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Optics and Photonics in Global Homeland Security II

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Volume Number: 6203
Date Published: 5 May 2006

Table of Contents
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Homeland security technical group update and a snapshot of homeland security research budgets
Author(s): Theodore T. Saito
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Applying science and technology to combat WMD terrorism
Author(s): Craig R. Wuest; Roger W. Werne; Billy W. Colston; Christine L. Hartmann-Siantar
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EO/IR sensors for border security applications
Author(s): Robert McDaniel; Robert Hughes; Edward Seibel
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Multi-color IR sensors based on QWIP technology for security and surveillance applications
Author(s): Mani Sundaram; Axel Reisinger; Richard Dennis; Kelly Patnaude; Douglas Burrows; Robert Cook; Jason Bundas
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Networked thermal imaging and intelligent video technology for border security applications
Author(s): Dwight T. Dumpert; Shawn Dirksen
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Miniature EO/IR sensors for border security applications
Author(s): William B. Hornback
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Raytheon aircraft protection systems
Author(s): Albert J. Simon
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L3-Com AVISYS civil aviation self-protection system
Author(s): Jim Carey
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Vigilant Eagle: ground-based countermeasure system against MANPADS
Author(s): Jeff Vollin
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Countering MANPADS: study of new concepts and applications
Author(s): Dominique Maltese; Jacques Robineau; Jean-Thierry Audren; Julien Aragones; Christophe Sailliot
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The municipal viewpoint on water security
Author(s): Stanley States
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Water quality change detection: multivariate algorithms
Author(s): Katherine A. Klise; Sean A. McKenna
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Adaptive monitoring to enhance water sensor capabilities for chemical and biological contaminant detection in drinking water systems
Author(s): Y. Jeffrey Yang; Roy C. Haught; John Hall; James A. Goodrich; Jafrul Hasan
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ATP monitoring technology for microbial growth control in potable water systems
Author(s): Patrick A. Whalen; Philip J. Whalen; James E. Cairns
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Weighted model components for gradient direction matching in overhead images
Author(s): Charles W. Grant; Sergei Nikolaev; David W. Paglieroni
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Using gradients, alignment, and proximity to extract curves and connect roads in overhead images
Author(s): Barry Y. Chen; David W. Paglieroni
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Exploiting data parallelism in the Image Content Engine
Author(s): W. Marcus Miller; Jim E. Garlick; George F. Weinert; Ghaleb M. Abdulla
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Precision refractive zoom lens with long focal length
Author(s): J. Michael Finlan; David J. Manzi; Lenuar Rutberg; John P. O'Sullivan
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Panomorph lenses: a low-cost solution for panoramic surveillance
Author(s): Simon Thibault; Jean-Claude Artonne
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Advanced photonic sensors for homeland security
Author(s): George E. Dovgalenko
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Diffractive optics for use in illumination systems for defense and security applications
Author(s): Robert E. Hutchins; James T. A. Carriere; Jessica L. Wargats; Michael W. Magoon
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Optical encryption of personal identification information using orthogonal code
Author(s): Mohammed Nazrul Islam; Mohammad S. Alam
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An electronic digital correction investigation of specific distortion caused of the optical system
Author(s): Anton Dandarov; Doychin Boyadzhiev; Ianislav Kartelov
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Enhanced Raman spectroscopy of 2,4,6-TNT in anatase and rutile titania nanocrystals
Author(s): Edwin De La Cruz-Montoya; Jaqueline I. Jeréz; Marcia Balaguera-Gelves; Tatiana Luna-Pineda; Miguel E. Castro; Samuel P. Hernández-Rivera
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Optical limiter filled with organic solution between a grating and a polymer plate
Author(s): Yun-Dong Zhang; Tao Sun; Ping Yuan; Jian-Bo Ye
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