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Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XVII
Editor(s): Gerald C. Holst

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Volume Number: 6207
Date Published: 5 May 2006

Table of Contents
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Angular distance traveled across the eye as figure of merit for detecting moving targets
Author(s): Barbara L. O'Kane; Gary Page
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Modeling defined field of regard (FOR) search and detection in urban environments
Author(s): Dawne M. Deaver; Steve Moyer; Chun Ra
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Characteristics of infrared imaging systems which benefit from super-resolution reconstruction
Author(s): Keith Krapels; Ronald G. Driggers; Eddie Jacobs; Stephen Burks; Susan Young; Gerald Holst
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Detector integration time issues associated with FLIR performance
Author(s): Brian Miller; Eric Flug; Ron Driggers; Phil Richardson
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System engineering trades for the LWIR hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Raymond E. Hanna
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Atmospheric turbulence effects on 3rd generation FLIR performance
Author(s): Phil Richardson; Ronald G. Driggers
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Adaptive deblurring of noisy images
Author(s): S. Susan Young; Ronald G. Driggers; Brian P. Teaney; Eddie L. Jacobs
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Modeling of IR sensor performance in cold weather
Author(s): Van A. Hodgkin; Brian Kowalewski; Dave Tomkinson; Brian P. Teaney; Ted Corbin; Ronald Driggers
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Current infrared target acquisition approach for military sensor design and wargaming
Author(s): Ronald G. Driggers; Eddie L. Jacobs; Richard H. Vollmerhausen; Barbara O'Kane; Mid Self; Steve Moyer; Jonathan G. Hixson; Gary Page; Keith Krapels; David Dixon; Regina Kistner; John Mazz
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Recursive adaptive frame integration limited
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov
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Effects of image compression on sensor performance
Author(s): Patrick D. O'Shea; Eddie L. Jacobs
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Using a targeting metric to predict the utility of an EO imager as a pilotage aid
Author(s): Richard H. Vollmerhausen; Trang Bui
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Effect of image enhancement on the search and detection task in the urban terrain
Author(s): Nicole Devitt; Steve Moyer; Susan Young
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Applicability of TOD, MTDP, MRT and DMRT for dynamic image enhancement techniques
Author(s): Piet Bijl; Klamer Schutte; Maarten A. Hogervorst
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Threat object identification performance for LADAR imagery: comparison of two-dimensional versus three-dimensional imagery
Author(s): Matthew A. Chaudhuri; Ronald G. Driggers; Brian C. Redman; Keith A. Krapels
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A new approach for object measurement under out-of-focus situation
Author(s): Yingzi Du
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Modeling the effects of image contrast on thermal target acquisition performance
Author(s): Jonathan G. Hixson; Brian Teaney; Eddie L. Jacobs
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Can IR scene projectors reduce total system cost?
Author(s): Robert Ginn; Steven Solomon
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Bolometers running backward: the synergy between uncooled IR sensors and dynamic IR scene projectors
Author(s): Paul Bryant; Steve Solomon; Jay James
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Are reconstruction filters necessary?
Author(s): Gerald C. Holst
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High performance spectroradiometer for very accurate radiometric calibrations and testing of blackbody sources and EO test equipment
Author(s): Dario Cabib; Amir Gil; R. A. Buckwald
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Radiometric dynamic scene processing for uncooled IRFPAs
Author(s): Leo R. Gauthier Jr.; Linda M. Howser; Daniel T. Prendergast; Michael P. Mattix
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Radiance calibration of target projectors for infrared testing
Author(s): Greg Matis; Jack Grigor; Jay James; Steve McHugh; Paul Bryant
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Separation of presampling and postsampling modulation transfer functions in infrared sensor systems
Author(s): Richard L. Espinola; Jeffrey T. Olson; Patrick D. O'Shea; Van A. Hodgkin; Eddie L. Jacobs
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Test techniques for high performance thermal imaging system characterization
Author(s): David Forrai; Stephen Bertke; Robert Fischer; Thomas Back
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Advanced manpower and time saving testing concept for development, production, and maintenance of electro-optical systems
Author(s): Dario Cabib; R. A. Buckwald; Shimon Nirkin; Moshe Lavi; Oded Neria; Claudia Ben Yaakov; Efraim Tzafrir; Moshe Blau; Jacob Dolev
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First responder thermal imaging cameras: development of performance metrics and test methods
Author(s): Francine Amon; Anthony Hamins
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LCD display screen performance testing for handheld thermal imaging cameras
Author(s): Joshua B. Dinaburg; Francine Amon; Anthony Hamins; Paul Boynton
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Standard target sets for field sensor performance measurements
Author(s): John D. O'Connor; Patrick O'Shea; John E. Palmer; Dawne M. Deaver
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Performances of multichannel commander's sighting system for military land vehicle application
Author(s): Young Soo Choi; Hyun Sook Kim; Chang Woo Kim; Eun Suk Yoon; Wee Kyung Yu; Joo Hyoung Lee; Jun Hee Na; In Seob Song; Seok Min Hong
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Advances in thermal imaging technology in the first responder arena
Author(s): Francine Amon; Nelson Bryner
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An image enhancement methodology and FPGA-based implementation combining fuzzy logic and image convolution for an infrared imaging system
Author(s): Ajay Kumar; S. Sarkar; R. P. Agarwal
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A new nonuniformity correction algorithm for infrared line scanners
Author(s): Jing Sui; Wei-qi Jin; Li-quan Dong; Xia Wang
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