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Health Monitoring and Smart Nondestructive Evaluation of Structural and Biological Systems V
Editor(s): Tribikram Kundu

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Volume Number: 6177
Date Published: 28 March 2006

Table of Contents
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Autonomous health monitoring of a stiffened composite plate
Author(s): Ajit K. Mal; Sauvik Banerjee; Fabrizio Ricci; Ernesto Monaco; L. Lecce
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Ultrasonic monitoring for directional solidification experiments onboard of the International Space Station
Author(s): Moritz von Buttlar; Evgeny Twerdowski; Michael Schmachtl; Stefan Knauth; Wolfgang Grill
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Challenges in detecting damage in the presence of microstructural inhomogeneties in a friction stir welded aluminum alloy for reusable cryotanks
Author(s): Shamachary Sathish; Kumar V. Jata; Richard W. Martin; Richard Reibel
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Identifying delamination in an experimental composite UAV wing subject to ambient gust loading
Author(s): Jonathan M. Nichols; Stephen T. Trickey; Mark Seaver; Daniel L. Pecora
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Fundamental ultrasonic wave propagation studies in a model thermal protection system (porous tiles bonded to aluminum bulkhead)
Author(s): Tribikram Kundu; Richard Reibel; Kumar V. Jata
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Application of time-reversal guided waves to field bridge testing for baseline-free damage diagnosis
Author(s): S. B. Kim; H. Sohn
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Plate damage identification using up-converted chaotic excitations
Author(s): Timothy R. Fasel; Michael D. Todd; Gyuhae Park
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The use of time reversal methods with Lamb waves to identify structural damage in a pipeline system
Author(s): Andrew B. Thien; Anthony D. Puckett; Gyuhae Park; Charles R. Farrar
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Scattering of ultrasonic waves by internal anomalies in plates immersed in a fluid
Author(s): Sourav Banerjee; Tribikram Kundu
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Modeling wave propagation in damped waveguides of arbitrary cross-section
Author(s): Ivan Bartoli; Alessandro Marzani; Howard Matt; Francesco Lanza di Scalea; Erasmo Viola
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Crack detection in a wheel end spindle using wave propagation via modal impacts and piezo actuation
Author(s): Spencer Ackers; Ronald Evans; Timothy Johnson; Harold Kess; Jonathan White; Douglas E. Adams; Pam Brown
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Wireless feedback structural control with embedded computing
Author(s): Yang Wang; Andrew Swartz; Jerome P. Lynch; Kincho H. Law; Kung-Chun Lu; Chin-Hsiung Loh
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A low-cost off-the-shelf FGPA-based smart wireless sensing unit
Author(s): Chetan Kapoor; Troy L. Graves-Abe; Jin-Song Pei
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Integrating monitoring and inspection with attached ultrasonic transducers
Author(s): Thomas E. Michaels; Jennifer E. Michaels
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Detection of debonding in a tile-based thermal protection system via change in stiffness using continuation methods
Author(s): Amit Shukla; Jeong-Hoi Koo
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Real-time health monitoring of a thin composite beam using a passive structural neural system
Author(s): G. R. Kirikera; V. Shinde; M. J. Schulz; A. Ghoshal; M. J. Sundaresan; J. W. Lee
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Development of 3D vibration measurement system using laser doppler vibrometers
Author(s): T. Miyashita; Y. Fujino
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Structural evaluation of pavement using surface wave and portable FWD tests
Author(s): Q. Dong; T. Kubodera; K. Himeno; K. Matsui
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Ultrasonic imaging of hidden defects using dry-coupled ultrasonic probes
Author(s): Igor N. Komsky
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Ultrasound detection of damage in complex carbon fiber/metal structures
Author(s): G. J. Thursby; A. MacLean; H. Hogg; B. Culshaw
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Hilbert-Huang decomposition of time signals for structural damage detection
Author(s): P. Frank Pai; Lu Huang
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Tailored excitations for structural health monitoring via evolutionary programming
Author(s): Colin C. Olson; M. D. Todd
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Wireless intelligent sensor and actuator network (WISAN): a scalable ultra-low-power platform for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Edward Sazonov; Ratneshwar Jha; Kerop Janoyan; Vidya Krishnamurthy; Michael Fuchs; Kevin Cross
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A miniaturized electromechanical impedance-based node for the wireless interrogation of structural health
Author(s): David L. Mascarenas; Michael D. Todd; Gyuhae Park; Charles R. Farrar
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Using attractor localization to improve nonlinear prediction error for structural health monitoring
Author(s): L. A. Overbey; M. D. Todd
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A wireless composite optical bend loss sensor for pressure and shear measurement
Author(s): Chu-Yu Huang; Wen-Jong Wu; Shih-Chieh Fu; Per G. Reinhall; Wei-Chih Wang
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Measurement of thin film interfacial properties using nanosecond laser source
Author(s): Ajit K. Mal; Sauvik Banerjee; Vijay Gupta
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Voltage injection and readout method for PCB (printed circuit board) testing
Author(s): G. Zentai
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A simple replication method to fabricate polymer waveguide
Author(s): Chia-Yu Lin; Ying-Hong Ling; Wei-Ching Chuang; Chi-Ting Ho; Wen-Chung Chang; Wei-Chih Wang
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Mathematical model for the dynamics of an optical fiber viscometer
Author(s): Wei-Chih Wang; Joe Ho; Per G. Reinhall
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Combinatory scanning confocal laser and acoustic vector contrast microscopy: multi-contrast imaging of soft matter samples
Author(s): Albert E. Kamanyi Jr.; Reinhold Wannemacher; Wolfgang Grill
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Ultrasonic wireless health monitoring
Author(s): Lionel Petit; Elie Lefeuvre; Daniel Guyomar; Claude Richard; Philippe Guy; Kaori Yuse; Thomas Monnier
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Locating and quantifying ceramic body armor impact forces on a compliant torso using acceleration mapping
Author(s): Adam A. Cardi; Douglas E. Adams; Shawn Walsh
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Development of piezoelectric oscillator sensor for in vivo monitoring of capsule formation around soft-tissue implants
Author(s): Buli Xu; Victor Giurgiutiu; Gregory Crachiolo
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Characterization of malaria infected blood cells by scanning confocal laser and acoustic vector contrast microscopy
Author(s): E. T. Ahmed Mohamed; S. Schubert; T. W. Gilberger; A. Kamanyi Jr.; R. Wannemacher; W. Grill
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A high-resolution real-time ultrasonic imaging system for NDI applications
Author(s): Yi Zhou; Gabriela Petculescu; Igor Komsky; Sridhar Krishnaswamy
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Scanning acoustic defocused transmission microscopy with vector contrast combined with holography for weak bond imaging
Author(s): Evgeny Twerdowski; Moritz von Buttlar; Wolfgang Grill
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Polymeric waveguide design of a 2D display system
Author(s): Christopher Takahashi; Hsiu-Jen Wang; Wei-Shu Hua; Per Reinhall; Wei-Chih Wang
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Acoustic holography of piezoelectric materials by Coulomb excitation
Author(s): A. Habib; E. Twerdowski; M. von Buttlar; M. Pluta; M. Schmachtl; R. Wannemacher; W. Grill
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A numerical approach to microwave imaging based on genetic algorithm optimization
Author(s): Sima Noghanian; Abas Sabouni; Stephen Pistorius
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Anemia detection utilizing diffuse reflectance spectra from the palpebral conjunctiva and tunable liquid crystal filter technology
Author(s): John W. McMurdy III; Gregory D. Jay M.D.; Selim Suner M.D.; Gregory P. Crawford
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