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Liquid Crystal Materials, Devices, and Applications XI
Editor(s): Liang-Chy Chien

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Volume Number: 6135
Date Published: 23 February 2006

Table of Contents
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Enhancement of the characteristics of LCDs by doping nanoparticles: reduction of the operating voltage, viscosity, and response times
Author(s): Satoru Sano; Tomohiro Miyama; Kohki Takatoh; Shunsuke Kobayashi
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Wide-viewing angle IPS-LCD for TV applications using optical compensation technology
Author(s): D. Kajita; I. Hiyama; U. Utsumi; M. Ishii; K. Ono
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High performance TAC film for LCDs
Author(s): Hiroyuki Mori
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Optical microscopy studies of polymer/liquid-crystal diffractive optics
Author(s): Aifang Xie; Gregory T. Roman; Christopher T. Culbertson; Daniel A. Higgins
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A new method for simultaneous measurement of phase retardation and optical axis of a compensation film
Author(s): Yung-Hsun Wu; Ju-Hyun Lee; Yi-Hsin Lin; Hongwen Ren; Shin-Tson Wu
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Advances in OCB mode LCDs: improvement of moving picture quality and control of bend alignment
Author(s): Hirofumi Wakemoto; Kenji Nakao; Akio Takimoto
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Novel U-shaped liquid crystals for electro-optic devices
Author(s): Atsushi Yoshizawa; Juri Rokunohe; Shinpei Segawa; Fumitaka Ogasawara
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Potential applications of nematic liquid crystal materials in the millimeter wave region
Author(s): T. Nose; S. Saito; S. Yanagihara; M. Honma
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Survey of switchable lasing configurations using structures of liquid crystal and polymer dispersions
Author(s): Scott J. Woltman; Matthew E. Sousa; Hailiang Zhang; Gregory P. Crawford
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Transmissive spatial light modulators with high figure-of-merit liquid crystals for foveated imaging applications
Author(s): Jamie Harriman; Sebastian Gauza; Shin-Tson Wu; David Wick; Brett Bagwell; Ty Martinez; Don Payne; Steven Serati
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Recent progress in liquid crystal THz optics
Author(s): Ci-Ling Pan; Ru-Pin Pan
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Achromatic Linear Polarization Switch for Visible and Near Infrared Radiation Based on Dual-Frequency Twisted Nematic Cell
Author(s): Andrii B. Golovin; Oleg P. Pishnyak; Sergij V. Shiyanovskii; Oleg D. Lavrentovich
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Molecular orientation effects in the CPW type LC devices for MMW phase shifting
Author(s): T. Nose; S. Yanagihara; M. Honma
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Optical behaviour of hybrid LC/inorganic nanostructures
Author(s): Nicholas G. Wakefield; Anastasia L. Elias; Michael J. Brett; Jeremy C. Sit
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Liquid crystalline supramolecular polymers formed via complementary nucleobase pair interactions
Author(s): Kelly A. Burke; Sona Sivakova; Patrick T. Mather; Stuart J. Rowan
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2D/3D switchable displays
Author(s): T. Dekker; S. T. de Zwart; O. H. Willemsen; M. G. H. Hiddink; W. L. IJzerman
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Development of low anchoring strength liquid crystal mixtures for bistable nematic displays
Author(s): D. Stoenescu; D. Gallaire; L. Faget; S. Lamarque-Forget; S. Joly; J-C. Dubois; Ph. Martinot-Lagarde; I. Dozov
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A novel WV film for fast-response-time OCB-LCD
Author(s): Ryota Matsubara; Yoji Ito; Shun Nakamura; Hiroyuki Mori; Keiji Mihayashi
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Doubling the output power of dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal lasers
Author(s): Ying Zhou; Yuhua Huang; Alexandra Rapaport; Michael Bass; Shin-Tson Wu
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Anisotropic layers in waveguides for mode tuning and tunable filtering
Author(s): I. Abdulhalim
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Cross-display-technology video motion measurement tools
Author(s): John W. Roberts; Edward Fanning; Hassan Sahibzada
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Visible laser and laser array sources for projection displays
Author(s): Michael Jansen; Brad D. Cantos; Glen P. Carey; Rene Dato; Giorgio Giaretta; Sascha Hallstein; William R. Hitchens; Dicky Lee; Aram Mooradian; Rashit F. Nabiev; Greg Niven; Andrei V. Shchegrov; Arvydas Umbrasas; Jason P. Watson
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Vertical alignment of high birefringence and negative dielectric anisotropic liquid crystals for projection displays
Author(s): Chien-Hui Wen; Benjamin Wu; Sebastian Gauza; Shin-Tson Wu
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Imaging property of dual parabolic reflector and its application in lamp manufacture
Author(s): Yong-Jing Wang; Seiji Inatsugu; Kenneth Li
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Circularly polarized luminescence from chiral thin films
Author(s): Bryan Szeto; Peter C. P. Hrudey; Mike Taschuk; Michael J. Brett
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Development of desktop display for collaborative tasks
Author(s): Kunio Sakamoto; Masayuki Yoshigi; Masataka Nishida
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