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Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers V

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Volume Number: 6133
Date Published: 7 February 2006

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Room-temperature continuous-wave single-mode quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Stéphane Blaser; Lubos Hvozdara; Yargo Bonetti; Antoine Muller; Andreas Bächle; Stephan Jochum; Stefan Hansmann; Thierry Aellen; Marcella Giovannini; Jérôme Faist
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InP based QCL in MBE production machine
Author(s): Michel Garcia; Francois Julien Vermersch; Xavier Marcadet; Shailendra Bansropun; Mathieu Carras; Arnaud Wilk; Christine Chaix; Carlo Sirtori
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High-power and wide wavelength range GaN-based laser diodes
Author(s): Tokuya Kozaki; Hiroaki Matsumura; Yasunobu Sugimoto; Shin-ichi Nagahama; Takashi Mukai
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Defects and Degradation of Nitride-based Laser Diodes
Author(s): Shigetaka Tomiya; Tomonori Hino; Takao Miyajima; Osamu Goto; Masao Ikeda
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Mid-IR type-II W and interband cascade lasers emitting high CW powers
Author(s): C. S. Kim; C. L. Canedy; W. W. Bewley; M. Kim; J. R. Lindle; I. Vurgaftman; J. R. Meyer
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Broadly Tunable and Multi-Spectral Mid-IR Semiconductor Lasers and Applications
Author(s): Chuan Peng; Yi Wang; Yang Wang; Huanlin Zhang; Guipeng Luo; Bujin Guo; Han Q. Le
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Highly reliable 75W InGaAs/AlGaAs laser bars with over 70% conversion efficiency
Author(s): Götz Erbert; Frank Bugge; Andrea Knigge; Ralf Staske; Bernd Sumpf; Hans Wenzel; Günther Tränkle
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Optical system integration and reliability of very large arrays of individually addressable high-power single mode lasers
Author(s): S. P. Najda; G. Bacchin; S. McKechnie; M. Murad; E. Goutain; X. Liu; C. J. Hamilton; J. H. Marsh
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High-efficient 650 nm laser bars with an output power of about 10 W and a wall-plug efficiency of 30%
Author(s): Bernd Sumpf; Martin Zorn; Ralf Staske; Jörg Fricke; Peter Ressel; Götz Erbert; Markus Weyers; Günther Tränkle
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High-power high-brightness tapered lasers with an Al-free active region at 915 nm
Author(s): N. Michel; I. Hassiaoui; M. Lecomte; O. Parillaud; M. Calligaro; M. Krakowski
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High power broad area 808 nm DFB lasers for pumping solid state lasers
Author(s): A. Klehr; F. Bugge; G. Erbert; J. Fricke; A. Knauer; P. Ressel; H. Wenzel; G. Tränkle
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Carrier lifetime and recombination in 1.3 µm P-doped InAs qauntum dot lasers
Author(s): A. A. Dikshit; Vishnu Vangapally; J. M. Pikal
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Achieving narrow linewidth low-phase noise external cavity semiconductor lasers through the reduction of 1/f noise
Author(s): Robert E. Bartolo; Clay K. Kirkendall; Vladimir Kupershmidt; Sabeur Siala
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Non equilibrium electrons in THz quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Miriam Serena Vitiello; Gaetano Scamarcio; Vincenzo Spagnolo
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High power AlInGaN-based blue-violet laser diodes
Author(s): O. H. Nam; K. H. Ha; H. Y. Ryu; S. N. Lee; T. H. Chang; K. K. Choi; J. K. Son; J. H. Chae; S. H. Chae; H. S. Paek; Y. J. Sung; T. Sakong; H. G. Kim; H. S. Kim; Y. H. Kim; Y. J. Park
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Characteristics of CW violet laser diodes grown by MBE
Author(s): J. Heffernan; M. Kauer; S. E. Hooper; V. Bousquet; J. Windle; T. Smeeton; J. M. Barnes
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Characteristics of intensity noise in blue-violet InGaN semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Kenjiro Matsuoka; Kazushi Saeki; Eiji Teraoka; Minoru Yamada; Yuji Kuwamura
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Broad-area high-power CW operated InGaN laser diodes
Author(s): P. Wiśniewski; R. Czernecki; P. Prystawko; M. Maszkowicz; M. Leszczyński; T. Suski; I. Grzegory; S. Porowski; M. Marona; T. Świetlik; P. Perlin
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1.3-1.5 µm quantum dot lasers on foreign substrates: growth using defect reduction technique, high-power CW operation, and degradation resistance
Author(s): N. N. Ledentsov; A. R. Kovsh; V. A. Shchukin; S. S. Mikhrin; I. L. Krestnikov; A. V. Kozhukhov; L. Ya. Karachinsky; M. V. Maximov; I. I. Novikov; Yu. M. Shernyakov; I. P. Soshnikov; A. E. Zhukov; Yu. G. Musikhin; V. M. Ustinov; N. D. Zakharov; P. Werner; T. Kettler; K. Posilovic; D. Bimberg; M. Hu; H. K. Nguyen; K. Song; Chung-en Zah
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Characterisation of modulation doped quantum dot lasers
Author(s): Peter M. Smowton; Ian C. Sandall; Craig L. Walker; John D. Thomson; Angela Sobiesierski; Tom Badcock; David J. Mowbray; Hui-Yun Liu; Mark Hopkinson
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High performance 1.3µm quantum dot lasers on GaAs and Silicon
Author(s): P. Bhattacharya; Z. Mi; J. Yang; S. Fathpour
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Heterogeneous integration of silicon and AlGaInAs for a silicon evanescent laser
Author(s): Alexander W. Fang; Hyundai Park; Richard Jones; Oded Cohen; Mario J. Paniccia; John E. Bowers
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Performance benefits of nonlinear quantum cascade sources
Author(s): Alexey Belyanin; Feng Xie; Federico Capasso; Claire Gmachl; Oana Malis
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High-index-contrast ridge waveguide lasers fabricated via oxygen-enhanced wet thermal oxidation
Author(s): Di Liang; Jusong Wang; Douglas C. Hall; Gregory M. Peake; Quesnell Hartmann
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Properties of a High T0 1.3µm GaInNAs/GaAs Quantum Well Laser Diode
Author(s): X. Zhang; J. A. Gupta; P. J. Barrios; G. Pakulski; X. Wu; A. Delage; T. J. Hall
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High-power diode laser arrays emitting at 2 µm with reduced far-field angle
Author(s): Márc T. Kelemen; Marcel Rattunde; Jürgen Weber; Christian Pfahler; Gudrun Kaufel; Rudolf Moritz; Johannes Schmitz; Michael Mikulla; Joachim Wagner
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850 nm asymmetric cladding surface etched DBR lasers with narrow spectral linewidth
Author(s): R. K. Price; V. C. Elarde; J. J. Coleman
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High-Power Al-free active region (λ = 852nm) laser diodes for atomic clocks and interferometry applications
Author(s): V. Ligeret; F.-J. Vermersch; S. Bansropun; M. Lecomte; M. Calligaro; O. Parillaud; M. Krakowski
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High-frequency tuning of high-powered DFB MOPA system with diffraction limited power up to 1.5W
Author(s): Joachim Sacher; Richard Knispel; Sandra Stry
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