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Laser-based Micropackaging

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Volume Number: 6107
Date Published: 15 February 2006

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A new laser bonding method of anisotropic conductive films in flat panel display and in semiconductor packaging
Author(s): Gi-Jung Nam; Meong-Hui Seo; Kwang-Hyun Ryu; No-Heung Kwak
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Laser joining of glass to silicon using adhesive for MEMS packaging applications
Author(s): F. Bardin; S. Kloss; C. H. Wang; A. Moore; A. Jourdain; I. De Wolf; D. P. Hand
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Laser micro welding of copper and aluminum
Author(s): Ihor Mys; Michael Schmidt
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Diode laser welding for packaging of transparent micro-structured polymer chips
Author(s): T. Klotzbuecher; M. Letschert; T. Braune; K.-S. Drese; T. Doll
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Laser patterning and welding of transparent polymers for microfluidic device fabrication
Author(s): W. Pfleging; O. Baldus
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Laser micro welding of polymeric components for dental prostheses
Author(s): M. Hustedt; A. von Busse; M. Fargas; O. Meier; A. Ostendorf; H. Bißinger
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Optimization of laser microsoldering and microwelding processes by modeling of joints kinetics formation
Author(s): Alexander Allas; Victor Novosadov; Vadim Veiko
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Numerical prediction of drilling rates for ultra-high intensity laser pulses
Author(s): V. V. Semak
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Ultra-deep plasma-assisted drilling of solids by high-power nanosecond lasers: experimental studies
Author(s): Stanley Paul; Kevin Lyon; Sergey I. Kudryashov; Susan D. Allen
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Investigation of CO2 gas breakdown using optical emission spectroscopy
Author(s): H. Ling; X. K. Shen; Y. X. Han; Y. F. Lu
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Developments in laser processing for silica-based planar lightwave circuits
Author(s): Y. Nasu; M. Abe; M. Kohtoku
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Micro-fabrication of advanced photonic devices by means of direct point-by-point femtosecond inscription in silica
Author(s): Vladimir Mezentsev; Mykhaylo Dubov; Amos Martinez; Yicheng Lai; Thomas P. Allsop; Igor Khrushchev; David J. Webb; Filip Floreani; Ian Bennion
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Use of non-digitized diffractive optical elements for high-throughput and damage-free laser materials processing
Author(s): Jun Amako; Eiichi Fujii; Yutaka Yamazaki; Tatsuya Shimoda
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Fabrication, characterization, and simulation of 3D inverse-opal photonic crystals using laser-assisted imprinting
Author(s): H. Wang; Y. F. Lu; Z. Y. Yang
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Laser-nanostructure interactions and applications for parallel nanomanufacturing
Author(s): Arvind Battula; Dongbing Shao; Yi Lu; Shaochen Chen
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Excimer laser material processing: state-of-the-art and new approaches in microsystem technology
Author(s): W. Pfleging; M. Przybylski; H. J. Brückner
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Thermal damage of silicon wafer in thermal cleaving process with pulsed laser and CW laser
Author(s): K. Yamada; T. Ueda; A. Hosokawa; Y. Yamane; K. Sekiya
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Laser slotting of silicon for inkjet printer heads
Author(s): Tuan Anh Mai; Delphine Perrottet; Max Wiki; Bernold Richerzhagen
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Applications of laser patterning to fabricate innovative thin-film silicon solar cells
Author(s): Wataru Shinohara; Masaki Shima; Shigeharu Taira; Kenji Uchihashi; Akira Terakawa
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Rapid manufacturing of lattice structures with selective laser melting
Author(s): Olaf Rehme; Claus Emmelmann
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Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): J. Shi; Y. F. Lu; X. W. Wang
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Vaporization and deposition of an intact polyimide precursor by resonant infrared pulsed laser ablation
Author(s): N. L. Dygert; K. E. Schriver; R. F. Haglund Jr.
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Two-dimensional surface characterization of laser-deposited carbon films using Raman scattering
Author(s): K. J. Yi; Y. F. Lu; H. Ling
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Laser-assisted synthesis of diamond-like carbon from cyclohexane liquid
Author(s): Y. X. Han; H. Ling; Y. F. Lu; M. J. O'Keefe; T. McKindra
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Adaptive modeling of the femtosecond inscription in silica
Author(s): Vladimir Mezentsev; Jovana Petrovic; Jürgen Dreher; Rainer Grauer
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Pulsed selective laser removal of nano- and micro-particles
Author(s): Shishir Shukla; Sergey I. Kudryashov; Kevin Lyon; Susan D. Allen
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Microstructures on graphite surfaces fabricated by intense single femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Sergey I. Kudryashov
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