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Medical Imaging 2006: PACS and Imaging Informatics

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Volume Number: 6145
Date Published: 2 March 2006

Table of Contents
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MoniQA: a general approach to monitor quality assurance
Author(s): J. Jacobs; T. Deprez; G. Marchal M.D.; H. Bosmans
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A method for reduction of eye fatigue by optimizing the ambient light conditions in radiology reading rooms
Author(s): Amarpreet S. Chawla; Ehsan Samei
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Network-based reading system for lung cancer screening CT
Author(s): Yuichi Fujino; Kaori Fujimura; Shin-ichiro Nomura; Harumi Kawashima; Megumu Tsuchikawa; Toru Matsumoto; Kei-ichi Nagao M.D.; Takahiro Uruma M.D.; Shinji Yamamoto; Hotaka Takizawa; Chikazumi Kuroda; Tomio Nakayama
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CMAS: a rich media annotation system for medical imaging
Author(s): I-Jong Lin; Hui Chao
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On-demand rendering of an oblique slice through 3D volumetric data using JPEG2000 client-server framework
Author(s): Rajan L. Joshi
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Structured recording of intraoperative surgical workflows
Author(s): T. Neumuth; N. Durstewitz; M. Fischer; G. Strauss M.D.; A. Dietz M.D.; J. Meixensberger M.D.; P. Jannin; K. Cleary; H. U. Lemke; O. Burgert
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Workflow in interventional radiology: nerve blocks and facet blocks
Author(s): Donald Siddoway; Mary Lou Ingeholm; Oliver Burgert; Thomas Neumuth; Vance Watson M.D.; Kevin Cleary
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An ultrasound image-guided surgical workflow model
Author(s): Bing Guo; Heinz Lemke; Brent Liu; H.K. Huang; Edward G. Grant
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Peer-to-peer architecture for multi-departmental distributed PACS
Author(s): Antoine Rosset; Joris Heuberger; Lance Pysher; Osman Ratib M.D.
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A demanding web-based PACS supported by web services technology
Author(s): Carlos M. A. Costa; Augusto Silva; José L. Oliveira; Vasco G. Ribeiro M.D.; José Ribeiro
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A design methodology for fault-tolerance in a DICOM-compliant data storage grid
Author(s): Jorge Documet; Zheng Zhou; Brent J. Liu; Nelson King; H. K. Huang
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Medical image compression using cubic spline interpolation for low bit-rate telemedicine applications
Author(s): Trieu-Kien Truong; Shi-Huang Chen
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Atlas of protein expression: image capture, analysis, and design of terabyte image database
Author(s): Jiahua Wu; Gareth Maslen; Anthony Warford; Gareth Griffin; Jane Xie; Sandra Crowther; John McCafferty
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Relevance feedback for shape-based pathology in spine x-ray image retrieval
Author(s): Xiaoqian Xu; Sameer Antani; D. J. Lee; L. Rodney Long; George R. Thoma
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BIRAM: a content-based image retrieval framework for medical images
Author(s): Ramon A. Moreno; Sergio S. Furuie
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Building an IT healthcare enterprise by taking the standards to the limits and sometimes beyond that
Author(s): Mikael Wintell; Lars Lindsköld; Staffan Gustafsson; Nino da Silva
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A unified approach for the adequate visualization of structured medical reports
Author(s): Jörg Riesmeier; Marco Eichelberg; Thomas Wilkens; Peter Jensch
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IHE cross-enterprise document sharing for imaging: design challenges
Author(s): Rita Noumeir
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Three-dimensional lossless digital signature embedding for the integrity of volumetric images
Author(s): Zheng Zhou; H. K. Huang; B. J. Liu
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A DICOM-RT Based ePR radiation therapy information system for decision-support of brain tumor patients
Author(s): B. J. Liu; M. Law; H. K. Huang; C. S. Zee; L. Chan
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A tracking and verification system implemented in a clinical environment for partial HIPAA compliance
Author(s): Bing Guo; Jorge Documet; Brent Liu; Nelson King; Rasu Shrestha; Kevin Wang; H.K. Huang; Edward G. Grant
