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MEMS/MOEMS Components and Their Applications III

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Volume Number: 6113
Date Published: 21 January 2006

Table of Contents
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Silicon on insulator inertial MEMS device processing
Author(s): William D. Sawyer; Mert S. Prince
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The effects of collateral modes on MEMS gyro bias
Author(s): Terry Roszhart
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A novel excitation scheme for MEMS gyroscopes using parametric pumping for near inertial grade performance
Author(s): B. J. Gallacher; J. S. Burdess; K. M. Harish
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Markets and applications for MEMS inertial sensors
Author(s): Richard H. Dixon; Jérémie Bouchaud
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MEMS for the next generation of giant astronomical telescopes
Author(s): Donald Gavel
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MEMS-based extreme adaptive optics for planet detection
Author(s): Bruce Macintosh; James Graham; Ben Oppenheimer; Lisa Poyneer; Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Jean-Pierre Veran
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Requirements for MEMS mirrors for adaptive optics in the eye
Author(s): Elizabeth Daly; Eugenie Dalimier; Chris Dainty
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MEMS deformable mirror for ophthalmic imaging
Author(s): Yuhua Zhang; Austin Roorda
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Varifocal optics for a novel accommodative intraocular lens
Author(s): A. N. Simonov; M. Rombach; G. Vdovin; M. Loktev
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Adaptive laser resonator control with deformable MOEMS mirrors
Author(s): Ulrich Wittrock; Petra Welp
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Tiny bimorph mirrors for laser beam control
Author(s): Alexis Kudryashov; Alexander Sobolev; Vadim Samarkin; Tatyana Cherezova
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MEMs based adaptive optics systems: the Naval Research Laboratory Program
Author(s): Sergio R. Restaino; Jonathan Andrews; Ty Martinez; Don Payne; Dave Wick; Christopher Wilcox
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Frequency stability of combined wavefront corrective elements for adaptive optics
Author(s): Christopher C. Wilcox; Jonathan R. Andrews; Sergio R. Restaino; Ty Martinez; Scott W. Teare; Don M. Payne
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Wavefront-sensorless aberration correction of extended objects using a MEMS deformable mirror
Author(s): L. P. Murray; J. C. Dainty; J. Coignus; F. Felberer
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Characterization of contour shapes achievable with a MEMS deformable mirror
Author(s): Yaopeng Zhou; Thomas Bifano
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Extreme adaptive optics testbed: performance and characterization of a 1024-MEMS deformable mirror
Author(s): Julia W. Evans; Katie Morzinski; Scott Severson; Lisa Poyneer; Bruce Macintosh; Daren Dillon; Layra Reza; Donald Gavel; David Palmer; Scot Olivier; Paul Bierden
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MEMS analog light processing: an enabling technology for adaptive optical phase control
Author(s): Andreas Gehner; Michael Wildenhain; Hannes Neumann; Jens Knobbe; Ondrej Komenda
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Performance of a high-stroke segmented MEMS deformable-mirror technology
Author(s): Michael A. Helmbrecht; Thor Juneau; Matthew Hart; Nathan Doble
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High-performance adaptive optics using microscale assembly
Author(s): Michael Cohn; Kevin Chang; Alexandros Papavasiliou; Scot Oliver; Gina Kim; Gabriel Matus; Zhixiong Xiao; Steven Cheung; KaoSio Saechao; Ryan Roehnelt
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A novel elevating structure design applied on the motion behavior analysis of micro optical devices by CMOS-MEMS Process
Author(s): Chien-Chung Tsai; Zhen-Hao Fan; Pei-Hao Lin
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Design and development of a 329-segment tip-tilt piston mirror array for space-based adaptive optics
Author(s): Jason B. Stewart; Thomas G. Bifano; Paul Bierden; Steven Cornelissen; Timothy Cook; B. Martin Levine
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MEMS actuated deformable mirror
Author(s): Alexandros Papavasiliou; Scot Olivier; Troy Barbee; Chris Walton; Michael Cohn
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Large scale nanolaminate deformable mirror
Author(s): Alexandros Papavasiliou; Scot Olivier; Troy Barbee; Robin Miles; Kevin Chang
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Polymer-based micro-deformable mirror for adaptive optics
Author(s): Arnaud Liotard; Frederic Zamkotsian; Veronique Conedera; Norbert Fabre; Patrick Lanzoni; Henri Camon; Frederic Chazallet
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Poly-SiGe MEMS actuators for adaptive optics
Author(s): Blake C.-Y. Lin; Tsu-Jae King; Richard S. Muller
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Large-stroke self-aligned vertical comb drive actuators for adaptive optics applications
Author(s): Emily Carr; Scot Olivier; Olav Solgaard
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Large stroke actuators for adaptive optics
Author(s): B. Fernández; J. A. Kubby
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MEMS deformable mirror embedded wavefront sensing and control system
Author(s): Donald Owens; Michael Schoen; Keith Bush
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USB-based controller for generic MEM device deformable mirrors
Author(s): Jonathan Andrews; Scott Teare; Christopher Wilcox; Sergio Restaino; Ty Martinez; Don Payne
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Chip-scale integrated driver for electrostatic DM control
Author(s): Duk Joong Kim; Thomas Bifano; Steven Cornelissen; Allyn E. Hubbard
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Microfabrication and test of pre-aligned fiber bundle couplers with integrated microlens array
Author(s): Ren Yang; Steven A. Soper; Wanjun Wang
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