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Optomechatronic Machine Vision
Editor(s): Kazuhiko Sumi

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Volume Number: 6051
Date Published: 5 December 2005

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Fast and robust rotation-invariant search by using orientation code difference histogram (OCDH)
Author(s): Takahiro Urano; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Takayuki Tanaka
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Efficient template matching algorithm based on interval estimations on correlation
Author(s): Takahiro Mae; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Takayuki Tanaka
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A fast tag searching method based on orientation code entropy and density
Author(s): Hidenori Takauji; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Takayuki Tanaka
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Vehicle detection using Gaussian mixture model for infrared orientation code image
Author(s): Nami Hirata; Haruhisa Okuda; Makito Seki; Manabu Hashimoto
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Real time texture and global characters based station keeping for underwater vehicle
Author(s): Xiaomin Liu; Feng Zhu; Yingming Hao; Jing Zhou
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Object detection using independent local feature extractor
Author(s): Ryouta Nakano; Kazuhiro Hotta; Haruhisa Takahashi
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A new foveated wide angle lens with high resolving power and without brightness loss in the periphery
Author(s): K. Wakamiya; T. Senga; K. Isagi; N. Yamamura; Y. Ushio; N. Kita
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Range measurement by a digital camera using flash
Author(s): Naoya Ogawa; Kazunori Umeda
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Model-based segmentation and recognition from range data
Author(s): Jan Boehm
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Automatic analysis for neuron by confocal laser scanning microscope
Author(s): Kouhei Satou; Yoshimitsu Aoki; Nobuko Mataga; Takao K. Hensh; Katuhiko Taki
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Face and facial parts tracking for acquiring nonverbal information
Author(s): Takuma Funahashi; Takayuki Fujiwara; Hiroyasu Koshimizu
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Real-time iris detection on faces with coronal and transversal axis rotation
Author(s): Claudio A. Perez; Vanel A. Lazcano
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Robust face detection using individual face parts classifiers based on AdaBoost
Author(s): Kiyoto Ichikawa; Takeshi Mita; Osamu Hori
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Fusion of hand and arm gestures
Author(s): D. Coquin; E. Benoit; H. Sawada; B. Ionescu
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Defect classification for the inspection of TFT LCD glass
Author(s): DaeCheol Lim; Dae-Gyu Seo; DaeHwa Jeong
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Comparison of linear and non-linear calibration methods for phase-shifting surface-geometry measurement
Author(s): Peirong Jia; Jonathan Kofman; Chad English; Adam Deslauriers
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Non-contact measuring system in sinusoidal phase modulating interferometry using a laser diode
Author(s): Ki-Young Pyo; Geun-Young Lee; Weon-Jae Ryu; Young-June Kang; Nak-Kyu Park
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OK-quantization method and its theoretical and experimental properties for simultaneous digitization both in space and in value
Author(s): Yuji Tanaka; Takayuki Fujiwara; Hiroyasu Koshimizu; Munetoshi Numada
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Simultaneous observation of phase-stepped images for birefringence measurement
Author(s): S. Yoneyama; H. Kikuta; K. Moriwaki
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Object detection based on radial reach filter under the change of background
Author(s): N. Wajima; S. Takahashi; M. Ito; Y. Satoh; S. Kaneko
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The support system of firefighters by detecting objects in smoke space
Author(s): Masaki Sakai; Yoshimitsu Aoki; Mikio Takagi
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Mixed reality orthognathic surgical simulation by entity model manipulation and 3D-image display
Author(s): Tatsunari Shimonagayoshi; Yoshimitsu Aoki; Kenji Fushima; Masaru Kobayashi
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Fast and high-accurate 3D registration algorithm using hierarchical M-ICP
Author(s): Haruhisa Okuda; Yasuo Kitaaki; Manabu Hashimoto; Shun'ichi Kaneko
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Mask scale adjusting stereo matching method for an object with curved surface
Author(s): Zheng Xu; Masanori Idesawa
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Influence of the projected grid pattern distortions on measurement accuracy for phase shift based 3D inspection
Author(s): Igor Dunin-Barkowski; Jae Seon Kim
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Development of a bathroom watching system based on breath detection and silhouette extraction
Author(s): Tomofumi Nishiura; Masato Nakajima
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Real-time violent action detector for elevator
Author(s): Kentaro Hayashi; Makito Seki; Takahide Hirai; Takeuchi Koichi; Sasakawa Koichi
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Robust tracking based on orientation code matching under irregular conditions
Author(s): Yukiyasu Domae; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Takayuki Tanaka
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Robust object tracking under pose variation
Author(s): Kazuhiro Hotta
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Analysis of the 3D trajectory of absolute motion of an object using a motionless monocular camera
Author(s): Huynh Quang Huy Viet; Makoto Sato; Hiromi T. Tanaka
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Automatic recognition of coded-pattern sequence by using image cross-correlation
Author(s): Sidong Zhong; Zhi Gao
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Robust template matching by using variable size block division
Author(s): Kosuke Mitani; Hitoshi Saji
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Application of successive test feature classifier to dynamic recognition problems
Author(s): Yukinobu Sakata; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Takayuki Tanaka
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Query-by-sketch image retrieval using relevance feedback
Author(s): Gosuke Ohashi; Yoshifumi Shimodaira
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Measuring time sequence of 3D facial shapes using binocular stereo with color slits
Author(s): Takahiro Arai; Naoki Ikegaya; Hitoshi Saji
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Development of caricaturing robot and its prospect through the prototype robot exhibition in EXPO 2005
Author(s): Takayuki Fujiwara; Takashi Watanabe; Takuma Funahashi; Hiroyasu Koshimizu; Katsuya Suzuki
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Discrimination of gender using facial image with expression change
Author(s): Jun Kuniyada; Takahiro Fukuda; Kenji Terada
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Surveillance of the plant growth using the camera image
Author(s): Nobuyuki Fujiwara; Kenji Terada
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Content-based retrieval using MPEG-7 visual descriptor and hippocampal neural network
Author(s): Young Ho Kim; Lyang-Jae Joung; Dae-Seong Kang
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Extraction from biological volume data of a region of interest with non-uniform intensity
Author(s): Hiroyuki Shimai; Hideo Yokota; Sakiko Nakamura; Ryutaro Himeno
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A remote camera operation system using a marker attached cap
Author(s): Hironori Kawai; Hiromitsu Hama
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Development of the crone seedlings handling system using 3D-sensor and force control gripper
Author(s): Hirotaka Hojo; Hiroshi Takarada; Takahisa Hiroyasu; Seiji Hata
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Improvement of relief algorithm to prevent inpatient's downfall accident with night-vision CCD camera
Author(s): Noriyuki Matsuda; Takeshi Yamamoto; Masafumi Miwa; Shinobu Nukumi; Kumiko Mori; Yuko Kuinose; Etuko Maeda; Hirokazu Miura; Hirokazu Taki; Satoshi Hori; Norihiro Abe
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3-D sensor using relative stereo method for bio-seedlings transplanting system
Author(s): Takehisa Hiroyasu; Jun'ichiro Hayashi; Hirotaka Hojo; Seiji Hata
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An effective data acquisition system using image processing
Author(s): Chung-How Poh; Chung-Kiak Poh
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Quantitative evaluation method of the bubble structure of sponge cake by using morphology image processing
Author(s): Hironobu Tatebe; Kunihito Kato; Kazuhiko Yamamoto; Yukio Katsuta; Masahiko Nonaka
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