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Optical Interactions with Tissue and Cells XVII

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Volume Number: 6084
Date Published: 14 February 2006

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The effect of anisotropy constant on distribution of weight of diffuse-reflected photon packets on a hypothetical hemisphere-shaped detector
Author(s): E.Burteçin Aksel; Ata Akın
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Monte Carlo simulations of backscattered light intensity from convex and concave surfaces with an optical fiber array sensor
Author(s): Mikael Sundberg; Tobias Lindbergh; Tomas Strömberg
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Resonant absorption in nanometer gold spherical particles
Author(s): Eshel Faraggi; Bernard S. Gerstman
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Chaos in the pressure generated by laser absorption by microparticles
Author(s): Bernard S. Gerstman; Eshel Faraggi; Jinming Sun
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Monte Carlo simulation study on phase function
Author(s): Yongji Fu; Steven L. Jacques
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Monte Carlo autofluorescence modeling of cervical intraepithelial neoplasm progression
Author(s): S. C. Chu; H. K. Chiang; C. E. Wu; S. Y. He; D. Y. Wang
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Morphologic changes of mouse skin after irradiated by IPL with the differential interference contrast microscopic technology
Author(s): Shulian Wu; Hui Li; Biying Yu; Shusen Xie
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Threshold damage of in vivo porcine skin at 2000 nm laser irradiation
Author(s): Bo Chen; Daniel C. O'Dell; Sharon L. Thomsen; Benjamin A Rockwell; Ashley J. Welch
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An alternative method of evaluating 1540nm exposure laser damage using an optical tissue phantom
Author(s): Nichole M. Jindra; Manuel A. Figueroa; Lucas J. Chavey; Justin J. Zohner; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Visible lesion thresholds and model predictions for Q-switched 1318-nm and 1540-nm laser exposures to porcine skin
Author(s): Justin J. Zohner; Kurt J. Schuster; Lucas J. Chavey; David J. Stolarski; Semih S. Kumru; Benjamin A. Rockwell; Robert J. Thomas; Clarence P. Cain
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Monitoring perfusion changes in laser-treated tumors using laser doppler flowmetry
Author(s): Abby Deans; Linda Hess; Michael Koss; Hong Liu; Wei R. Chen
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A comparison of a first-order thermal lensing model to a closed aperture Z-scan for the propagation of light in ocular media.
Author(s): Rebecca L. Vincelette; Robert J. Thomas; Benjamin A. Rockwell; Ashley J. Welch
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System development and clinical studies with a scanning CO2 laser osteotome
Author(s): Mikhail Ivanenko; Martin Werner; Manfred Klasing; Peter Hering
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Injury thresholds for topical-cream-coated skin of hairless guinea pigs (cavia porcellus) in the near-infrared region
Author(s): Ginger M. Pocock; Justin J Zohner; David J Stolarski; Kelvin C. Buchanan; Nichole M. Jindra; Manuel A. Figueroa; Lucas J. Chavey; Michelle L Imholte; Robert J Thomas; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Comparison of the CO2, cw Thulium and Diode laser in a thermal imaging model for the optimization of various clinical applications
Author(s): Rudolf Verdaasdonk; Alex I. Rem; Sander van Thoor; Tjeerd de Boorder; John Klaessens; H.-O. Teichmann
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Characterizing tissue optical properties using confocal and low-coherence imaging
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques; Daniel S. Gareau
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Effect of tissue heterogeneity on detectability of optical signals
Author(s): Mustafa Fidan; Ata Akın
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Combined photothermal-photometric method for the determination of tissue optical properties
Author(s): E. S. R. Fonseca D.D.S.; M. E. P. de Jesus
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Two-distance partial pathlength method for accurate measurement of muscle oxidative metabolism using fNIRS
Author(s): Ömer Şayli; Ata Akın
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Optical properties of native and coagulated lamb brain tissues in vitro in the visible and near-infrared spectral range
Author(s): Korhan Özer; Özgüncem Bozkulak; Haşim Özgür Tabakoğlu; Adnan Kurt; Murat Gülsoy
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Elastic scattering spectroscopy of coagulated brain tissues
Author(s): Filiz Ateş; Haşim Özgür Tabakoğlu; Özgüncem Bozkulak; Murat Canpolat; Murat Gülsoy
