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High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications IV
Editor(s): Mark S. Zediker

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Volume Number: 6104
Date Published: 10 February 2006

Table of Contents
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Noncorrosive microcoolers with matched CTE
Author(s): Thomas Ebert D.V.M.; Wilhelm Meiners; Markus Pajunk
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Reliable high power diode lasers: thermo-mechanical fatigue aspects
Author(s): Genady Klumel; Yaakov Gridish; Igor Szafranek; Yoram Karni
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Expansion-matched passively cooled heatsinks with low thermal resistance for high-power diode laser bars
Author(s): Michael Leers; Christian Scholz; Konstantin Boucke; Reinhart Poprawe
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Comparative performance studies of indium and gold-tin packaged diode laser bars
Author(s): D. Lorenzen; M. Schröder; J. Meusel; P. Hennig; H. König; M. Philippens; J. Sebastian; R. Hülsewede
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Overview of progress in super high efficiency diodes for pumping high energy lasers
Author(s): C. Martin Stickley; Mark E. Filipkowski; Enrique Parra; Edwin E. Hach III
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High-efficiency and high-reliability 9xx-nm bars and fiber-coupled devices at Coherent
Author(s): Hailong Zhou; Keith Kennedy; Eli Weiss; Jun Li; Serguei Anikitchev; Patrick Reichert; Jihua Du; David Schleuning; David Nabors; Murray Reed; Mika Toivonen; Sami Lehkonen; Jouko Haapamaa
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Highly reliable high-power broad area laser diodes
Author(s): Victor Rossin; Matthew Peters; Erik Zucker; Bruno Acklin
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High-power reliable 808-nm laser bars for QCW and CW applications
Author(s): Mark Mondry; Michael Fouksman; Hailong Zhou; Jun Li; Jouko Haapamaa
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Diode laser efficiency increases enable >400-W peak power from 1-cm bars and show a clear path to peak powers in excess of 1-kW
Author(s): Paul Crump; Jun Wang; Steve Patterson; Damian Wise; Alex Basauri; Mark DeFranza; Sandrio Elim; Weimin Dong; Shiguo Zhang; Mike Bougher; Jason Patterson; Suhit Das; Mike Grimshaw; Jason Farmer; Mark DeVito; Rob Martinsen
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High-performance high-reliability 880-nm diode laser bars and fiber-array packages
Author(s): M. Fouksman; S. Lehconen; J. Haapamaa; K. Kennedy; J. Li
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Effect of compressive and tensile strain on the performance of 808-nm QW high power laser diodes
Author(s): Moshe Levy; Yuri Berk; Yoram Karni
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Successive phase change and stability of near-field patterns for broad-area laser diodes
Author(s): Tsunenori Asatsuma; Yoshiro Takiguchi; Sebastien Frederico; Akio Furukawa; Shoji Hirata
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8-W high-efficiency high-brightness tapered diode lasers at 976 nm
Author(s): Márc T. Kelemen; Jürgen Weber; Gudrun Kaufel; Rudolf Moritz; Michael Mikulla; Günter Weimann
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High brightness laser diode bars
Author(s): Norbert Lichtenstein; Yvonne Manz; Jürgen Müller; Jörg Troger; Susanne Pawlik; Achim Thies; Stefan Weiss; Rainer Baettig; Christoph Harder
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Very high power operation of 980-nm single-mode InGaAs/AlGaAs pump lasers
Author(s): M. A. Bettiati; C. Starck; F. Laruelle; V. Cargemel; P. Pagnod; P. Garabedian; D. Keller; G. Ughetto; J-C. Bertreux; L. Raymond; G. Gelly; R-M. Capella
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Comparison between 50-W tapered laser arrays and tapered single emitters
Author(s): Christian Scholz; Konstantin Boucke; Reinhart Poprawe; Marc T. Keleman; Jürgen Weber; Michael Mikulla; Günter Weimann
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Characteristics and reliability of high power multi-mode InGaAs strained quantum well single emitters with CW output powers of over 5-W
