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Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies X

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Volume Number: 6123
Date Published: 15 February 2006

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Press-patterned UV-curable high refractive index coatings
Author(s): Robert Morford; Wu-Sheng Shih; JoElle Dachsteiner
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Erbium-doped polymer-based materials and waveguides for amplification at 1,55 µm
Author(s): A. Q. Le Quang; E. Besson; R. Hierle; A. Mehdi; C. Reyé; R. Corriu; J. Zyss; S. Pietralunga; I. Ledoux
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Fast amplitude and delay measurement for characterization of integrated optic devices
Author(s): M. Thompson; H. Zhu; W. Rivera; M. Solmaz; D. Adams; C. K. Madsen
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Emerging Trends in Photonics Modeling
Author(s): James Pond; Todd Kleckner; Paul Paddon; Adam Reid
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Plasmon-enhanced absorption and transmission in spherical Bragg resonators
Author(s): Miriam Deutsch; Keisuke Hasegawa; Charles Rohde
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Subwavelength plasmonic waveguide structures based on slots in thin metal films
Author(s): Georgios Veronis; Shanhui Fan
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Tunable resonant leaky mode silicon-on-insulator photonic devices
Author(s): R. Magnusson; Y. Ding
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The modeling of MMI devices
Author(s): Laurence W. Cahill
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Bimetallic silver-gold film waveguide surface plasmon resonance sensor
Author(s): Biow Hiem Ong; Xiaocong Yuan; Swee Chuan Tjin
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Some new trends on LINBO3 modulators
Author(s): Nadège Courjal; M. P. Bernal; J. Hauden; J. Amet; M. Roussey; H. Porte
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Novel optical-waveguide sensing platform based on input grating coupler
Author(s): Sonia Grego; Sudipto Naskar; Aarish M Patel; Alan Huffman; Christopher A. Bower; Brian R. Stoner
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Novel integrated polarization analyzer sensor made by ion-exchange in glass
Author(s): Pierre Lemaître-Auger; Khelifa Djerroud; Philippe Benech; Pierre Benech
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Large core, single-mode glass-based waveguides for photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): Deng Zhang; Weijian Pan; Yaping Zhang; Armando Loni; Phillip Sewell; Trevor M. Benson; Cheryl A. Miller; David Furniss; Angela B. Seddon
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Characterization of highly photorefractive and active silica-germania sputtered thin films.
Author(s): S. Berneschi; M. Brenci; A. Chiasera; M. Ferrari; G. Nunzi Conti; S. Pelli; S. Sebastiani; C. Tosello; G. C. Righini
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Thick hybrid silica-zirconia sol-gel film for single-step fabrication of channel waveguide
Author(s): Miao He; Jing Bu; Xiaocong Yuan
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Polymer photonic integrated circuits by DUV-induced modification
Author(s): Dominik G. Rabus; Patric Henzi; Mathias Bruendel; Herbert Hein; Yasuhisa Ichihashi; Tilmann Rogge; Alexander Welle
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Highly stable and low loss electro-optic polymer waveguides for high speed microring modulators using photodefinition
Author(s): M. Balakrishnan; M. B. J. Diemeer; A. Driessen; M. Faccini; W. Verboom; D. N. Reinhoudt; A. Leinse
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InP-based 1.55 μm waveguide-integrated photodetectors for high-speed applications
Author(s): A. Beling
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Infrared single-mode hollow conductive waveguides for stellar interferometry
Author(s): Pierre Labeye; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin; Pierre Kern; Patrice Noël; Pierre Saguet; Lucas Labadie; Cyril Ruilier; Volker Kirshner
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Manipulation of microparticles with integrated optics
Author(s): Olav Gaute Helles; Katarina Grujic; J. Patrick Hole; Hitesh Jaising; James S. Wilkinson
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Enhanced Cerenkov second-harmonic generation in patterned lithium niobate
Author(s): Cong Deng; Joseph W. Haus; Andrew Sarangan; Aziz Mahfoud; Concita Sibilia; Michael Scalora; Aleksei M. Zheltikov