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Fractal analysis of yeast cell optical speckle
Author(s): A. Flamholz; P. S. Schneider; R. Subramaniam; P. K. Wong; D. H. Lieberman; T. D. Cheung; J. Burgos; K. Leon; J. Romero
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Monitoring of collagen shrinkage by use of second harmonic generation microscopy
Author(s): Sung-Jan Lin; Jau-Shiuh Chen; Wen Lo; Yen Sun; Wei-Liang Chen; Jung-Yi Chan; Hsin-Yuan Tan; Wei-Chou Lin; Chih-Jung Hsu; Tai-Horng Young; Shiou-Hwa Jee; Chen-Yuan Dong
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Light depolarization by tissue and phantoms
Author(s): M. Xu; R. R. Alfano
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Development of a noninvasive multifunctional measurement method using nanosecond pulsed laser for evaluation of regenerative medicine for articular cartilage
Author(s): Miya Ishihara; Masato Sato M.D.; Nagatoshi Kaneshiro M.D.; Genya Mitani M.D.; Shunichi Sato; Masayuki Ishihara; Joji Mochida M.D.; Makoto Kikuchi
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Various shape bubbles generated by Ho:YAG laser irradiation for vascular treatments
Author(s): E. Nakatani; E. Yamashita; T. Arai
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Biophysical mechanisms responsible for pulsed low-level laser excitation of neural tissue
Author(s): Jonathon Wells; Chris Kao; Peter Konrad M.D.; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen; E. Duco Jansen
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Experimental evidence for deeper interrogation inside cardiac tissue using transillumination and a fluorescence absorber
Author(s): Venkat K. Ramshesh; Stephen B. Knisley
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Numerical feasibility analysis of an epidermal glucose sensor based on time-resolved fluorescence
Author(s): Kamal M. Katika; Laurent Pilon
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Laser-dephosphorylation of phosphogelatin and its indirect quantitative analysis using FT-IR
Author(s): Katsunori Ishii; Yoshihisa Ninomiya; Minori Takegoshi; Toshihiro Kushibiki; Sachiko Yoshihashi-Suzuki; Masaya Yamamoto; Yasuhiko Tabata; Kunio Awazu
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Femtosecond near-infrared opto-injection of single living cells: pore size in dependence of laser intensity
Author(s): Cheng Peng; Ingrid Wilke; Robert E. Palazzo
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Permeabilization and cell surgery using femtosecond laser pulses: an emerging tool for cellular manipulation
Author(s): Vikram Kohli; Jason P. Acker; Abdulhakem Y. Elezzabi
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Photochemical damage from chronic 458-nm laser exposures in an artificially pigmented hTERT-RPE1 cell line
Author(s): Michael S. Foltz; Norris A. Whitlock; Larry E. Estlack; Manuel A. Figueroa; Robert J. Thomas; Benjamin A. Rockwell; Michael L. Denton
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Dry and wet laser catapulting and ablation of cells and bacteria by nanosecond CO2 laser
Author(s): Shishir Shukla; Sergey Kudryashov; Kevin Lyon; Susan D. Allen
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Cell viability test after laser guidance
Author(s): Tabitha N. Rosenbalm; Sarah Owens; Daniel Bakken; Bruce Z. Gao
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Monitoring tissue formation and organization of engineered tendon by optical coherence tomography
Author(s): P. O. Bagnaninchi; Y. Yang; N. Maffulli; R. K. Wang; A. El Haj
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Study cell invasion by optical techniques
Author(s): Ying Yang; Paul R. Hoban; Joseph Sule-Suso; Sarah Holley; Alicia J. El Haj; Fariba Bahrami; Ruikang K. Wang
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Imaging the bone marrow stem cells morphogenesis in PGA scaffold by multiphoton autofluorescence and second harmonic (SHG) imaging
Author(s): Hsuan-Shu Lee; Shu-Wen Teng; Hsiao-Ching Chen; Wen Lo; Yen Sun; Tze-Yu Lin; Ling-Ling Chiou; Ching-Chuan Jiang; Chen-Yuan Dong
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Enhanced angular domain imaging in turbid media using Gaussian line illumination
Author(s): Glenn H. Chapman; Josna Rao; Ted C. K. Liu; Paulman K. Y. Chan; Fartash Vasefi; Bozena Kaminska; Nick Pfeiffer
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Ex-plant retinal laser induced threshold studies in the millisecond time regime
Author(s): Karl Schulmeister; Johannes Husinsky; Bernhard Seiser; Florian Edthofer; Helga Tuschl; David J. Lund
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Detection of 2-photon oxidation from a NIR laser using confocal microscopy
Author(s): Kurt J. Schuster; Larry E. Estlack; Benjamin A. Rockwell; Michael L. Denton
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