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Visualization and Data Analysis 2006

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Volume Number: 6060
Date Published: 15 January 2006

Table of Contents
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Multiscale image based flow visualization
Author(s): Alexandru C. Telea; Robert Strzodka
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Visualizing oceanic and atmospheric flows with streamline splatting
Author(s): Yinlong Sun; Erich Ess; David Sapirstein; Matthew Huber
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View-dependent multi-resolutional flow texture advection
Author(s): Liya Li; Han-Wei Shen
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Volumetric depth peeling for medical image display
Author(s): David Borland; John P. Clarke; Julia R. Fielding; Russell M. Taylor II
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Adaptive border sampling for hardware texture-based volume visualization
Author(s): Eric LaMar
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Ray-casting time-varying volume data sets with frame-to-frame coherence
Author(s): Dani Tost; Sergi Grau; Maria Ferre; Anna Puig
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Theoretical analysis of uncertainty visualizations
Author(s): Torre Zuk; Sheelagh Carpendale
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A visualization framework for design and evaluation
Author(s): Benjamin J. Blundell; Gary Ng; Steve Pettifer
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Maximum entropy lighting for physical objects
Author(s): Thomas Malzbender; Erik Ordentlich
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Pre-computed illumination for isosurfaces
Author(s): Kevin M. Beason; Josh Grant; David C. Banks; Brad Futch; M. Yousuff Hussaini
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Retro-rendering with vector-valued light: producing local illumination from the transport equation
Author(s): David C. Banks; Kevin M. Beason
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Bit-plane based analysis of integer wavelet coefficients for image compression
Author(s): Ahmed Abu-Hajar
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Two-dimensional reduction PCA: a novel approach for feature extraction, representation, and recognition
Author(s): R. M. Mutelo; L. C. Khor; W. L. Woo; S. S. Dlay
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Energetically optimal travel across terrain: visualizations and a new metric of geographic distance with anthropological applications
Author(s): Brian M. Wood; Zoë J. Wood
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Real-time 3D visualization of DEM combined with a robust DCT-based data-hiding method
Author(s): A. Martin; G. Gesquiere; W. Puech; S. Thon
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Hierarchical causality explorer: making complemental use of 3D/2D visualizations
Author(s): Shizuka Azuma; Issei Fujishiro; Hideyuki Horii
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InvIncrements: incremental software to support visual simulation
Author(s): David C. Banks; Wilfredo Blanco
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Plot of plots and selection glass
Author(s): Hong Chen
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Navigation techniques for large-scale astronomical exploration
Author(s): Chi-Wing Fu; Andrew J. Hanson; Eric A. Wernert
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Reducing InfoVis cluttering through non uniform sampling, displacement, and user perception
Author(s): Enrico Bertini; Luigi Dell'Aquila; Giuseppe Santucci
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Diverse information integration and visualization
Author(s): Susan L. Havre; Anuj Shah; Christian Posse; Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson
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WordSpace: visual summary of text corpora
Author(s): Ulrik Brandes; Martin Hoefer; Jürgen Lerner
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Trees in a treemap: visualizing multiple hierarchies
Author(s): Michael Burch; Stephan Diehl
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Focus-based filtering + clustering technique for power-law networks with small world phenomenon
Author(s): François Boutin; Jérôme Thièvre; Mountaz Hascoët
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Enhancing scatterplot matrices for data with ordering or spatial attributes
Author(s): Qingguang Cui; Matthew O. Ward; Elke A. Rundensteiner
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Content-based text mapping using multi-dimensional projections for exploration of document collections
Author(s): Rosane Minghim; Fernando Vieira Paulovich; Alneu de Andrade Lopes
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Mapping texts through dimensionality reduction and visualization techniques for interactive exploration of document collections
Author(s): Alneu de Andrade Lopes; Rosane Minghim; Vinícius Melo; Fernando Vieira Paulovich
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Visualizing brain rhythms and synchrony
Author(s): Kay A. Robbins; Dragana Veljkovic; Egle Pilipaviciute
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Automatic feature-based surface mapping for brain cortices
Author(s): Fabien Vivodtzev; David F. Wiley; Lars Linsen; James Jones; Nina Amenta; Bernd Hamann; Kenneth I. Joy
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Blogviz: mapping the dynamics of information diffusion in blogspace
Author(s): Manuel Sousa Lima
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Organizing and visualizing database data using parallel coordinates
Author(s): Clifton G. M. Presser
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Visualizing 3D vector fields with splatted streamlines
Author(s): Erich Ess; Yinlong Sun
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SRS browser: a visual interface to the sequence retrieval system
Author(s): Ketan K Mane; Katy Börner
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Tracing parallel vectors
Author(s): Jeffrey Sukharev; Xiaoqiang Zheng; Alex Pang
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Output-sensitive volume tracking
Author(s): Lian Jiang; XiaoLin Li
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Visualization of force fields in protein structure prediction
Author(s): Clark Crawford; Oliver Kreylos; Silvia Crivelli; Bernd Hamann
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Correspondence-based visualization techniques
Author(s): Michael J. Gerald-Yamasaki
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