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Semiconductor Photodetectors III
Editor(s): Marshall J. Cohen; Eustace L. Dereniak

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Volume Number: 6119
Date Published: 10 February 2006

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Solar-blind AlGaN 256x256 p-i-n detectors and focal plane arrays
Author(s): M. B. Reine; A. Hairston; P. Lamarre; K. K. Wong; S. P. Tobin; A. K. Sood; C. Cooke; M. Pophristic; S. Guo; B. Peres; R. Singh; C. R. Eddy Jr.; U. Chowdhury; M. M. Wong; R. D. Dupuis; T. Li; S. P. DenBaars
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Long wavelength MSM photodetectors fabricated on InGaNAs
Author(s): François Gouin; Julian Noad; Erle Higgins; David Coulas
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PIN versus PN homojunctions in GaInAsSb 2.0-2.5 micron mesa photodiodes
Author(s): J. P. Prineas; J. R. Yager; J. T. Olesberg; S. Seydmohamadi; C. Cao; M. Reddy; C. Coretsopoulos; J. L. Hicks; T. F. Boggess; M. Santilli; L. Olafsen
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Processes limiting the performance of InAs/GaSb superlattice mid-infrared PIN mesa photodiodes
Author(s): J. P. Prineas; Mikhail Maiorov; C. Cao; J. T. Olesberg; M. E. Flatté; M. Reddy; C. Coretsopoulos; Mark Itzler
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Electronic characteristics of doped InAs/GaAs quantum dot photodetector: temperature dependent dark current and noise density
Author(s): Chung-Chi Liao; Shiang-Feng Tang; Tzu-Chiang Chen; Cheng-Der Chiang; San-Te Yang; Wen-Kuan Su
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Development of a solid state photomultiplier based on an array of Geiger mode CMOS avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): William G. Lawrence; Christopher J. Stapels; Frank L. Augustine; James F. Christian
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Developments in single photon avalanche photodiodes with fast timing resolution
Author(s): Nick Bertone; Andrea Giudice
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Scalable Geiger/APD/PIN multi-channel sensing platform
Author(s): Steve Buckley; Stephen Bellis; Reuben Wilcock; Alan Mathewson; J. Carlton Jackson
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Study of the properties of new SPM detectors
Author(s): A. G. Stewart; E. Greene-O'Sullivan; D. J. Herbert; V. Saveliev; F. Quinlan; L. Wall; P. J. Hughes; A. Mathewson; J. C. Jackson
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Novel black silicon PIN photodiodes
Author(s): Aoife M. Moloney; Liam Wall; Alan Mathewson; Gerard Healy; J. Carlton Jackson
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Noise performance and temperature coefficients studies for the back-illuminated, thin silicon pin photodiode arrays
Author(s): Ilja Goushcha; Bernd Tabbert; Alexander O. Goushcha
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CID25: radiation hardened color video camera
Author(s): D. A. Baiko; S. K. Bhaskaran; S. W. Czebiniak
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Development of a 300,000-pixel ultrahigh-speed high-sensitivity CCD
Author(s): H. Ohtake; T. Hayashida; K. Kitamura; T. Arai; J. Yonai; K. Tanioka; H. Maruyama; T. Goji Etoh; D. Poggemann; A. Ruckelshausen; H. van Kuijk; Jan T. Bosiers
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Progress in development on CdZnTe x-ray detector
Author(s): Yongdong Zhou; Ning Zhou; Linhu Zhang; Jin Wang; Aihua Wan
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Birefringence of yttrium vanadate single crystals in the middle wavelength infrared
Author(s): Haitao Luo; Tomasz Tkaczyk; Robert Sampson; Eustace L. Dereniak
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Solid state photomultiplier: noise parameters of photodetectors with internal discrete amplification
Author(s): K. Linga; E. Godik; J. Krutov; D. Shushakov; L. Shubin; S. L. Vinogradov; E. V. Levin
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Undoped InP sandwiched InGaAs p-i-n photodetector with partially p-doped photoabsorption layer grown on linearly graded metamorphic InxGa1-xP buffered GaAs substrate
Author(s): Yu-Sheng Liao; Gong-Ru Lin; Hao-Chung Kuo; Milton Feng
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