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Nathan Presser; Maribeth Mason; Steven C. Moss
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Advances in high brightness semiconductor lasers
Author(s): R. M. Lammert; S. W. Oh; M. L. Osowski; C. Panja; P. T. Rudy; T. S. Stakelon; J. E. Ungar
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9xx high power pump modules
Author(s): Susanne Pawlik; Boris Sverdlov; Rainer Bättig; Berthold Schmidt; Hans-Ulrich Pfeiffer; Sebastian Arlt; Norbert Lichtenstein; Jürgen Müller; Jörg Troger; Bernd Valk; Christoph Harder
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9xx-nm single emitter pumps for multi-kW systems
Author(s): V. Gapontsev; I. Berishev; G. Ellis; A. Komissarov; N. Moshegov; A. Ovtchinnikov; O. Raisky; P. Trubenko; V. Ackermann; E. Shcherbakov
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Monolithic integration of collimating Fresnel lens for beam quality enhancement in tapered high power laser diode
Author(s): Fat Kit Lau; Chyng Wen Tee; Xin Zhao; Kevin Williams; Richard Penty; Ian White; Michel Calligaro; Michel Lecomte; Olivier Parillaud; Nicolas Michel; Michel Krakowski
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Dense spatial multiplexing enables high brightness multi-kW diode laser systems
Author(s): Holger Schlüter; Christoph Tillkorn; Ulrich Bonna; Greg Charache; John Hostetler; Ting Li; Carl Miester; Robert Roff; Thilo Vethake; Claus Schnitzler
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Development of high power high brightness fiber coupled diode laser systems
Author(s): Nels P Ostrom; Mike Gall; Brian O. Faircloth
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Dense wavelength multiplexing for a high power diode laser
Author(s): Christian Wessling; Martin Traub; Dieter Hoffmann; Reinhart Poprawe
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A compact high brilliance diode laser
Author(s): F. Bammer; B. Holzinger
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Homogenization of high power diode laser beams for pumping and direct applications
Author(s): Martin Traub; Hans-Dieter Hoffmann; Heinz-Dieter Plum; Kristin Wieching; Peter Loosen; Reinhart Poprawe
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Laser beam transformation technique for high-power laser diode linear arrays
Author(s): Paul Grenier; Yves Taillon; Min Wang; Patrice Topart; Daniel Asselin; André Parent
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Stable coherent coupling of laser diodes by a volume Bragg grating in PTR glass
Author(s): George B. Venus; Armen Sevian; Vadim I. Smirnov; Leonid B. Glebov
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In-line implant and RTP process monitoring using the carrier illumination technique for 65 nm and beyond
Author(s): C. I. Li; H. L. Chuang; P. Y. Chen; C. H. Liu; C. C. Chien; K. T. Huang; S. F. Tzou
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Properties and reliability of improved large acceptance optical fibers
Author(s): Bolesh J. Skutnik; Cheryl Smith; Kelly Moran; Kevin Bakhshpour
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Effect of the threshold reduction on a catastrophic optical mirror damage in broad-area semiconductor lasers with optical feedback
Author(s): Yoshiro Takiguchi; Tsunenori Asatsuma; Shoji Hirata
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High-power high-brightness 3-W tapered lasers tunable from 940 nm to 980 nm
Author(s): Jürgen Weber; Márc T. Kelemen; Stefan Moritz; Michael Mikulla
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Compact tunable diode laser with diffraction limited 1000 mW in Littman/Metcalf configuration for cavity ring-down spectroscopy
Author(s): Sandra Stry; Joachim Sacher; Sven Thelen; Daniel Halmer; Peter Hering; Manfred Mürtz
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Wavelength tunable injection locking of high power super luminescent diode with 1.4 Watt diffraction-limited output
Author(s): Yi-Shin Su; Chih-Hung Tsai; Ching-Fuh Lin
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