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Nanobiophotonics and Biomedical Applications III

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Volume Number: 6095
Date Published: 10 February 2006

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Application of antibody-conjugated gold nanoparticles for optical molecular imaging of epithelial carcinoma cells
Author(s): James C.Y. Kah; Colin J.R. Sheppard; Caroline G.L. Lee; Malini C. Olivo
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In vivo optical detection of cellular cancer biomarkers using gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Sonia Kumar; Konstantin Sokolov; Rebecca Richards-Kortum
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Magnetic resonance temperature imaging of nanoshell photo-thermal therapy
Author(s): D. Patrick O'Neal; R. Jason Stafford; John D. Hazle
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Plasmon-induced heating effect in surface enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Kiang Wei Kho; Ze Xiang Shen; Zhou Lei; Frank Watt; Kee Chee Soo; Malini Olivo
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Portable optical microscope-on-a-chip
Author(s): Xiquan Cui; Xin Heng; David Erickson; Demetri Psaltis; Changhuei Yang
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Microfluidic microwell and microcapillary biochips
Author(s): Michael J. Minot; David W. Stowe; Michael A. Detarando; Joseph A. Krans; Jason L. Kass
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Bio-medical imaging with a terahertz quantum cascade laser
Author(s): Seongsin M. Kim; Fariba Hatami; Allison W. Kurian M.D.; James Ford; James S. Harris; Giacomo Scalari; Marcella Giovannini; Nicolas Hoyler; Jerome Faist; Geoff Harris
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Live cell imaging of the endocytosis and the intracellular trafficking of multifunctional lipid nanoparticles
Author(s): Tieqiao Zhang; S. Narasimhan Danthi; Jianwu Xie; Dehong Hu; Peter Lu; King Li
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Optical micromanipulation of microscopic particles using axicon tipped fiber
Author(s): Carlo Liberale; Samarendra Kumar Mohanty; Khyati Samarendra Mohanty; Vittorio Degiorgio; Stefano Cabrini; Alessandro Carpentiero; Enrico Ferrari; Dan Cojoc; Enzo Di Fabrizio
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Nanoscopic optical imaging with optical tweezers and nonlinear optics
Author(s): A. R. Faustov; V. I. Shcheslavskiy; G. I. Petrov; R. D. Heathcote; V. V. Yakovlev
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Composite metal-semiconductor nanodots for medical imaging
Author(s): Ludmila Bakueva; Elena Bogdanovich; Ivan Gorelikov; Daniel J. Dumont; John A. Rowlands; Harry E. Ruda; Alexander Shik
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Phase-contrast BioCD: high-speed immunoassays at sub-picogram detection levels
Author(s): Ming Zhao; Leilei Peng; W. Cho; F. Regnier; D. D. Nolte
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Locked nucleic acid molecular beacons for intracellular mRNA monitoring
Author(s): Lin Wang; Chaoyong James Yang; Colin D. Medley; Steven A. Benner; Weihong Tan
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Integrated biomedical nanosensor using guided resonance in photonic crystal structures
Author(s): Ofer Levi; Wonjoo Suh; Meredith M. Lee; Jingyu Zhang; Steven R.J. Brueck; Shanhui Fan; James S. Harris
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CMOS-based biosensor systems using integrated nanostructured recognition elements
Author(s): Vamsy P. Chodavarapu; Daniil O Shubin; Rachel M. Bukowski; Elizabeth C. Tehan; Albert H. Titus; Alexander N. Cartwright; Frank V. Bright
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Coupled waveguide-surface plasmon resonance biosensors constructed with sub-wavelength grating
Author(s): F.-C. Chien; J.-N. Yih; C.-Y. Lin; K.-L. Lee; Y.-M. Chu; Y.-C. Mao; W.-H. Wang; P.-K. Wei; S.-J. Chen
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Tissue distribution and real-time fluorescence measurement of a tumor-targeted nanodevice by a two photon optical fiber fluorescence probe
Author(s): Thommey P. Thomas; Jing Yong Ye; Chu-Sheng Yang; Monthiri Myaing; Istvan J. Majoros; Alina Kotlyar; Zhengyi Cao; Theodore B. Norris; James R. Baker Jr.
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Cytotoxical products formation on the nanoparticles heated by the pulsed laser radiation
Author(s): Boris Ya. Kogan; Andrey A. Titov; Victor Yu. Rakitin; Larisa D. Kvacheva; Sergey G. Kuzmin; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov
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Biophotonics studies on lipid membranes using OI-RD ellipsometry
Author(s): R. Masina; X. D. Zhu; A. N. Parikh; R. Bruch; J. P. Landry
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