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Color Imaging XI: Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications

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Volume Number: 6058
Date Published: 15 January 2006

Table of Contents
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Ideal illuminants for rod/L-cone color
Author(s): John J. McCann
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Accuracy of colour transforms
Author(s): Phil Green
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Color image dequantization by constrained diffusion
Author(s): Daniel Keysers; Christoph H. Lampert; Thomas M. Breuel
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Spring-primary mapping: a fast color mapping method for primary adjustment and gamut mapping
Author(s): Huanzhao Zeng
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A framework for image-dependent gamut mapping
Author(s): Joachim Giesen; Eva Schuberth; Klaus Simon; Daniel Zeiter; Peter Zolliker
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Perceptual gamut mapping on the basis of image quality and preference factors
Author(s): Byoung-Ho Kang; Min-Ki Cho; Heui-Keun Choh; Chang-Yeong Kim
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Gamut estimation using 2D surface splines
Author(s): Mark Shaw
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Uncalibrated color
Author(s): Nathan Moroney
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Geometrical methods for lightness adjustment in YCC color spaces
Author(s): Ramin Samadani; Guo Li
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Measuring gloss by digital photography
Author(s): Pancham Kumar; Lindsay MacDonald
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Ubiquitous image processing: a novel image-enhancement facility for consumers
Author(s): Rodney Shaw; Paul Johnson
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Color constancy in Japanese animation
Author(s): Yasuyo G. Ichihara
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Convincing non-printers to become future customers
Author(s): Reiner Fageth; Wulf Schmidt-Sacht
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DTV color and image processing: past, present, and future
Author(s): Chang-Yeong Kim; SeongDeok Lee; Du-Sik Park; Youngshin Kwak
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Subpixel rendering method for color error minimization on subpixel structured display
Author(s): Wonhee Choe; SeongDeok Lee; ChangYong Kim
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Compensation method for color defects in PDP due to different time responses of phosphors
Author(s): Hyun-Hwa Oh; Ho-Young Lee; SungSu Kim; DuSik Park; Chang Yeong Kim
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Six-primary-color LCD monitor using six-color LEDs with an accurate calibration system
Author(s): Hiroaki Sugiura; Hideyuki Kaneko; Shuichi Kagawa; Jun Someya; Hideki Tanizoe
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A color control method for image output with projection displays
Author(s): Shoji Tominaga; Keishi Kumamoto
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Illuminant-adaptive color reproduction for mobile display
Author(s): Jong-Man Kim; Kee-Hyon Park; Oh-Seol Kwon; Yang-Ho Cho; Yeong-Ho Ha
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Skin color reproduction algorithm for portrait images shown on the mobile display
Author(s): Youngshin Kwak; JiYoung Hong; SeongDeok Lee; Du-Sik Park; Chang Yeong Kim
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Estimating displays' color fidelity based on classified image statistics
Author(s): Pei-Li Sun; Chia-Yun Lee
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End-user display calibration via support vector regression
Author(s): Behnam Bastani; Brian Funt; Weihua Xiong
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The calibration accuracy of display white point by visual calibrator under various illuminations
Author(s): Tohru Sugiyama; Yoshiaki Kudo
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Black extraction method using gamut boundary descriptors
Author(s): Min-Ki Cho; Byoung-Ho Kang; Heui-Keun Choh
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Colorimetric characterization based on color correlation in CMYKGO printer
Author(s): In-Su Jang; Chang-Hwan Son; Tae-Yong Park; Kyung-Woo Ko; Yeong-Ho Ha
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Hardcopy global color correction
Author(s): Yousun Bang; Yuntae Kim; Heui-Keun Choh
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Efficient document rendering with enhanced run length encoding
Author(s): Guotong Feng; Charles A. Bouman
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Model-based clustered-dot screening
Author(s): Sang Ho Kim
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AM-FM hybrid color screen design to reduce brightness variation
Author(s): Byong Min Kang; Byong Tae Ryu; Choon-Woo Kim; Sang Ho Kim
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Frequency domain design of cluster dot screens
Author(s): Mani Fischer; Doron Shaked
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A spatial domain optimization method to generate plane dependent masks
Author(s): Yifeng Wu
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Using errors in halftoning to increase reproduction accuracy
Author(s): Stephen Herron
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Analysis of misregistration-induced color shifts in the superposition of periodic screens
Author(s): Basak Oztan; Gaurav Sharma; Robert P. Loce
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Analysis of color error diffusion with vector error filters
Author(s): Zhigang Fan
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New halftoning methods combining the best of masking and error diffusion algorithms
Author(s): Ferruccio Cittadini; Jacque Pervillé; Stéphane Berche; Mohamed Ben Chouikha; Georges Alquié
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Graph-order dithering
Author(s): Alejo Hausner
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Optimal halftoning over hexagonal grids
Author(s): J. Bacca Rodríguez; A. J. González Lozano; G. R. Arce; D. L. Lau
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High-resolution image viewing on projection-based tiled display wall
Author(s): Jiayuan Meng; Hai Lin; Jiaoying Shi
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The application of wavelet transforms and mathematics morphology on the processing of infrared satellite cloud image
Author(s): Juntao Xue M.D.; Zhengguang Liu M.D.; Ping Wang M.D.
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Simulation and parameter optimizing of multi-electrode capacitive transducers based on finite element method
Author(s): Deyun Chen; Mouzun Li; Haoyang Liu
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Digital watermarking of color image
Author(s): Shi-Cheng Chao; Hau-Ming Huang; Chi-Yao Chen
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Subjective assessment of printed color image quality as saturation of the primary colors RGB decreases
Author(s): Wanqing Song; Haruyuki Seki; Gosuke Ohashi; Yoshifumi Shimodaira
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