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Three-Dimensional and Multidimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and Processing XIII

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Volume Number: 6090
Date Published: 14 February 2006

Table of Contents
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A narrowband dual-axes confocal reflectance microscope for distinguishing colonic neoplasia
Author(s): Jonathan T. C. Liu; Michael J. Mandella; Christopher H. Contag; Gordon S. Kino; Thomas D. Wang
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High-throughput hyperspectral microscopy
Author(s): M. E. Gehm; D. J. Brady
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Biological cell (pollen grain) refractive index tomography with digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Florian Charrière; Etienne Cuche; Pierre Marquet; Christian Depeursinge
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Accurate cell counts in live mouse embryos using optical quadrature and differential interference contrast microscopy
Author(s): William C. Warger II; Judith A. Newmark; Bing Zhao; Carol M. Warner; Charles A. DiMarzio
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Three-dimensional measurement of microorganism by retardation modulated differential interference contrast microscope
Author(s): G. Aoki; M. Itoh; Y. Yasuno; T. Yatagai
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Quantitative phase-contrast microscopy by angular spectrum digital holography
Author(s): C. J. Mann; M. K. Kim
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Algorithms for extracting true phase from rotationally-diverse and phase-shifted DIC images
Author(s): Chrysanthe Preza; Sharon V. King; Carol J Cogswell
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Measuring the surface topography at focal adhesions using laser feedback interferometry
Author(s): Michael Bambino; Ben Ovryn
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Investigation of 3D microscopy using intensity diffraction tomography
Author(s): Mark A. Anastasio; Yin Huang; Greg Gbur; P. Scott Carney
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Adaptive optics for three-dimensional optical data storage and micromachining
Author(s): Martin J. Booth; Michael Schwertner; Tony Wilson
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Dynamic structured illumination microscopy: focused imaging and optical sectioning for moving objects
Author(s): Leo G. Krzewina; Myung K. Kim
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A novel stochastic resolution criterion for fluorescence microscopes
Author(s): Sripad Ram; E. Sally Ward; Raimund J. Ober
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A study of Gaussian approximations of fluorescence microscopy PSF models
Author(s): Bo Zhang; Josiane Zerubia; Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin
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Simultaneous imaging of several focal planes in fluorescence microscopy for the study of cellular dynamics in 3D
Author(s): Prashant Prabhat; Sripad Ram; E. Sally Ward; Raimund J. Ober
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Quasi-confocal fluorescence sectioning with dynamic speckle illumination
Author(s): Cathie Ventalon; Jerome Mertz
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A new approach to extended focus for high-speed high-resolution biological microscopy
Author(s): Sara Abrahamsson; Satoru Usawa; Mats Gustafsson
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Multiphoton imaging of basal cell carcinoma (BCC)
Author(s): R. Cicchi; P. Carli; D. Massi; S. Sestini; D. Stambouli; F. S. Pavone
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3D deconvolution of adaptive-optics corrected retinal images
Author(s): G. Chenegros; L. M. Mugnier; F. Lacombe; M. Glanc
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Image enhancement for digital visualization of three dimensional integral imaging
Author(s): Rodrigo Ponce-Díaz; Martha Alvarez-Elizondo; Julia Sáenz; Bahram Javidi
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Closing the spectral gap: the transition from fixed-parameter fluorescence to tunable devices in confocal microscopy
Author(s): Rolf Borlinghaus; Hilmar Gugel; Patrizia Albertano; Volker Seyfried
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Multi-wavelength phase imaging interference microscopy
Author(s): Nilanthi Warnasooriya; Myung K. Kim
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Use of Bessel beams and position-sensitive detectors in scanning photon microscope for improved field depth and contrast
Author(s): Alexander Khmaladze; Myung K. Kim
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Optimum conditions for high-quality 3D reconstruction in confocal scanning microscopy
Author(s): Taehoon Kim; Taejoong Kim; SeungWoo Lee; Dae-Gab Gweon; Jungwoo Seo
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Effects of a pupil filter on stimulated emission depletion microscopy
Author(s): Hongki Yoo; Incheon Song; Taehoon Kim; Daegab Gweon
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