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Lightmetry and Light and Optics in Biomedicine 2004
Editor(s): Katarzyna Kolacz; Jacek Sochacki

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Volume Number: 6158
Date Published: 3 February 2006

Table of Contents
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Talbot effect in GRIN media: a new interpretation and experimental verification in a selfoc microlens
Author(s): C. Gómez-Reino; M. T. Flores-Arias
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Lighting metrics for luminaires: an overview of the actual requirements in the lighting industry
Author(s): Teresa Molina-Jimenez
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Applications of dispersive white-light spectral interferometry in optics
Author(s): Petr Hlubina
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Spectral, polarization, and power performance characteristics of quantum-well heterostructure laser diodes
Author(s): Valerii K. Kononenko; Boris F. Kuntsevich; Alexander G. Buikevich; Ivan S. Manak
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Colorfulness of the image: definition, computation, and properties
Author(s): Henryk Palus
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Time-average interference microscopy for vibration testing of silicon microelements
Author(s): Krzysztof Patorski; Adam Styk; Zbigniew Sienicki
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Applying of the optical time-of-flight spectroscopy for the paper and pulp characterization
Author(s): Jerzy Pluciński
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On prismatic corrections
Author(s): Zygmunt Bartkowski; Janina Bartkowska
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Optical vortex interference with plane colinear wave
Author(s): Piotr Panecki; Piotr Sawosz
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Investigation of multimodal waveguides to determine parameters of covering layer
Author(s): Elżbieta Auguściuk; Jarosław Zieliński
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Dynamic response of stressed high birefringent fibers
Author(s): Marcin Roszko; Adam Otłowski
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Birefringence of some liquid crystals films in NIR
Author(s): Marcin Roszko; Izabela Skiba
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Measuring dispersion characteristics of elliptical-core optical fiber using white-light spectral interferometry
Author(s): Petr Hlubina; Tadeusz Martynkien; Waclaw Urbańczyk
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A spectrally tunable LED sphere source enables accurate calibration of tristimulus colorimeters
Author(s): I. Fryc; S. W. Brown; Y. Ohno
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Non-linear effects accompanying terawatt laser-pulse in air and their applications
Author(s): Kamil Stelmaszczyk; Philipp Rohwetter; Roland Ackermann; Guillaume Méjean; Jin Yu; Estelle Salmon; Jerome Kasparian; Jean-Pierre Wolf; Ludger Wöste
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Optical metrology for high fidelity LCD-TV
Author(s): Michael E. Becker; Bogdan B. Kosmowski
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Phase-shifting microwave interferometry for nondestructive testing
Author(s): Antonin Miks; Jiri Novak
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Evaluation of small phase changes of wave field using colorimetric analysis
Author(s): Jiri Novak; Antonin Miks; Pavel Novak
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Correlation method for testing optical surfaces
Author(s): Jiri Novak; Antonin Miks
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Accuracy analysis of a mathematical model of the pulse waveform
Author(s): Michal Boltrukiewicz; Anna Cysewska-Sobusiak
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Membranes affinity of 10-hydroxycamptothecin and SN-38, anticancer agents, determined by fluorescence spectra analysis
Author(s): Michał Cyrankiewicz; Blanka Ziomkowska; Stefan Kruszewski; Ryszard Siuda
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Polarization optical tomography with imaging based on neural processing
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domański; Mikołaj K. Olszewski; Tomasz R. Woliński
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The method of analysis of joint space width measurement results: practical verification
Author(s): Grażyna Gilewska
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Stereoscopic adapter based system using HMD and image processing software for supporting inner ear operations performed using operating microscope
Author(s): Marcin Leśniewski; Malgorzata Kujawińska; Tomasz Kucharski; Kazimierz Niemczyk
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Analysis of temperature regimes of hyperthermia of cancer of bronchi
Author(s): I. Manak; A. Lisenkova; A. Nikolaeva
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SERS and MEF: promising techniques for biomedicine
Author(s): Stefan Kruszewski; Henryk Malak; Blanka Ziomkowska; Michał Cyrankiewicz
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Optical coherence tomography for flow examination
Author(s): Marta Gomez Cid; G. Dobre; D. J. Woods; B. Wennart; A. Podoleanu
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Microspherical resonators for biophotonic sensors
Author(s): M. Brenci; R. Calzolai; F. Cosi; G. Nunzi Conti; S. Pelli; G. C. Righini
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Integral modeling of human eyes: from anatomy to visual response
Author(s): Rafael Navarro
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Photoactive sol-gel biocoatings
Author(s): A. Ulatowska-Jarża; U. Bindig; H. Podbielska; I. Hołowacz; I. Gersonde; J. Beuthan; G. Müller; H. J. Eichler
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Examination of light distribution from sol-gel based applicators for interstitial laser therapy
Author(s): I. Hołowacz; A. Ulatowska-Jarża; H. Podbielska; I. Garbaczewska
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Examination of light distribution from fibers coated with sol-gel films doped with porphyrine
Author(s): A. Ulatowska-Jarża; U. Bindig; H. Podbielska; D. Andrzejewski; G. Müller; H. J. Eichler
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Laser transillumination for diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis
Author(s): E. Boerner; H. Podbielska; J. Bauer; L. Dmochowska; M. Dziewięcka
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