Ann Kissell
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Multi-class correlated clutter map for high resolution radar simulation
Author(s): Perry Vanderford; Bridget Sanders; Richard Olson; DeWayne Satterfield; Joe Morris
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3D modeling of large targets and clutter utilizing Ka band monopulse SAR
Author(s): Jerry A. Ray; Doug Barr; Ric Shurtz; Rob Channell
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Fast line-of-sight imagery for target and exhaust-plume signatures (FLITES) scene generation program
Author(s): Dennis Crow; Charles Coker; Wayne Keen
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New scene projector developments at the AMRDEC's Advanced Simulation Center
Author(s): Daniel A. Saylor; Mark Bowden; James Buford
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Testing a new generation 512x512, >200 Hz capable, liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) with ferro-electric liquid crystal, IR scene projector
Author(s): Jack R. Lippert; Kipp Bauchert
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MWIR LED array for high temperature target simulation
Author(s): Naresh C. Das; W. Chang; George Simonis; M. Tobin
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Visible/UV image projector for sensor testing
Author(s): Robert Ginn; Steven Solomon; P. R. Mackin; Sung-Jin Park; J. G. Eden; Carol Wedding
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Cold background infrared scene simulation device
Author(s): V. K. Malyutenko; V. V. Bogatyrenko; O. Yu. Malyutenko; S. V. Chyrchyk
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Digital beam former based on an electronically steerable antenna for HWIL target simulation for US Army AMRDEC
Author(s): Aramais Avakian; Mark Aretskin; Alexander B. Brailovsky; Dexin Jia; Mikhail Felman; Irina Gordion; Ilya Gurin; Victor Khodos; Vladimir Litvinov; Vladimir A. Manasson; Lev Sadovnik; Gary Voronel
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Novel photonic infrared scene generation technique
Author(s): Jing Zhao; Guanghai Jin
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High temperature materials for resistive infrared scene projectors
Author(s): Steven Solomon; Robert Ginn; Stephen Campbell; Maryam Jalali; George Goldsmith
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Fast multispectral liquid-crystal-on-silicon spatial light modulators
Author(s): Guoqiang Zhang; Anatoliy Glushchenko; John L. West; John R. McNeil; Michael J. O'Callaghan; Mark A. Handschy; Kerry Lane; Stephen D. Gaalema
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Fabry Perot-based high-dynamic range infrared scene projector
Author(s): William S. Chan
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Resistor array infrared projector temperature resolution: revisited
Author(s): Owen M. Williams; Leszek Swierkowski; Breck A. Sieglinger; George C. Goldsmith II
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Resistor array performance errors associated with extended targets
Author(s): R. Bryan Sisko; Steven A. Marlow; August J. Huber; Rhoe A. Thompson
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Characterization and comparison of 128x128 element nuclear optical dynamic display system resistive arrays
Author(s): Alexander G. Hayes; Fino J. Caraco; David C. Harrison; John M. Sorvari
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Resistor array waveband nonuniformity measurements and RNUC band converter
Author(s): R. Bryan Sisko; Rhoe A. Thompson; Steven A. Marlow; Breck A. Sieglinger
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Procedures and recent results for two-color infrared projection
Author(s): Breck A. Sieglinger; Steven A. Marlow; Richard B. Sisko; Rhoe A. Thompson
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Large format resistive array (LFRA) infrared scene projector (IRSP) performance and production status
Author(s): Jim Oleson; Jay James; Joe LaVeigne; Kevin Sparkman; Greg Matis; Steve McHugh; John Lannon; Scott Goodwin; Alan Huffman; Steve Solomon; Paul Bryant
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A new modular optical system for large format scene projection
Author(s): Christopher C. Alexay; Troy A. Palmer
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OASIS: cryogenically-optimized resistive arrays and IRSP subsystems for space-background IR simulation
Author(s): Jay James; Paul Bryant; Steve Solomon; Joe LaVeigne; Greg Matis; Jim Oleson; John Lannon; Scott Goodwin; Alan Huffman
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Real-time zoom anti-aliasing improvement using programmable graphics processing units
Author(s): Efthimios Gouthas; Owen M. Williams
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A novel approach to implementing geometric transformations in FPGAs
Author(s): W. Larry Herald; Paul R. Mackin; Charles M. Niswonger; Rhoe Thompson; George C. Goldsmith II
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Integration of an open interface PC scene generator using COTS DVI converter hardware
Author(s): Todd Nordland; Patrick Lyles; Bret Schultz
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Real-time scene generation using high-speed pixel processing hardware and open source software
Author(s): Matthew Price; David Cosby
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Radiometric calibration of a longwave FPA camera for IR scene projector characterization
Author(s): Robert M. Patchan; Daniel T. Prendergast
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Blackbody characterization and analysis for infrared scene projection
Author(s): Dustin Crider; Heard Lowry; Raymond Young
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Resistor array infrared projector nonuniformity correction: search for performance improvement
Author(s): Robert A. Joyce; Leszek Swierkowski; Owen M. Williams
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