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Micromachining Technology for Micro-Optics and Nano-Optics IV

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Volume Number: 6110
Date Published: 21 January 2006

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SU-8 multiple layer structuring by means of maskless photolithography (DWL66)
Author(s): Amir A. Saghiri; Matthias Kaden; Konrad Rössler; Roel Wijnaendts; Sven Preuss; Alexander Forozan
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Modeling the fabrication of nano-optical structures
Author(s): Raymond C. Rumpf; Pradeep Srinivasan; Eric G. Johnson
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A new fabrication technique for complex refractive micro-optical systems
Author(s): Massimo Tormen; Alessandro Carpentiero; Enrico Ferrari; Stefano Cabrini; Dan Cojoc; Enzo Di Fabrizio
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Fabrication of 3D photonic crystals by two-step dry etching of layered media
Author(s): Pradeep Srinivasan; Raymond C. Rumpf; Eric G. Johnson
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Optimization of SU-8 processing for integrated optics
Author(s): Thomas A. Anhoj; Anders M. Jorgensen; Dan A. Zauner; Jörg Hübner
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The study on spatial resolution in two-photon induced polymerization
Author(s): Kenji Takada; Hong-Bo Sun; Satoshi Kawata
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Effect of two- and three-zone phase masks on the axial and transverse intensity distribution under high numerical aperture focusing
Author(s): Stephen M. Kuebler; Toufic Jabbour
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Grey scale electron-beam lithography in functionalized SU-8 for active optical devices
Author(s): S. Balslev; T. Rasmussen; P. Shi; A. Kristensen
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New nanofabrication technique using overlay for 15-nm zone plate
Author(s): Weilun Chao; Bruce D. Harteneck; Erik H. Anderson; David Attwood; J. Alexander Liddle
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Giant optical activity in quasi-2D planar nanostructures
Author(s): Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami; Nobuyoshi Saito; Yusuke Ino; Kuniaki Konishi; Martti Kauranen; Konstantins Jefimovs; Tuomas Vallius; Jari Turunen; Yuri P. Svirko
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Monolithic fabrication of hollow ARROW-based sensors
Author(s): John P. Barber; Evan J. Lunt; Dongliang Yin; Holger Schmidt; Aaron R. Hawkins
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Fabrication of tapered air-core defects in 3D photonic crystals for multifunctional scanning-probe NSOM tips
Author(s): Garrett J. Schneider; Janusz Murakowski; Dennis W. Prather
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Fabrication issues for a chirped subwavelength form-birefringent polarization splitter
Author(s): S. A. Kemme; J. R. Wendt; G. A. Vawter; A. A. Cruz-Cabrera; D. W. Peters; R. R Boye; C. R Alford; T. R. Carter; S. Samora
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Fabrication of nano and micro optical elements by step and flash imprint lithography
Author(s): Niyaz Khusnatdinov; Gary Doyle; Mike Miller; Nick Stacey; Mike Watts; Dwayne L. LaBrake
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Optical module fabrication using nanoimprint technology
Author(s): Markus Rossi; Hartmut Rudmann; Susanne Westenhöfer; Martin Salt; Rainer Pelzer
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Fabrication of dual grating reflectors for high-power laser diodes
Author(s): Jason K. O'Daniel; Oleg V. Smolski; Eric G. Johnson
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Investigation of the III-V oxidation process for the fabrication of sub-micron three dimensional photonic devices
Author(s): Kierthi Swaminathan; Janusz Murakowski; Chris Schuetz; Garrett J. Schneider; Bhargav S. Citla; Dennis W. Prather
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Manufacture and replication of a novel polymer anti-reflective structure
Author(s): Steve Scott; Marion Gebhardt
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Fabrication of 3D photonic crystal by deep x-ray lithography
Author(s): Gang Liu; Yangchao Tian; Ying Xiong; Ya Kan
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Novel method for fabrication of high-efficiency diffractive optics for short wavelength radiation
Author(s): Rashi Garg; James Evertsen; Gregory Denbeaux
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Technology development of mold fabrication for free-form surface, DOE, and microlens
Author(s): Hiroshi Owari; Shinsuke Kawai; Yukihiro Mukai; Shigekazu Terada; Takeshi Matsuo; Masafumi Seigo; Akihiro Yano; Tadaomi Imura; Daisuke Emi; Seiichiro Kitagawa
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Tolerancing microlenses using ZEMAX
Author(s): Andrew Stockham; John G. Smith
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