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Technical experiences of implementing a wireless tracking and facial biometric verification system for a clinical environment
Author(s): Brent Liu; Jasper Lee; Jorge Documet; Bing Guo; Nelson King; H.K. Huang
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Grid based medical image workflow and archiving for research and enterprise PACS applications
Author(s): Stephan G. Erberich; Manasee Dixit; Vincent Chen; Ann Chervenak; Marvin D. Nelson M.D.; Carl Kesselmann
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Hierarchical storage of large volume of multidector CT data using distributed servers
Author(s): Osman Ratib M.D.; Antoine Rosset; Joris Heuberger; David Bandon
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Tele diagnostic by web
Author(s): Shigeki Sugiyama
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Computer-aided diagnosis workstation and database system for chest diagnosis based on multihelical CT images
Author(s): Hitoshi Satoh; Noboru Niki; Kiyoshi Mori; Kenji Eguchi; Masahiro Kaneko; Ryutarou Kakinuma; Noriyuki Moriyama; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Hideo Masuda; Suguru Machida; Michizou Sasagawa
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Carpal bone analysis in bone age assessment
Author(s): Aifeng Zhang; Arkadiusz Gertych; Sylwia Kurkowska-Pospiech; Brent J. Liu; H. K. Huang
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Using irreversible compression in digital radiology: a preliminary study of the opinions of radiologists
Author(s): Euclid Seeram
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MICE: a mouse imaging collaboration environment
Author(s): Jacek Szymanski; Chris Flask; David Wilson; David Johnson; Raymond F. Muzic Jr.; Guo-Qiang Zhang
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Impact of volumetric ultrasound on PACS
Author(s): Steven Horii M.D.; Alberto Goldszal; Regina Redfern; Beverly Coleman; Jill Langer; Dan Morton; Susan Rowling; William Boonn; Christopher Iyoob
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Content-based image retrieval in picture archiving and communication system
Author(s): Yongqiang Tan; Jianguo Zhang; Yanqing Hua; Guozhen Zhang; H.K. Huang
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The impact of lossless image compression to radiographs
Author(s): Thomas M. Lehmann; Jürgen Abel; Claudia Weiss
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Development of a mobile emergency patient information and imaging communication system based on CDMA-1X EVDO
Author(s): Keon Ho Yang; Haijo Jung; Won-Suk Kang; Bong Mun Jang; Joong Il Kim; Dong Hoon Han; Sun-Kook Yoo; Hyung-Sik Yoo; Hee-Joung Kim
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Applying XDS for sharing CDA-based medical records
Author(s): Joong Il Kim; Bong Mun Jang; Dong Hoon Han; Keon Ho Yang; Won-Suk Kang; Haijo Jung; Hee-Joung Kim
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The application of multilayer tree structure in DICOM
Author(s): MinHui Pan; ZhiHong Yao
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Development of patient collation system by kinetic analysis for chest dynamic radiogram with flat panel detector
Author(s): Yuichiro Tsuchiya; Yoshie Kodera
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HIPAA-compliant automatic monitoring system for RIS-integrated PACS operation
Author(s): Jin Jin; Jianguo Zhang; Xiaomeng Chen; Jianyong Sun; Yuanyuan Yang; Chenwen Liang; Jie Feng; Liwei Sheng; H. K. Huang
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Interactive radiological education file system integrated with PACS
Author(s): Myung Jin Shin; Ik Soo Choi
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Sharing medical images: a proposal of a reference image database
Author(s): Marcelo dos Santos; Sérgio S. Furuie
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Automatic orientation correction for radiographs
Author(s): Hui Luo; Jiebo Luo; Xiaohui Wang
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Implementation of a fault-tolerant PACS over a grid architecture
Author(s): Marco A. Gutierrez; Carlos S. Santos; Ramon A. Moreno; Luiz O. M. Kobayashi; Sergio S. Furuie; Sergio M. Freire; Daniel B. Floriano; Carlos S. Oliveira Jr.; Mario João Jr.; Ronaldo C. Gismondi
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Integration of LDSE and LTVS logs with HIPAA compliant auditing system (HCAS)
Author(s): Zheng Zhou; Brent J. Liu; H. K. Huang; Bing Guo; Jorge Documet; Nelson King
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Rib shape recognition in lung x-ray images for intelligent assistance
Author(s): Hideyuki Sakaida; Akira Oosawa; Kazuo Shimura
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