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Biometric Technology for Human Identification III

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Volume Number: 6202
Date Published: 17 April 2006

Table of Contents
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Cross sensor 3D face recognition performance
Author(s): Timothy Faltemier; Kevin Bowyer
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A framework for the recognition of 3D faces and expressions
Author(s): Chao Li; Armando Barreto
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Face recognition with intensified NIR imagery
Author(s): Diego A. Socolinsky; Lawrence B. Wolff; Andrew J. Lundberg
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Expression-invariant multispectral face recognition: you can smile now!
Author(s): Ioannis A. Kakadiaris; George Passalis; George Toderici; Yunliang Lu; Nikos Karampatziakis; Najam Murtuza; Theoharis Theoharis
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Face detection and recognition using geometrical features and a neural network verifier
Author(s): Sung H. Yoon; Gi-yeon Park; Gi T. Hur; Jung H. Kim
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Using kernel correlation filters and class redundant feature analysis (CFA) with support vector machines on face recognition grand challenge (FRGC) phase-2 data for enhanced holistic face recognition
Author(s): Marios Savvides; Jingu Heo; Ramzi Abiantun; Sungwon Park; Chunyan Xie; B. V. K. Vijayakumar
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An empirical study of sample size in ROC curve analysis of fingerprint data
Author(s): Jin Chu Wu; Charles L. Wilson
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Image versus feature mosaicing: a case study in fingerprints
Author(s): Arun Ross; Samir Shah; Jidnya Shah
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Comparison of ROC-based and likelihood methods for fingerprint verification
Author(s): Harish Srinivasan; Sargur N. Srihari; Matthew J. Beal; Prasad Phatak; Gang Fang
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Comparison of ridge- and intensity-based perspiration liveness detection methods in fingerprint scanners
Author(s): Bozhao Tan; Stephanie Schuckers
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A calibration model for fingerprint sensor interoperability
Author(s): Arun Ross; Rohan Nadgir
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Acquiring a 2D rolled equivalent fingerprint image from a non-contact 3D finger scan
Author(s): Abhishika Fatehpuria; Daniel L. Lau; Laurence G. Hassebrook
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Image quality assessment for iris biometric
Author(s): Nathan D. Kalka; Jinyu Zuo; Natalia A. Schmid; Bojan Cukic
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Enhanced iris matching using estimation of in-plane nonlinear deformations
Author(s): Jason Thornton; Marios Savvides; B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar
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Using 2D Log-Gabor spatial filters for iris recognition
Author(s): Yingzi Du
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Iris recognition at a distance with expanded imaging volume
Author(s): Ramkumar Narayanswamy; Paulo E. X. Silveira
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Active shape models for effective iris segmentation
Author(s): Aditya Abhyankar; Stephanie Schuckers
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Sampling design for face recognition
Author(s): Yanjun Yan; Lisa A. Osadciw
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The effect of lighting direction/condition on the performance of face recognition algorithms
Author(s): Gamal Fahmy; Ahmed El-Sherbeeny; Susmita Mandala; Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb; Hany Ammar
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Faces from sketches: a subspace synthesis approach
Author(s): Yung-hui Li; Marios Savvides
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An outdoor biometric system: evaluation of normalization fusion schemes for face and voice
Author(s): H. Vajaria; T. Islam; P. Mohanty; S. Sarkar; R. Sankar; R. Kasturi
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Statistical inference for template aging
Author(s): Michael E. Schuckers
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Cryptographic key generation using handwritten signature
Author(s): M. Freire-Santos; J. Fierrez-Aguilar; J. Ortega-Garcia
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Nonintrusive multibiometrics on a mobile device: a comparison of fusion techniques
Author(s): Lorene Allano; Andrew C. Morris; Harin Sellahewa; Sonia Garcia-Salicetti; Jacques Koreman; Sabah Jassim; Bao Ly-Van; Dalei Wu; Bernadette Dorizzi
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Information fusion for palmprint authentication
Author(s): Xiangqian Wu; Kuanquan Wang; David Zhang
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Use of behavioral biometrics in intrusion detection and online gaming
Author(s): Roman V. Yampolskiy; Venu Govindaraju
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Secret sharing using biometric traits
Author(s): Alisher Kholmatov; Berrin Yanikoglu; Erkay Savas; Albert Levi
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Knuckle based hand correlation for user authentication
Author(s): K. Kumar Sricharan; A. Aneesh Reddy; A. G. Ramakrishnan
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Multimodal biometrics system for efficient human recognition
Author(s): Phalguni Gupta; Ajita Rattani; Hunny Mehrotra; Anil Kumar Kaushik
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Strong authentication of remote users over insecure networks by using fingerprint-biometric and smart cards
Author(s): Muhammad Khurram Khan; Jiashu Zhang
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