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Remote Sensing of the Environment: 15th National Symposium on Remote Sensing of China
Editor(s): Qingxi Tong; Wei Gao; Huadong Guo

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Volume Number: 6200
Date Published: 3 April 2006

Table of Contents
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Application potential of DMC satellite data in geosciences
Author(s): Qingxi Tong; Zhizhong Li; Fuxing Dang; Boqin Zhu; Shengqing Xiong; Hongbin Fang; Changying Zhao
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A new concept and practice of remote sensing information application: post remote sensing application technology and application case to geology
Author(s): Dechang Liu; Fawang Ye; Xianfang Huang; Jielin Zhang; Yingjun Zhao; Shutao Huang; Jingbo Zhang
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A geometric preprocessing model for airborne SAR image
Author(s): Dan Lu; Guoman Huang; Zheng Zhao
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Atmospheric correction for HY-1A CCD in Case 1 waters
Author(s): Ling Sun; Maohua Guo
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The preliminary system parameters design for RICESAT
Author(s): Jie Chen; Huaping Xu; Chunsheng Li; Yinqing Zhou
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TSARSAT: a radar satellite for observing tropical regions
Author(s): Huadong Guo; Jingjuan Liao; Zhen Li; Yun Shao
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A novel airborne digital camera system
Author(s): Junyong Fang; Xue Liu; Zheng Wei; Bing Zhang; Lanfen Zheng; Qingxi Tong
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A new concept of radar altimeter
Author(s): Shuangbao Yang; Heguang Liu; Ke Xu; Yunhua Zhang; Zhisen Wang
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The analyses for the experiments of high-resolution digital aero-photograph with UAV remote-sensing system
Author(s): Hongying Zhao; Lei Yan; Xiuwan Chen; Lanfen Zheng; Jian Jiao; Junyong Fang; Caicong Wu; Kai He; Chuan Jin; Qingxi Tong
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Application of POS in correcting images of aero-digital camera with large format array CCD
Author(s): Zheng Wei; Junyong Fang; Lanfen Zheng; Bing Zhang; Qingxi Tong
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Calibration evaluation of the spaceborne hyperspectral CHRIS image
Author(s): Xia Zhang; Bing Zhang; Fangchao Hu; Qingxi Tong
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Research on two-pass differential InSAR and its implementation
Author(s): Yihua Liu; Qiming Zeng; Xiaofan Li; Liang Gao; Hua Zhang
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An improvement to flattening in interferometric SAR processing
Author(s): Qiming Zeng; Xiaofan Li; Liang Gao; Yihua Liu
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Combined passive and active microwave remote sensing of land surface parameters using AMSR-E and sea winds
Author(s): Ruofei Zhong; Huadong Guo; Weimin Wang
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Vegetation classification model based on high-resolution satellite imagery
Author(s): Junying Chen; Qingjiu Tian
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Identifying the breeding areas of locusts in the Yellow River estuary using Landsat ETM+ imagery
Author(s): Qingsheng Liu; Gaohuan Liu; Yuzhen Yang; Peng Liu; Jianjie Huang
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Forest stand mapping with data from Hyperion, ALI, and ETM
Author(s): Bingxiang Tan; Zengyuan Li; Erxue Chen; Yong Pang
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Information entropy of remote sensing images and its applications in image fusion
Author(s): Jian Lu; Man Peng; Xin Lu
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Multi-sensor decision level image fusion based on fuzzy theory and unsupervised FCM
Author(s): Yi Wang; Wei Chen; Shiyi Mao
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The vector of wavelet-fractal and instance analysis
Author(s): Gangyi Chen
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A new architecture for hyperspectral image compression based on wavelets transformation and fractal composition
Author(s): Xingtang Hu; Bing Zhang; Xia Zhang; Fangchao Hu; Zheng Wei
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An integrated method of raster and vector for generating Voronoi diagram based on linear quadtree structure
Author(s): Jiatian Li; Renliang Zhao; Jun Chen
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Simulation of land ETs of China with CoLM
Author(s): Lingling Ma; Lingli Tang; Zhaoliang Li
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Research of desert and sandy desertification land partition in North China based on remote sensing technology
Author(s): Huijun Gao; Qigang Jiang
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Data fusion technology of multi-resource satellite-borne remote sensing and its applications for coastal zone environment monitoring and information evaluation
Author(s): Zhen Han; Yaqiu Jin
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The research of sediment concentration extraction application system of HY-1 satellite data
Author(s): Zhenmin Liu; Sihai Li; Zhen Han; Yanan Dai
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Determination of dissolved organic matter in water by laser-induced fluorescence technique
Author(s): Nanjing Zhao; Wenqing Liu; Yujun Zhang; Hongbin Li; Cheng Liu; Zhigang Wang; Jianguo Liu; Qingnong Wei; Lishu Yang
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Satellite-data-based analysis of ecotope diversity on different spatial scales in China
Author(s): Shengnan Ma; Tianxiang Yue
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Ecological environmental quality assessment of the drainage area of Yangtze River based on MODIS and in situ data
Author(s): Fan Xia; Liangming Liu; T. Y. Shen
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Analyzing the dust storm in Iraq using meteorological satellite data during the Iraq war
Author(s): Di Xian; Anlai Sun; Xinjiang Zheng
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Application of multi-sensor image in monitoring mining activities and related environment changes: a case study at Daye, Hubei, China
Author(s): Shiyong Yu; Zhihua Chen; Yanxin Wang
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Monitoring the plague of oriental migratory locusts using multi-temporal Landsat TM imagery
Author(s): Zhenbo Liu; Shaoxiang Ni; Yong Zha; Xuezheng Shi
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An analysis of the strange remote sensing information in the EOS-MODIS images of the seaquake on the island of Sumatra on December 26, 2004
Author(s): Hong Wu; Junbo Li; Yuefang Guo; Yingqiao Zhang; Zhongqin Peng; Jianqiang Chen
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Building a web service system of public urban recreational spaces: Shijiazhuang as a case study
Author(s): Fenghua Guo; Renjie Li; Xueqing Fu; Junhai Zhang
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Research on remote sensing applications and 3D visualization for railway location
Author(s): Rongken Zhang; Tao Hou; Xiangtao Fan; Qizhong Lin
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Spectrum reconstruction and spectrum matching of PHI hyperspectral image in city area
Author(s): Guangjun Dong; Yongsheng Zhang; Chaojie Zhu
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Analysis of spatial distribution and transmission characters for highly pathogenic avian influenza in Chinese mainland in 2004
Author(s): Y. L. Liu; C. J. Wei; L. Yan; T. H. Chi; X. B. Wu; C. S. Xiao
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Environmental dynamic monitoring of Olympic Green based on QuickBird and aerial images
Author(s): Fengyun Mu; Boqin Zhu; Huazhong He
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Analysis on establishing the framework of advanced warning mechanism system of urban photochemical smog pollution based on MODIS data
Author(s): Lihua Xia; Dehui Wang
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