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Cascaded planar reflective gratings
Author(s): S. Bidnyk; M. Pearson; A. Balakrishnan; M. Gao
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Multilayer integrated nano-optical devices
Author(s): Jian Wang; Xuegong Deng; Xiaoming Liu; Anguel Nikolov; Paul Sciortino; Feng Liu; Lei Chen
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Integration of encoder/decoder for avionic OCDMA by holographic Bragg reflectors
Author(s): Yue-Kai Huang; Ivan Glesk; Paul R. Prucnal; Christoph Greiner; Dmitri Iazikov; Thomas W. Mossberg
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Compact coding devices using the novel anti-symmetric gratings
Author(s): Jose M. Castro; Seppo Honkanen; Christoph M. Greiner; Dmitri Iazikov; Thomas W. Mossberg; David F. Geraghty
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Annular Bragg resonators (ABR): the ideal tool for biochemical sensing, nonlinear optics, and cavity QED
Author(s): Jacob Scheuer; William M. J. Green; Amnon Yariv
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Study of a pump/signal multiplexer based on a segmented asymmetric Y junction by silver/sodium ion exchange on glass
Author(s): Davide Bucci; Jérôme Grelin; Elise Ghibaudo; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Active and passive integrated optical devices written in glasses with femtosecond laser systems
Author(s): R. Osellame; N. Chiodo; G. Della Valle; S. Taccheo; G. Cerullo; R. Ramponi; P. Laporta; A. Killi; U. Morgner
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Fabrication of multifunctional optical waveguides by capillary-electrophoresis doping technique
Author(s): Tetsuji Yano; Jun Taguchi; Hiroyo Segawa; Shuichi Shibata
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All optical broadband steering by phase angle controlled stationary element (PACSE) mirrors
Author(s): David V. Tsu; Robert O. Miller; David Strand
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Photonic crystal waveguide-based dispersion compensators
Author(s): M. Kamp; J. Zimmermann; S. Anand; R. März; A. W. Forchel
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Fabrication and characterization of AlGaAs/GaAs multiquantum well ring lasers
Author(s): Binglin Miao; Shouyuan Shi; Janusz Murakowski; Caihua Chen; Dennis W. Prather
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Net gain demonstration with glass hybrid optical amplifiers made by ion-exchange and wafer bonding
Author(s): Florent Gardillou; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Design, fabrication, and characterization of 3D photonic crystals constructed from low-index polymers
Author(s): Dennis W. Prather; Ahmed Sharkawy; Peng Yao; Shouyuan Shi; Eric Kelmelis
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Integration of plastic waveguide lasers on film and its application
Author(s): Yuji Oki; Yukinori Ogawa; Kenichi Yamashita; Hirofumi Watanabe; Masaya Miyazaki; Mitsuo Maeda
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From magic to technology: materials integration by wafer bonding
Author(s): Viorel Dragoi
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Integrated high-Q reflective cavities
Author(s): T. W. Mossberg; C. Greiner; D. Iazikov
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Wafer bonding between InP and Ce:YIG(CeY2Fe5O12) using O2 plasma surface activation for an integrated optical waveguide isolator
Author(s): J. W. Roh; J. S. Yang; S. H. Ok; D. H. Woo; Y. T. Byun; Y. M. Jhon; T. Mizumoto; W. Y. Lee; S. Lee
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Long-term stability of polymeric integrated optical components
Author(s): Wing-Ying Kwong
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Proton exchanged waveguides in LiNbO3 characterization and design methodology
Author(s): José Manuel Marques Martins de Almeida; António Manuel Pais Pereira Leite
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Super slim optical pickup for mobile storage device applications
Author(s): Sung-Dong Suh; Eunhyoung Cho; Haesung Kim; Yunwoo Nam; Jinseung Sohn; Myungbok Lee; Youngsuh Jin
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Designing WDM filter on planar holographic Bragg reflectors with iterative layer-peeling algorithm
Author(s): Yueh Ouyang
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Low loss optical interconnects to silicon waveguides
Author(s): Ariela Donval; Ram Oron; Moshe Oron; A. N. M. Masu Choudhury; Tom R. Stanczyk; Dean Richardson
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