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Image Quality and System Performance III
Editor(s): Luke C. Cui; Yoichi Miyake

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Volume Number: 6059
Date Published: 15 January 2006

Table of Contents
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Fundamental questions on print quality
Author(s): Patrice J. Mangin; Martin Dubé
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What do users really perceive: probing the subjective image quality
Author(s): Göte Nyman; Jenni Radun; Tuomas Leisti; Joni Oja; Harri Ojanen; Jean-Luc Olives; Tero Vuori; Jukka Häkkinen
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The effect of image sharpness on quantitative eye movement data and on image quality evaluation while viewing natural images
Author(s): Tero Vuori; Maria Olkkonen
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Assessing the enhancement of image sharpness
Author(s): Samira Bouzit; Lindsay W. MacDonald
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Reference free quality metric using a region-based attention model for JPEG-2000 compressed images
Author(s): Remi Barland; Abdelhakim Saadane
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Comparison of various subjective video quality assessment methods
Author(s): C. Lee; H. Choi; E. Lee; S. Lee; J. Choe
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Selecting significant colors from a complex image for image quality modeling
Author(s): Kristy J. Leeming; Phil Green
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Comparison of three full-reference color image quality measures
Author(s): Eugene Girshtel; Vitaliy Slobodyan; Jonathan S. Weissman; Ahmet M. Eskicioglu
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Influence of ambient illumination on adapted and optimal white point
Author(s): Ingrid M. L. C. Vogels; Jelle Berentsen
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Characterization of digital image noise properties based on RAW data
Author(s): Heli T. Hytti
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Image denoising using modified nonlinear diffusion approach
Author(s): Akhilesh R. Upadhyay; Sanjay N. Talbar; Trimbak R. Sontakke
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An evaluation of sharpness in different image displays used for medical imaging
Author(s): Masayuki Ukishima; Toshiya Nakaguchi; Katsushi Kato; Yoshikazu Fukuchi; Norimichi Tsumura; Kazumasa Matsumoto; Noriyuki Yanagawa; Takashi Ogura; Takashi Kikawa; Yoichi Miyake
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Characterization of printer MTF
Author(s): Woonyoung Jang; Jan P. Allebach
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PSF estimation by gradient descent fit to the ESF
Author(s): Elisa H. Barney Smith
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Printer banding estimation using the generalized spectrum
Author(s): Nathir A. Rawashdeh; Il-Won Shin; Kevin D. Donohue; Shaun Love
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Scanner-based macroscopic color variation estimation
Author(s): Chunghui Kuo; Di Lai; Eric Zeise
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Viewing conditions, colorimetric measurements, and profile making: the conundrum of standards vs. practical realities
Author(s): David Q. McDowell
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Progress in digital color workflow understanding in the International Color Consortium (ICC) Workflow WG
Author(s): Ann McCarthy
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Recent progress in the development of ISO 19751
Author(s): Susan P. Farnand; Edul N. Dalal; Yee S. Ng
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ISO 19751 macro-uniformity
Author(s): D. René Rasmussen; Kevin D. Donohue; Yee S. Ng; William C. Kress; Frans Gaykema; Susan Zoltner
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Edge-raggedness evaluation using slanted-edge analysis
Author(s): Peter D. Burns
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Statistical interpretation of ISO TC42 dynamic range: risky business
Author(s): Don Williams; Peter D. Burns; Michael Dupin
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The influence of statistical variations on image quality
Author(s): Bror Hultgren; Dirk Hertel; Julian Bullitt
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The use of a virtual printer model for the simulation of imaging systems
Author(s): Bror Hultgren
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Improved pen alignment for bidirectional printing
Author(s): Edgar Bernal; Jan P. Allebach; Zygmunt Pizlo
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Further image quality assessment in digital film restoration
Author(s): M. Chambah; C. Saint-Jean; F. Helt; A. Rizzi
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Development of picture quality monitoring system for IPTV service based on the reduced reference framework
Author(s): Osamu Sugimoto; Ryoichi Kawada; Atsushi Koike
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An image quality evaluation method for DOE-based camera lenses
Author(s): Sang Hyuck Lee; Young Su Jin; Ho-Seop Jeong; Dongho Shin; Seokho Song
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Visibility and annoyance of LCD defective sub-pixels of different colors for different surrounds and positions
Author(s): Hsin-Han Ho; John M. Foley; Sanjit K. Mitra
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Robust detection of defects in imaging arrays
Author(s): Jozsef Dudas; Cory Jung; Glenn H. Chapman; Zahava Koren; Israel Koren
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Objective video quality assessment method for freeze distortion based on freeze aggregation
Author(s): Keishiro Watanabe; Jun Okamoto; Takaaki Kurita
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Film grain synthesis and its application to re-graining
Author(s): Peter Schallauer; Roland Mörzinger
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Image quality assessment based on textural structure and normalized noise
Author(s): Chun-e Zhang; Zhengding Qiu
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Quality models for audiovisual streaming
Author(s): Truong Cong Thang; Young Suk Kim; Cheon Seog Kim; Yong Man Ro
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Research on the analysis and measurement of MTF of staring imaging system
Author(s): Dongming Lu; Qian Chen; Guohua Gu
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Evaluation of next-generation color wheels for field sequential color displays
Author(s): Julien Thollot; Khaled Sarayeddine; Alain Tremeau
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No-reference jerkiness evaluation method for multimedia communications
Author(s): M. Carli; D. Guida; A. Neri
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